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Rated T for moderate infrequent coarse language, mild violence, sexual references and moderate adult themes.


She ran through the dark alleyways in the black of night. Light from the twin moons above the towering buildings gave little hope. She had no idea where she was going, and she didn't really care; she simply fled. Her breathing echoed off the concrete walls, caught in her throat as she tried to swallow.

From her perch on the balcony above, a figure chuckled softly, the sound bouncing around the confined space. Sideous had chosen a weakling for his apprentice. A weakling's mind was easily fooled.

The girl kept running, not bothering to stop and tend to the wound that ran with a clean scar on her shoulder. She had to keep going. Not that there was anything more to live for.

Jumping from her place, Callia landed lightly in front of the girl and unsheathed her lightsaber, the electric blue light illuminating the small space.

Felony sneered and unsheathed her own lightsaber. The crimson glow gave her eyes a certain ruthless glimmer. "What do you want, Jedi?"

"I could ask you the same question." Callia said calmly. It was obvious that the Sith was a rookie. This would be a piece of cake.

"Get out of my way!" Felony hissed. She didn't shift position, but her mind buzzed, trying to figure a way around the Jedi.

"I'm afraid I can't do that. You see – if I was to do that you would get away. Thus defeating the purpose of my being here."

"I said, get out of my way!" Felony screeched, losing patience. She flew into the air and crashed her lightsaber down onto the Jedi.

Raising her lightsaber, blue met red in a flash of sparks and with a flick of Callia's wrist, the young Sith flew backwards into the trashcans against the wall.

"Sideous has lost his touch. I have never met a Sith that was this much of a weakling before."

Flicking her wrist, Callia yanked Felony's lightsaber out of her grasp and sent it flying into the wall. Before the girl could react, Callia slammed the butt of her lightsaber into her forehead, knocking the girl to the floor, unconscious.

Her mask fell off to reveal her face. Black hair fluttered over her body as a breeze stirred in the alleyway.

Crouching down, Callia rolled the girl over to secure her hands in a pair of metal handcuffs, before turning her back over to get a good look at her face. The girl didn't look any older than sixteen, still a padawan by Jedi standards. Lifting her communicator to her lips, Callia called for back up to transport the young Sith back to the Council.

Scene One – The Prisoner

Master Yoda shifted in his chair. "Darth Sideous, your master is – correct?"

Callia watched as the girl stood in the centre of the council room, locks of black hair falling in front of her face, chin raised defiantly.

"Yes," Felony replied in a moderate tone. Her gaze was steady, and it was clear she was trying desperately not to reveal anything more than she was already being forced to.

Yoda sat back and nodded, before looking over at Master Windu. Sitting forward, he said, "How old were you when he found you?"

Felony stood, silent. To her credit, she didn't flinch away from his gaze.

"Master Windu is talking to you, girl!" One of the other Council Members said harshly.

"If you wish to get any information out of me, then at least talk to me like an adult instead of an ignorant child." She spat the last word, before turning her face back into the expressionless face of stone.

"And yet – child still you are." Yoda said.

Felony narrowed her eyes slightly but kept her expression unreadable.

"Just answer the question." Windu said impatiently. They had been trying to get answers out of Felony for the past three hours, and the girl was being surprisingly stubborn.

Felony lifted her head up high. "I chose to join the Sith Lord. At the age of fifteen."

"Choose? How did you find Sideous to choose to join him?" The whole Council room sat forward, suddenly interested in what the stubborn teen had to say.

Felony blinked and paused for a moment. "What if I don't wish to answer these questions?"

"Because, Ms Sarano, none of us are leaving until you answer our questions. And trust me – this floor is not the most comfortable of beds." Callia said, as she advanced out of the shadows, arms folded. "So start singing, Princess."

Felony glared at her. She took a breath and finally decided to say, "I didn't find him. He found me."

Windu leaned forward. "And he asked you to become his apprentice, I assume. Am I correct?"

Despite herself, Felony chuckled a little. "To put it nicely, yes."

"So you were fifteen." Callia said, circling the girl. "Young, your whole life ahead of you. And yet, when one man comes up and offers you a place on the Dark Side as his apprentice, you accept. What was so… appealing about the Dark Side that made you go without complaint?"

For the first time, Felony avoided her interrogator's eyes. "I got respect there. No one understood the real me, so I decided to change." She looked back up. "Is that so hard to believe?"

"If I head that from any normal sixteen year old, then no. But you're no ordinary sixteen year old, are you Ms Sarano?" Callia stopped circling her, and stood in front of the girl, her eyes boring into Felony's.

Felony narrowed her gaze and tugged at her handcuffs with weary arms. Her hair fell in front of her eyes, drawing a curtain over their burning stare.

"That's enough, Callia. We shall leave this case for the moment. Guards, take the prisoner to the holding cells. Council shall reconvene in the morning." Callia stepped back, her eyes still studying the girl.

Felony scowled at Callia, warning her. How much did this Jedi know?

Callia narrowed her eyes at the look in Felony's glare, and followed as the two guards dragged her down to the cell.

Felony didn't struggle on the way down to the cell. She knew her own limits. And they seemed to be shortening every moment she remained alive. Cold seeped into her bones the second she walked into the cell. She lay on the bed, closed her eyes and wished for sleep.

Callia stood in the shadows, arms crossed, studying the girl as she slept. Something didn't add up with her actions. How could one so young, become so corrupted? Callia didn't know.

Felony kept her eyes closed but said quietly. "What do you want, Jedi?"

"Trying to create a sense of déjà vu, are we Princess?"

"Why don't you leave me in peace?" Felony growled.

Callia smirked. "Peace? I would hardly call this peace."

Felony curled up on the bed, breath billowing in the frozen air. "Go away,"

Callia sighed. "Look Princess – I know you won't open up to the Council, but you can talk to me. I was sixteen once too. Besides – if you talk to me, we don't have to go through what happened last night again. The choice is yours."

"I'm not going to talk, so why don't you just kill me already? Get it over and done with," she mumbled.

"Killing you would do us no good, and I think you know that. I'll say it again Princess - the choice is yours. Either you tell me, or the whole Council, and they will get the information they want. They always do."

"That's right. The Jedi always get what they want." Felony mumbled to herself. Despite her attitude, she sighed and murmured, "What do you want to know?"

Callia smiled, satisfied. "You said he found you. What made you so special, out of all the others he could have chosen, why did he choose you?"

Felony almost laughed. "I had talent. Why else would he take me on as his apprentice?" She said with amusement, even though it was obvious that whatever talent she did have wasn't evident.

"You have a way with the Force, as do many. But those with the gift are taken in and trained. How did we miss you?"

Felony ignored her, lost in her own thoughts. "I suppose that's what I get for being a selfish little idiot,"

"'Selfish little idiot'? What did you do?" Callia asked, raising her eyebrows.

"I… killed someone. In cold blood. Because he…" she stopped and seemed to shake the memory away. "Why am I telling you this? You're a Jedi,"

"I only want to help you, Felony. I don't want innocent blood on my hands. If you agree to work with us, you could be a very powerful asset to the Jedi." She sighed, turned around and left.

"Not if I am dead," Felony murmured to herself. Her eyelids lowered, slipping into a shallow sleep.

As Callia watched the guards drag the girl into the room, she noticed something was off almost immediately. It took her a couple of seconds to realize what. The girl had deep red scars running up and down her arms and face, scars that had definitely not been there before.

Felony was scowling even more than yesterday; she didn't even bother to keep her head up to raise her challenging eyes to the Councillors. She was dragged into position.

It turns out Callia was not the only one to notice the difference. Master Windu narrowed his eyes,

"What happened to your arms?"

Felony ignored him and stared at the ground like she wished it to burst into flames.

"I'd answer him Princess." Callia said gently from her place in the corner, arms folded like usual. "Like I told you last night. Jedi always get what they want."

Felony slowly raised her head. She raked her green gaze around the Council, daring anyone to speak. Her eyes were so intense with hatred and one of her scars barely missed her eye.

"Tell the Council, you will." Master Yoda said. "Your arms, what happened?" He asked gently gesturing to the scars on her arms.

"Don't touch me!" she spat.

Callia stepped forward quickly at her outburst and pulled Felony to the side. Placing both hands on her shoulders, she said quietly. "Look Princess, I know you don't want to be here – but you've got to cooperate if you want to survive."

"Survive?!" Felony snapped. "I thought I made my intentions clear last night?" She pulled away from Callia and stepped back. "I wish to address the Council," she began in a loud voice. In the light, it was evident that the cut over her eyelid had traced a line halfway down her cheek, making her eyelashes stick together from the blood.

Yoda raised his eyebrows. "Then address the Council, you may." He said in a slightly surprised tone.

"The kindness you have shown me in the past few days is not welcome," Felony said in a harsh tone. "Kill me now, or I promise you I'll do it myself."

The silence in the room was deafening.

"Kill you?" Master Yoda said incredulously. "But death sentences, the Council does not issue."

"Surely you must know that." Windu said, slightly confused.

"Then you are as weak as Darth Sideous says," Felony hissed, shaking her head.

"Not killing people does not make a person weak. It shows they have a heart." One of the other Council members reasoned.

"My master has told me that it is a weakness," Felony said. "And why should I believe you over him? You are the enemy," she spat.

"Well, no matter what you say, we are fighting for the good of the universe. Not the opposite. I don't know what Sideous has forced into your head, but I must ask that you disregard it – for it was all lies." Windu said calmly.

"How do I know that it is not you who are the liars?" Felony growled.

Callia rolled her eyes. It was a commonly asked question by criminals.

"Let's just put it this way – if we were lying, why would we try to convince you otherwise? Jedi's have a sworn oath to always state the truth."

"I wouldn't know now, would I?" Felony said. "I'm not a Jedi."

"Then Darth Sideous does not care for you. If he did not teach you the ways of the Jedi he meant for you to fail." Callia said, leaning back against the wall.

Felony narrowed her eyes at her but inside she wondered how much of what the young Jedi master had said was true.

"When Callia found you, you were running. What we want to know is why. And what from." One of the other Council members said. The rest of the Council nodded, and Callia straightened up at the question.

Felony took a breath. "Sideous… he…" she shook her head and continued no further.

"What's wrong?" Callia asked, unintentional concern lacing her voice. "What did he do?"

Felony was having trouble speaking; this was a lot to admit in front of the Jedi Council. "He… he realised that I was growing weaker every day. He sent a patrol out to finish me off. I was of no use to anyone anymore,"

"So why fight against us? Why not join us and help stop him?"

"I said it before and I'll say it again: I'm useless, you hear! I can't even fend off one Jedi. I'm supposed to be the Sith apprentice, and I can't even do that."

"You're sixteen." Master Windu said gently. "You have much to learn before you are ready. You need more training before you are ready to face Sideous once more."

Felony scowled. "What's the use in living if you no longer wish to live?"

"Because life always has another reason to stay alive even when you have lost the will. You're only ready to die when life decides you are." Callia said, walking forward from the wall. "Don't end it before you need to."

Felony looked as if she was about to object but then thought better of it and said through gritted teeth, "As you wish."

"And young Callia, your Master shall be." Yoda said with finality. Callia's jaw went slack. Stuck with the ex-Sith Lord for the next three years. Yay.

"No. No, no. I'm sorry but I draw the line there," Felony protested. This couldn't be happening.

Callia nodded frantically, agreeing with the Sith for the first time. Windu shook his head, "Master Yoda's word is final." He nodded to the guards, who walked forward to unlock the handcuffs.

As soon as she was freed from the cold metal, Felony rubbed her wrists and glanced fugitively at the door for a micro-second.

Callia took a warning step forward. She could see the girl's plan forming in her eyes, and she didn't like it.

Felony shot a look of slight apology to Callia and sprinted for the door.

"Stop her!" Windu yelled at the stunned guards.

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