A Spark of Life by Mai Lynn Bennet and Clara Lockhart

Scene Eight - Trust

Felony's eyes flicked sharply to Obi-Wan's and then inadvertently to Anakin's. She stared pointedly down at the ground and followed her master.

Anakin followed his master, looking down at his shoes. He didn't know how to act around Callia, let alone Felony. God, if his mother could see him now she would laugh at his hopelessness. He felt the familiar twinge in his stomach at the thought of his mother, but shook his head as if to shake the thought away. No distractions, he told himself. Not even Felony.

Felony sneaked a quick glance back at Anakin. She snapped her head back before Callia could see.

"How's Anakin?" Callia murmured under her breath, not looking at Obi-Wan, "Is the plan working?"

"Uh…" Felony overheard, distracted. "Sorry, what?"

Obi-Wan waved Felony away and waited until she had gone on ahead. "I think our messages are finally starting to snake their way into his subconscious," he informed Callia.

"Very good." Callia smirked, "I believe it's working on Felony as well, she seems quite unsure about herself when I bring him up." The smirk became a smile, "It's rather funny actually."

Obi-Wan laughed softly and then stopped, his eyes widening. "I hope we don't take it too far, or we'll be…" he paused and swallowed. "Related,"

Callia burst out laughing at his words, then quietened down when their padawans turned slightly. Callia waved them away then turned to Obi-Wan, the laughter still evident in her eyes, "Related?"

"I mean, it's not that I don't want to be related to you, Callia…" Obi-Wan said. Not in that way, he couldn't help thinking. No! He could have kicked himself for thinking that.

As they reached the cafeteria, Callia dragged Obi-Wan over to the counter to order, motioning for Felony and Anakin to sit.

Felony didn't really want to sit next to Anakin. She still wasn't sure…

"Two cappuccinos, one long black, and one chai latte." Callia ordered over the top of the counter.

Obi-Wan raised an eyebrow. "Which one's for your young padawan then?"

Felony fiddled with her nails. "So… I've heard we'll be training with you tomorrow?" she asked awkwardly.

"I think that's the plan, Master Obi-Wan's been a bit vague about the whole thing." Anakin said, running a finger over the grooves in the table.

Obi-Wan took two of the cups and handed one to Felony and one to Anakin. "Sorry, I don't think it's vegetarian certified," he mused to the girl.

Felony closed her eyes and sighed in annoyance.

Callia smirked and sat down beside him, passing him his cup, "So." She said to the two teenagers, "Discuss anything interesting while we were gone?"

Felony sniffed nonchalantly. "Not particularly,"

Obi-Wan shot a disappointed look to Callia.

"What, nothing? Not even about the, combined training session tomorrow?" Callia asked, eyeing the pair slyly.

Felony looked up. "I knew you couldn't resist meddling with us again, the pair of you," she said in a sharp tone.

Obi-Wan and Callia exchanged glances, before bursting out laughing, "What – us, meddling?" Callia shook her head, "Now THAT'S ridiculous."

Felony looked annoyed. "You honestly expect me to believe that?" she continued in a scathing voice. "Now, my padawan and your padawan! Wouldn't that be fun? And your only defence is that you two are so besotted with each other and this one here," – she motioned to Obi-Wan – "is so useless at love he simply didn't know what else to do."

The pair froze at the girl's words. Callia had only let her feelings slip before because she knew, well, she thought she could trust Felony not to use her feelings against her.
Turns out she was wrong.

Picking up her cup, she stood, chair scraping against the cold tiled floor, "Thank you for that… preposterous idea, Felony," Callia said coldly, "But I think I must be going. You know the way back to your room." And with that she turned and left, blinking rapidly to try and erase the tears she could feel prickling behind her eyes.

Felony instantly regretted her words. "Wait, Callia! I didn't mean…!" she sat back down with her head in her hands. "Stupid, stupid," she whispered to herself.

Obi-Wan was torn. Should she go after her? But before he knew what he was doing, his feet were carrying themselves down the hallway.

Callia heard the girl's shouts after her. She heard the sigh of frustration as she sat back down. She heard the scraping of a chair and the footsteps as he followed her.

She could hear her heart pounding in her chest as she began running to get away. She didn't want to face him. Not after that.

Obi-Wan shouted after her, "Callia! Please! Stop!" he rounded a corner and saw her crying silhouette just before his open arms wrapped around her. This wasn't the awkward hug he had been expecting; her touch warmed him and it felt right comforting her.

Felony stood up. "I suppose there must be a copy of A Midsummer Night's Dream on the system?" she asked half to herself before leaving the dining hall.