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this is about five teens who gain super powers
the first five chapters will be updated closely together but the rest will probably be posted about six days apart
my name is not Harry that is my brother's name I am a girl called Emily who is 12 years old
the names of the others just seemed to fit the personality
Jordan was inspired by Emmett from twilight
Tanii is based on my personality
Harry is based on my brother
Lucas is there coz I wanted Tanii to have a hot crush
Josie is there just so Jordan can be a protective brother
and similarities to actual human beings living of dead are purely coincidence thank you
short description of characters:
Jordan: tall, muscly, blonde buzz cut, water blue eyes, twin of Josie
Josie: tall, chestnut hair elbow length, honey eyes
Harry: tall, brown curly hair, hazel-green eyes
Tanii: short, red hair waist length, green eyed
Lucas: hot, tall, dark hair and dark eyes

Yeah so my name is Harry and this is the story of me and the Freeks let's start with my story shall we?

Chapter 1

Harry Ryder


I was born on the 27 October 1994 (so that makes me seventeen) to Iris and Joe Ryder. My childhood was pretty uneventful so I will skip that part but one month ago my parents got a new job and we moved to Canada. I didn't have many friends in England so I kind of liked the move, you know a chance to meet new people and that so on the first day of school I tried to make friends but they all ignored me for some reason 'never mind I have my books' I thought.

Anyway today I had science and I got paired with a bunch of the loners like me because nobody wanted to be in the same group as any of us and we have to research foxes in Whistler Forest so we have arranged to meet up in one hour at the town's edge to see if we can find any fox dens.

Wow just wow we found a fox den alright but we got much more than we expected. When I got there the others were checking out a tree so to scare them I climbed the back of the tree and popped my head out and terrified the life out of them. It was hilarious!

Anyway it turned out that there was a fox den under the tree so after Lucas-oh damn you have no idea what I'm going on about do you well Lucas Stone is the brains and to the girls probably the beauty and Josie and Jordan Taylor are the twins -fraternal- and Tanii Wyte is the most girlish girl I have ever met but it seems she is unafraid to get her hands dirty. Long story short we have known each other for about 5 hours so I know as much as you do.
Anyway while we were there we found a cabin in the woods and we knocked on to see if anyone was in but when we knocked the door swung open and inside was an old room that had obviously not been used for at least five to ten years so I went inside and checked each room but found nothing then when i came to the bedroom I noticed an opening in the ground and Jordan somehow decided to jump down the hole with the rest of us just expected to do nothing. I myself was just about to jump down when he shouted up 'Tanii come down here I need to see what is making all the noise' so she jumped down and screamed and I was shouting down that I was coming when Lucas jumped down leaving just me and Josie up there to somehow figure out how to get them back up when Jordan started climbing up a seemingly invisible ladder carrying a fox cub! Josie immediately ran over and took the fox from him while Jordan helped Tanii climb out who was closely followed by Lucas who hovered next to Tanii protectively because she had a scratch on her arm from the fox then when I looked closer I saw he was actually bandaging it up with snake-like speed and I was amazed when he said 'my adoptive parents taught me how to do standard first aid and they never let me leave home without a bandage'.


But kind of freaky.

So anyway we all just stared at him and I swear the guy blushed so I started speaking trying to give the guy a break while mentally chiding myself for not making friends with Lucas sooner so I was just about to ask what we should do about the fox when Jordan shouted 'We can call her Twiggy!' then Tanii said 'Yes and my parents wouldn't mind me keeping him I don't think' and I was just stood there like 'why-the-hell-were-they-keeping-the-fox!?' and they all just stared at me with that duh look

About a week later we had researched on foxes and found three more dens with the help of the now almost tamed Twiggy and had finished the project with twenty-four hours to spare and the whole time we had slowly started to get to know each other and become really good friends

I had discovered Tanii's complicated family and Jordan and Josie's apparently boring family but we were all yet to discover the story of the mysterious Lucas Stone.

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