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Chapter 1 Bella's P.O.V

He left. Thats all I could think about for months. I feel like there's this gigantic hole in my chest. I don't hang out with my friends anymore. All I do is get up, go to school, and come back and sleep or just sit motionless for hours. I can tell I'm hurting Charlie, and I don't mean to, I really don't. When Edward left, he took part of me with him. I thought all of this as I was making dinner for Charlie. A few minutes after I put the food on the table, Charlie came home from work. We sat in silence for a couple minutes, with him eating and me picking at my food. After a couple of minutes, Charlie started talking, " I'm sending you to your Uncle Bryce in London."

I snapped my head up and stared at him, looking for any sign of him joking. But all I saw was pure seriousness. " Your joking, right? I don't wanna leave! I can't leave!" This could not be happening to me. " This is no joke. Bella, your a hollow you. All you ever do is stay up in your room and stare out your window, searching for him. But Bells his not coming back. Its time you faced that." I stared at him perplexed. He wants me face it? There's nothing to face because his coming back, right? He started again in a slightly calmer voice. " Bells, you need to get out of Forks. It might help you get over him and I can't sit here and watch you act like this." I stared at the table, thinking this through.

If I leave, I might miss Ed- Him, come back. But if I don't, Im basically forcing Charlie to watch me in my zombie state and continue hurting him, and I don't wanna do that. I look back up at him and say in a quiet voice, " ok, when do I leave." Charlie let out a sigh of relief, but I can detect some sadness in his eyes. " Your plane leaves on Friday. That's two days for you to get packed up and say good-byes to your friends." I nod and head up to my room and lay on my bed staring at my ceiling thinking. I won't have many people to say bye to, mostly just saying bye to Jake and Angela. I look around the room, remembering it. Just because I'm leaving, doesn't mean I wont miss this place.

I decide to pack up all my stuff tomorrow and spend my last day saying good-bye, also un-enrolling myself at school. I will definately miss Angela because she was my really only true friend. After the break-up, she was the only one, who continued to try and talk to me. The rest gave up after a couple days. Jake. I will miss him, but I don't even know if he will give me the time to talk to me, since he said he couldn't see me anymore. But I'm still gonna try and tell him. I don't wanna leave without saying good-bye. I got out of my bed and changed into a tank top and some sweat pants. As I was lying down I heard Charlie downstairs, snoring softly. He must have falling asleep watching the game. I got comfortable, and as I was about to fall asleep my last thought was, ' What awaits me in London?'