Note: My apologies for the long delay. I haven't written this story for a while. I'm still getting my ideas over my head.

Chapter 4

"What's going on? Why are you running around Esther?" Chills ran down on my spine and I was too scared to move. I feel a little hot inside because I'm afraid Miss Coldwick will beat me up and tie me in the storage room. The storage room has no windows and no lights. It's completely dark in there. I heard so many rumours that there was a ghost wandering around waiting for someone to come in. "Well?" Miss Coldwick gave me a cold stare, waiting for me to say something. "She's just looking for me maam." when Madison spoke, I almost calm down. "I sort of got in a panic because I saw a rat running around but don't worry, he got out." I sighed with relief. "Alright girls but please no dillydallying! And you Esther, I swear if I see you running around like a little rat, I will tie you up in the storage room and leave you there to die!" She got her coat, her hat and an umbrella and went outside. I have no idea where she was going.

"She was serious right?" I asked Madison about what Miss Coldwick said earlier. We where mopping the floor altogether on the hallway of the bedrooms for children.

"I'm not sure Esther. She was either serious or was just plain mad on what you did."

"What if she really mean it?"

Madison ignored me for a few minutes. "Madison are you listening to me..."

"Esther, you see I've never seen her kill any of the orphans. I'm not even sure why she is treating you like the black sheep of the family. Maybe she was mad. That's all."

I didn't get what Madison said but I let it go. As I mopped the floor, I noticed my hand and almost forgot about it. I removed the glove and the feathers was still there. Madison stopped and looked at my hand. She holds it and examines it.

"I'm going to take one feather okay? It's not going to hurt"

I wasn't even sure what she was going to do about it but I obeyed her orders. She took one small black feather out. She took her one small purse in her pocket and took out a small jar. Then she put the feather with her bare clean fingers into the jar. I was still wondering why she panicked when she saw my feathered hand.

"Madison why did you panic when you saw my hand?"

"Esther please, it's just that your too young to understand about what I'm going to say"

"Madison please"

"Just mopped the floor! You are wasting our time, we have more floors to clean on! If you talk about this you will be in big trouble."

I was a little surprised that Madison yelled. I hope that none of the girls heard us about our little talks. I trusted Madison anyway, she's probably doing this for the best of me.