This story which took place before Tarika came

Abhijeet and Daya were returning from the party which took place the previous night. They had been to pune for their best friend's party! Their friend insisted them to stay a night there so they left for Mumbai in the Moring



Daya as usual driving the car and Abhijeet was sitting beside him, looking outside the window. Daya show him. He looked bored .

Daya : Abhijeet can u sing a song from your sweet voice? [winks, he knew that Abhi"s voice isn't sweet]

Abhijeet:- [ understood what he meant by that ] if you insisted I'll surely sing one since not much cars are moving about ….. hhmmm which song ..? ohhh yeahh…

**Mere sapanon kii raanii kab aayegii tuu
Aaii rut mastaanii kab aayegii tuu
Biitii jaaye zindaganii kab aayegii tuu
Chalii aa, aa tuu chalii aa ...

Pyaar kii galiyaan, baagon kii kaliyaan
Sab , puuchh rahiin hain
Giit panaghat pe kis din gaayegii tuu
Mere sapanon kii raanii kab aayegii tuu ..

Daya dint join him because he already had his SAPNO KI RAANi that is MUSKAAN ! and he did the whistling job there in between .

During that tym when Abhijeet was singing a car came with equal speeds that of duo's car . the car was being drive by a driver and behind a beautiful girl with wavy curly hair reading a mystery book was sitting and when Abhijeet saw her , his eyes were fixed on her completely he couldn't even blink and when that girl saw him , she blushed to her hardest and more during the song he sand, well he did sand that song with true meaning but soon daya increased the speed and they went ahead of the car Abhijeet put his head out of the window and saw that car going slow and slow

Abhijeet : Daya why did you do that hu ?

Daya :- [ trying to be innocent] what did I do ?

Abhijeet: arrhhhhggg ! [ thinks: ohh god ! she was soo beautiful I wish I could meet her once again ]


Daya:- Abhijeet I know you fell for that gal right ?

Abhijeet :- nahh.. ! Daya i don't and never fall in love [ hiding is feelings]

Daya :- Abhijeet I know you for years together now !

Abhijeet :- ehh…! Yeah I did fell but I wish I could meet her once more and by the way why did you speed up the vehicle at that every moment ah?

Daya gave Abhijeet a mischievous smile and began running and Abhijeet behind him