Hi everyone. I hope you enjoy the opening of this new story. It's especially for Jensy25 who liked the idea of Charlie and Joey both being cops. I really hope it's good enough! Love, IJKS xxx


Chapter One

"Four coffees!" Sergeant Joey Collins hollered when she arrived at the police station.

She headed towards the reception desk where her colleague and friend, Senior Constable Georgie Watson was on duty. Their two other colleagues, Constables Jack Holden and Angelo Rosetta appeared from a side office to grab the beverages Joey had brought them.

"Is dragon lady here yet?" Joey asked.

A new Detective was supposed to be arriving temporarily in Summer Bay in order to help them deal with the gang warfare terrorising the local area.

"You don't even know her," Watson pointed out. "Why do you assume she's a dragon?"

"Because I spoke to her on the phone," Joey stated. "As soon as she comes, solves the case and then buggers off again, the happier I'll be."

"Uh, Jo…" Angelo tried, looking over her shoulder.

But she was already on a roll.

"No, seriously," she said. "The cow was really critical of the station and wanted to know why we couldn't deal with it ourselves and…"

She paused, noting the look of horror on her colleagues' faces.

"She's right behind me, isn't she?" she asked.

"Yes, she is," came a stern voice.

Joey whirled around and was about to apologise when she found herself speechless. She had pictured Detective Charlie Buckton as all sorts of things but absolutely stunning wasn't one of them.

"The cow was really critical of the station and wanted to know why you couldn't deal with it yourselves and…" the new arrival prompted.

Joey opened and shut her mouth a couple of times.

"I'm really sorry," she finally managed.

"If I'm critical about anything right now, it'll be the attitude. So why don't you head out and get me a coffee too and then we can all sit down and talk this through?" Charlie half suggested and half ordered.

Joey nodded mutely.

"Like grown-ups," Charlie added.

Still silent, Joey forgot about her own drink and headed back out the door. Behind her, Watson, Jack and Angelo couldn't do enough for their guest.

Arriving at the Diner for the second time in half an hour, Joey headed up to the counter.

"I know you're a caffeine demon," the owner, Leah Patterson-Baker remarked, "but even you couldn't have downed that coffee that quickly."

"We had an extra request," Joey said grimly.

"And why would you go out of your way to get someone a drink?" Leah asked. "I presume she was very attractive!"

Joey smirked, picturing Charlie's face. She certainly was beautiful.

"It was an order," she informed her friend.

Leah looked confused.

"Since when does anyone have the authority to boss you around?" she wondered. "You're Sergeant of the station!"

"New Detective," Joey explained.

"And they're pulling rank?"

Leah handed over the drink and accepted the cash.

"You were right about one thing though," Joey told her. "She is seriously hot!"

Leah snorted with laughter in a rather undignified manner. She had been friends with Joey for many years now and she was the only other person in the world that seemed to have as bad luck in the romance department as she did.

"Well, I guess you'd better hurry back to her," she said. "So you can swoon!"

Joey pulled a face.

"Now, I never said she had a personality to match," she said, heading back to work.

Next time… Joey is annoyed to be partnered with Charlie…