Title: A Cruise to Nowhere

Author: Disasteriffic Kaz

Info: Supernatural hits the high seas when Sam takes pity on Dean and books them a cruise home instead of a flight. Post 2x03 Bloodlust The usual hurt/comfort/angst/awesome!Sam/Dean

Author's Note: This story was born from a prompt and a few late night PM convos with JaniceC678. We were both enthralled with the idea of the boys being stuck at sea with a…captive…audience. :P Thanks for the fantastic setting idea Janice! My Muse loves you. LOL

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Chapter 1

"I still don't get why Bobby couldn't have come after this stupid thing himself." Dean groused as he set the heavy curse box in the trunk of their rental car.

Sam chuckled. "Because no way you were going to sit by his phones and play Bobby for the weekend." He squeezed himself into the passenger seat of the compact car with a groan as Dean got in the driver's seat. "Damn I miss the Impala."

Dean grinned at him as he started the engine and pulled away from the defunct museum. Thankfully security systems in Venezuela weren't exactly high tech on a closed museum. There hadn't even been any cameras to worry about and they'd been able to liberate the box before the building's contents were auctioned. He still wasn't sure how Bobby had talked them into coming to friggin Venezuela after a damn curse box. The plane ride had been…hell.

"Cheer up." Sam twisted with difficulty and pulled his bag from the back seat. He rummaged around in the pocket and came up with two tickets.

"Yeah? I need reminding that we still have to get on a damn deathtrap to go home?" Dean glared at him and Sam laughed.

"You so owe me." Sam pulled the tickets and waved them at him. "Cruise ship. No planes just calm seas and the onboard casino for five days."

"Don't tease me, Sammy." Dean snatched the tickets from his hand and looked at them, a slow smile spreading across his face as he read them. "Dude." He looked over to the satisfied grin on his brother's face. "Ok yeah I owe you. This is awesome."

Sam smiled and sat back, or tried too. His knees were practically in his face in the little car. He settled for resting his left arm on his knees with a sigh.

"How's the arm?" Dean glanced over at the white bandage peeking out from under Sam's rolled sleeve. It had only been four days since they'd run afoul of Gordon; a hunter with no morals. The memory of him slicing Sam's arm open to make a point was still fresh in Dean's mind; that and the knife that had been to his throat made him itch to go find Gordon and dole out another beating.

"It's fine." Sam shrugged. It ached and it itched and was starting to drive him a little crazy but he smiled. "Don't worry about it."

"Uh huh. That'll happen." Dean rolled his eyes but he let it go and decided to focus on the cruise instead. "So, floating Vegas." He grinned over at Sam.

"Not gonna see you for five days am I?" Sam laughed again when Dean nodded. "I'm gonna spend mine stretched out next to the pool, dude." He sighed happily. "Five days of sun and quiet and vacation. When's the last time we actually had a vacation?"

"Vegas week. Damn that was years ago." Dean shook his head and smirked. It'd been the first time he'd managed to get his little brother so falling down drunk he barely remembered the night before which, considering the strippers, was probably a good thing. Their Dad had been livid when he'd tracked them down. Dean's smile fell away and the familiar ache and guilt slid back into his stomach.

"Dean?" Sam saw his expression change. "You ok?"

"Yeah. Fine." Dean sped up, in a hurry to reach their ship and not be stuck in a small car with a kid brother who had unerring emotional radar where he was concerned. He managed to put a small smile back on his face so Sam wouldn't poke at him.


Dean studied the cruise ship as they headed up the gangplank with a dubious eye. "Not exactly Princess cruise lines is it?"

"Dude. It's Venezuela." Sam snorted. "This is practically the QE II around here." The ship was ten decks he knew from the travel agent he'd booked with and had a casino, four restaurants, two pools and some other amenities neither of them were interested in. Sam had all their bags and Dean had stuffed the curse box into a duffel to keep prying eyes off the protective spells inscribed all over its outside. Bobby had been cagey about its contents except to tell them several times not to be idjits and open the stupid thing.

They were led to a small state room and Sam smirked when Dean looked at him. They'd never be able to use that particular credit card again; Sam had maxed it out but it was worth it. The two queen size beds sat to their right covered in brown quilts. Across from them were two comfortable looking sofas the same color, cream carpeting and a flat screen tv that Dean went and ran an appreciative finger over.

"This does not suck, Sammy." Dean smiled and set the curse box on one of the couches before he sprawled over the other.

"Beats hell out of some of the motels we've stayed in." Sam went past him to check out the mini-fridge.

"Hey get me a beer." Dean grinned and swatted Sam's arm as he sat up.

"Crap!" Sam wrapped a hand around his left forearm and squeezed his eyes shut. Dean had hit the healing wound from Gordon and pain had lanced up his arm into his shoulder.

"What the hell, Sam?" Dean took hold of his wrist and pried his fingers away. "Lemme see. I thought you said this was fine?" He pushed the sleeve up and peeled back the bandage. Dean had wanted to stitch it closed but Sam had convinced him it wasn't that deep. They'd settled for closing it with band-aids. It was an angry red now and warm to the touch. "Damn." He glanced up to see a sweat broken out on Sam's brow.

"It's ok." Sam pulled his arm back, cradling it.

"It's infected, dumbass." Dean shook his head. "Sit down." The still simmering anger at Gordon flared back up but he pushed it down and went for their first aid kit, digging it out of his bag. "You should have told me."

"Didn't realize." Sam dropped onto the couch Dean had vacated with a groan. "I thought it was just itching that bad because it was healing." He poked gingerly at the healing cut himself and fought the instant nausea when he felt fluid beneath the skin.

"This aint gonna be fun, Sam." Dean set bandages, gauze and peroxide on the little table and held up a small knife. Sam nodded and Dean took his wrist in a firm grip. He was going to have to reopen the cut to clean it out. "Hold still." He drew the edge of the knife along the line of the closed wound and swallowed hard as blood and the viscous yellow of infection began to ooze out.

Sam held himself still, gritting his teeth. He didn't remember it hurting this much when Gordon had cut him. The small knife felt like a giant blade cutting into him, the pain so large he had to close his eyes again and breathe through it. He felt like an idiot for not realizing it was becoming infected and knew Dean thought he'd just ignored it.

Dean set the knife aside and grabbed a wad of gauze. He spent several agonizing minutes squeezing all he could out of the now open wound, wiping away the infection while Sam kept a death grip on the arm of the couch. "Almost done." Dean took the bottle of peroxide and poured it over the cut. Sam hissed a breath between his teeth and flinched. "Sorry, kiddo."

Sam shook his head. "Doesn't hurt that much." He smiled wanly at the look of disbelief on his brother's face.

"Dude, you're a shit liar." Dean chuckled and took up the bandage. "I'm not gonna close it yet. Might have to do this again." He gently wound the bandage around Sam's forearm firmly and taped it in place.

"Thanks." Sam took his arm back and leaned against the back of the couch in relief, waiting for the burning to die down. "Dead man's blood." He said suddenly.

"Huh?" Dean stopped cleaning up the small mess and stared at him confused.

"When I carried Lenore out. Must have gotten some of it in the cut." Sam shook his head and sighed at his own bad luck.

"Better that than her blood dude." Dean said as a cold chill washed over him. It hadn't occurred to him until that moment that Sam could have been accidentally turned helping her. "Not feeling the urge to go snacking on our fellow passengers are ya?"

Sam chuckled. "Only the buffet's in danger from me."

"Come on then." Dean smirked and pulled him up with his good arm. "Get some food in ya and then find the casino." He washed his hands together gleefully.


Sam sat at the bar and watched Dean on the other side of the room. He'd found a poker game and was happily hustling the poor fools who had no idea they were playing with a card shark. The pile of chips in front him grew after every hand and Sam chuckled; at this rate they were going to come out of this trip ahead.

"Another beer?" The bartender slid up beside Sam with a smile.

"Uh, no. Thanks." Sam shook his head and stood. In truth he was feeling a little shaky and knew it was the infection in the wound in his arm. He felt overwarm and exhausted. He made his way through the tables to his brother who was pulling in another pile of chips and smiling. "Dean."

"Hey, Sammy!" Dean grinned up at him. "Pull up a chair."

Sam chuckled, glancing around at the frustrated faces of the other players. "Naw, I'm good. Heading back to the room."

Dean's smile instantly faltered and he took a close look at him. "You want me to come?" Sam looked pale with the beginnings of shadows under his eyes.

"Dude." Sam rolled his eyes. "I think I can find my way." He clapped Dean's shoulder and gave a nod to the other players and leaned in toward Dean. "Kick it in the ass."

Dean snorted a laugh and chuckled as Sam walked off. He clapped his hands together. "My deal, boys?"

Sam stepped out of the casino into the crowded hall, maneuvering through the crowd of people mingling and looking out at the ocean. The cacophony of voices was driving his mild headache into migraine proportions but he managed to smile genially at people as he passed them. He turned a corner into a less busy hall and sighed in relief as the noise level dropped. A child near a cabin door caught his eye and he slowed. He couldn't have been more than ten with a messy thatch of short brown hair and tears rolled slowly down his cheeks beneath blue eyes. Sam stopped and knelt in front of him.

"Hey, buddy. Are you ok?" Sam smiled at him. The boys' eyes shifted to look at Sam and then drifted away again. "You lose your parents here somewhere?" Sam waited but the boy said nothing and didn't look at him.

"Sammy?" Dean's voice surprised Sam. He stood and turned.

"Dean? Thought you were playing still?" Sam watched his brother jog over to meet him.

"Naw. Tapped out the table." Dean grinned, pleased with himself. "What are you doing exactly?"

"Think this kid lost his parents or something." Sam turned to point and then stared. "Where'd he go?" The boy had vanished. "He was just here."

Dean chuckled and took his arm, turning him back down the hall. "Probably into the room you're standing to next to. Come on."

Sam shook his head and glanced back at the door. He hadn't even heard it open. "Man." He put a hand up to his pounding head as they walked. "Headache's worse than I thought."

Dean frowned and guided him back out to the gangway and up the stairs to their deck. "Thought you looked a little pasty." He smirked. "Even for you."

"Not my fault we do most of our work at night." Sam looked over at him. "You're not exactly Mr. Bronze yourself."

"Bite me, Sammy." Dean ran a hand through his hair with a grin. "I'm gorgeous. All the ladies say so."

Sam laughed and shook his head. "What you are is shameless. There's a difference."

Dean shrugged. "Potato, potahto." He dropped a hand briefly on the back of his brother's neck. "You're just jealous." He took his hand back as Sam chuckled and sighed. Sam was running a fever as he'd suspected; a small one but a fever all the same. He kicked himself for not checking Sam's arm sooner as the infection now seemed to have a hold.

Sam protested when they reached their room and Dean shoved him toward the bed. He argued again when his big brother shoved a bottle of aspirin and a glass of water at him. He took them and for form's sake flipped the finger at Dean as he gratefully rolled into his pillow and closed his eyes. He was a Winchester and you didn't admit how bad you felt; ever. When he woke a couple hours later it was to find Dean sprawled over one of the couches with a beer and a small army of aliens trooping across the tv screen after the hapless humans.

Dean glanced over when he heard Sam move. "You awake sunshine?"

Sam groaned in response and dropped his legs over the side of the bed to sit up. "Time is it?" He asked sleepily.

Dean smirked. "About three in the afternoon." He flicked off the tv and stood, grabbing a box off the table as he came over and tossed it on the bed. "What do you say we go relax somewhere with better scenery?"

"What's this?" Sam pulled the box over and opened it then laughed. "Swim trunks. Dude."

Dean laughed. "Come on. You said you wanted to prune up by the pool." It was his not so subtle ploy to make sure Sam took it easy and be there to keep an eye on him at the same time. He still wasn't entirely past the knowledge his brother had been kidnapped by vampires from their motel room and he'd had no idea. It gave him chills when he even thought about it and added an extra measure of guilt that he could have lost him; that it would have been his fault. Dean shook it away and pulled his own trunks out of the box. "Move it, princess."

Sam watched him head to the bathroom and shook his head, amused. He changed quickly and decided lying out in the sun was about the best plan he could think of. His head still felt fuzzy and his arm ached. A little uncomplicated sun would be heaven.

The pool wasn't as busy as they feared and they easily found a couple deck chairs away from the families. Sam sprawled out happily in a chair and groaned once he felt the sun's warmth soaking into his skin. He didn't even care that he'd have a white stripe on his arm from the bandage.

"Dude, that sounded dirty." Dean laughed and stretched out in the chair next to him. Unlike Sam, his eyes were open and enjoying the group of college girls across the pool bouncing about in the shallow end. "Definitely better scenery."

"Oh…my…god." A woman's voice said from beside them. Both men looked up to see a short, curvy blonde woman standing and staring with her mouth open at them. "That's just not fair." She mumbled.

Dean stretched, flexing chest muscles and grinned at her with a wink. "Afternoon."

"Uh…uh…uh huh." She nodded, apparently bereft of speech.

Sam leaned up and twisted to see her, unaware that the rippling of muscles across his abdomen was making her breath clog in her throat. "Hello." He smiled and then lay back with a chuckle.

"Um…wow." She said finally and darted away as her face flushed a brilliant red.

Dean laughed and settled back into his chair. "I think I like cruise ships."

Sam laughed with him and got comfortable again. "Pretty sure we've got starring roles in a fantasy tonight now." The sun lulled him into relaxation and then to perhaps the first peaceful, dreamless sleep he'd had in longer than he could remember. So it was all the more jarring when he was awakened by Dean shaking his shoulder and the blaring sound of an alarm ringing in his ears. "Huh? Wha?"

"Something's wrong." Dean looked around as the siren kept blowing, watching as scared passengers looked around in confusion. "Come on." He pulled Sam up with him and headed for the interior of the ship.

"I think that's a fire alarm." Sam saw a few crew members sprinting in the distance away from them.

"It is." Dean confirmed. He could smell it now they were inside; smoke in the air. He knew that smell like no other. "It's this way." He followed his nose with Sam at his back and headed down the stairs toward the lower deck and the casino. The crowd of passengers thinned out as they went and as they neared the casino, two crewmen went past them at a run with fire extinguishers.

"What's going on?" Sam grabbed the sleeve of one of the men.

"Uh, nothing to worry about sir." The man looked harried but stopped and managed a smile. "A small fire in one of the passenger quarters."

"Was anyone hurt?" Dean asked and looked past him down the hall to where tendrils of smoke could now be seen crawling along the ceiling. "Is the ship in any danger?"

"No. No. It's a small fire." The crewman smiled again and started away. "Probably already even out. Nothing to worry about."

"Why don't I believe him?" Dean followed after at a slow jog.

Sam coughed briefly as the smoke intensified and they were stopped by a wall of crewmen finally, asked to stay back. Sam looked over their shoulders and frowned. "Dean." He tapped his brother's shoulder. "That's the door where I saw the kid earlier."

Dean nodded with his eyes on the door as two men came out and stood in close conversation. Their faces were grim. One of them looked up and saw all the onlookers. He reached back and hastily pulled the door shut. "Get these people out of here." He told the other man and strode away toward the casino.

"I don't like this, Sam." Dean scowled at the closed door. He wanted to get inside the room and have a look. Something was picking at the back of his neck, the sense that rarely failed him when their kind of 'wrong' was near.

Sam nodded and tapped the shoulder of the nearest crewman. "Was someone hurt? I saw a boy in that room earlier. Is he ok?"

"Sir, you'll need to head back that way now." The crewman smiled and put a hand on his shoulder, giving him a gentle push. "We're taking care of it."

"But was anyone hurt?" Sam pressed, refusing to be moved. He needed to know if the child was alive.

"Come on, Sammy." Dean took his arm and pulled him away. "They're not gonna tell us anything. They're in damage control mode. We're at sea. They can't afford a panic."

"Right." Sam nodded. "I know." It didn't make it any easier to walk away not knowing. He looked back as they reached the corner and pulled Dean to a stop. "Dean."

Dean turned to peer between the press of bodies and saw two new men coming out of the room; a long, black rubber bag held between them. "Ah hell."

"Someone died in there." Sam said softly. The murmurs of the other passengers around them told Sam they weren't the only ones who noticed the body bag.

"Let's go." Dean tugged him into motion again. "Can't do anything in swim trunks dude."

"He was crying." Sam said quietly as they headed back to their room. "That little boy. He was crying."


To Be Continued…