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It was still early when Morgana woke. Only a slight tint of orange in the otherwise darkened sky. She stretched only to find her movements were limited for some reason. Looking around she realised she was in Merlin's room, and then she remembered. Glancing to her left Morgana found Merlin was still asleep. Morgana's head was resting on his arm. His other hand gripped hers tightly, their fingers laced together. Morgana sighed, thinking how nice it would be if she could wake up like this every morning. Hold on; this was Merlin – her best friend. She shouldn't be thinking that. Shaking the thoughts out of her head she rose from the bed, slipping out of Merlin's embrace. He sighed in his sleep and rolled over onto his side.

Morgana decided a run was in order. It helped her to think and she definitely had a lot of that to do before Arthur came over and asked her a million questions. Changing into the running vest she found of hers yesterday and leaving a note for Merlin so he didn't worry, she set off.

The run didn't take nearly as long as she hoped it would but it did help. Morgana believed everything happened for a reason, the whole situation made her realise that she didn't love Cenred, she never had, it certainly explained why she wasn't that upset about the break up anymore. Uther loved him and thought he was a 'smart match' for his daughter due to the fact he owned his own successful business and so Morgana tried to make it work. But now she was done, done with pleasing Uther, done with spending her time on people that don't matter to her. It was time to starting living her life the way she wanted and she wasn't going to let anyone stop her, especially not Uther.

The first thing to hit Morgana as she walked through the door of Merlin's flat was the smell of his famous chocolate chip pancakes. Just the smell reminded Morgana of how hungry she actually was, having skipped breakfast in order to go on her run. Sighing happily she walked into the kitchen to find Merlin tossing a pancake in the air. He looked so cute whenever he had that look of concentration on his face.

"Morning!" He called cheerfully not taking his eyes off the pancake.

"Hey you, it smells good" Morgana complimented taking a bottle of water out of the fridge before sitting on a seat at the breakfast bar watching the man at work.

"Your favourite, with extra chocolate chips. And thanks for the note but did you have to leave it stuck on my forehead?"

Morgana laughed, she opened the lid of her water bottle before taking a sip.

"You really have a talent for that." Morgana said nodding towards the second pancake he was tossing in the air before catching it in the pan again.

"It's easy when you know how, come here I'll show you" Merlin replied moving the pancake onto a plate with the others before loading another one into the frying pan.

"No thanks, last time it ended up on the ceiling. Trust me, I am not meant to cook." Morgana laughed

Merlin gave her a sly smile, "Do you trust me?" He grinned. Morgana nodded slowly, "Well come here then."

Morgana sighed seeing the determination in his eyes. There was no why to win this fight but to prove him wrong. Slowly she walked towards him and took the pan from his hand.

"Right now grip the handle with both hands, no like this" Merlin said placing his hands on top of hers in order to correct her. His front was pressed against her back with his arms stretching out to where his hands rested on hers. Morgana tried to ignore the heat coming from Merlin's body and focus on the task at hand, Morgana let Merlin move the pan up, the pancake rising from it. Merlin's hands moved the pan and her hands in order to catch the pancake again.

"See told you its easy." He whispered in her ear. It took everything Morgana had not to shudder pleasantly at his rough voice or his breath tickling her neck.

"My turn." Morgana said trying to stop the less than innocent thoughts running through her mind. This was Merlin, the person who was always there for her. She couldn't have feelings for him, could she? She just broke up with someone even if he did cheat on her! Merlin stopped her thoughts by loosening his grip on her hands but he didn't let go completely or back away. Morgana followed Merlin's actions with him helping when needed. Morgana tossed the pancake into the air and waiting for it to return to the pan but it didn't. She and Merlin looked up to find the pancake stuck to the ceiling. They both looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"Too much force on the throw there." Merlin said through his laughter. Morgana was about to reply when the pancake broke free from the ceiling and landed on Merlin's shoulder. This caused Morgana to laugh more.

"Oh you think that's funny?" Merlin asked with a mischievous glint in his eye. Morgana didn't have time to answer before Merlin threw some flour at her. It landed on her cheek and in her hair.

"Oh it's on!" Morgana laughed grabbing some more flour off the side and threw it at Merlin, it landed on his t-shirt standing out against the blue. Before long a flour fight had broke out. Merlin grabbed Morgana by the waist, tickling her making her crumble to the floor with laughter. Her hand on his t-shirt forced him to fall down too, landing on top of her.

"Say 'Merlin is the most amazing person in the world'" Merlin laughed holding a large bag of flour over her. Morgana shook her head laughing. Merlin smiled wickedly before tipping the bad slightly, letting a few grains of flour drop onto her cheek.

"Okay, Okay!" Morgana laughed "Merlin is the most amazing person in the world" She finished trying to regain her breath. Merlin laughed and held his hand up in victory. It was only then Morgana realised their position. Merlin was straddling her, both of them were breathing heavily. Merlin seemed to notice too. Her green eyes meet his blue ones. He leaned down as Morgana moved her head up. She couldn't tear her eyes away from his eyes, his lips. They were inches apart.


The sound of the intercom buzzer caused them to pull away. Merlin stood up and offered his hand to help Morgana stand.

"That will be Arthur and Gwen" He sighed before going to answer the door to the pair.


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