Katherine (Kate) Andrews

Age: 15

Haircolour: Golden brown

Eyecolour: A mix between brown and green.

Height: 5'4
Role: The cute nerd.

Personality: Very smart and caring. A very sweet and humble person, quite stubborn. She can be a bit of a crybaby.

Likes to do: Read, draw and listen to music.

Hates: Spiders, Liars, bullies, fake friends and heights.

Joanna (Midnight) Kinsley (Called Jojo by Katherine)

Age: 15

Haircolour: Blonde with red highlights

Eyecolour: Blue

Height: 5'4

Role: The badass

Personality: Has a temper. Really protective over her friends and family. Jokes around a lot. Can be smart, not too often though. She is also very strong both physically and mental.

Likes to do: Pranks on friends, workouts, watch movies and sniping.

Hates: seeing someone she cares about getting hurt, bullies, fake peoples and huge heights.

Leonardo (Leo) Hamato

Age: 16

Height: 5´6

Hair colour : Black

Eye colour : Ocean blue
Personality: same as usual

Role: The Leader (duh!)

Raphael (Raph) Hamato

Age: 16

Height: 5´6

Hair colour : Dark brown

Eye colour : Amber

Personality: Same as usual.

Role : the Muscles

Donatello (Don, Donnie) Hamato

Age: 16

Height: 5´6

Hair colour: Light brown

Eye colour: Hazel

Personality: the same as usual.

Role: The Brains

Michelangelo (Mikey) Hamato.

Age: 16

Height: 5´6

Hair colour: Dark blonde

Eye colour: Light blue

Personality: same as usual

Role: The wild one.

I don't own anything, just Joanna, Katherine and the story.

"Hey Donnie! You are smart right?" Mikey asked while watching x-men and lying sloppy on the couch.

"Yeah,why?" Donnie asked back while fixing a new device.

"Think you can make us human like Nightcrawler can?"

Donnie and Leo looked confused at his brother and asked "Why on earth would you want to be a human?"

"Just think about being free and not hiding all the time ,and be able to say hello without anyone screams or faints ,wouldn't that be great? " Mikey answered.

"That would be very interesting too see" Splinter said when coming out from the dojo.

"It would ,but I don't think that's possible for me to do, Master" Donnie said.

" ' course yah can, Yah're a genius, I bet 10 bucks that yah'll do it!" Raphael said.

Donnie rolled his eyes and got up from the chair. He walked to his lab. Raph was right. He was gonna do it. But it would need alot of work. To turn them into humans by a watch that they could also use to turn back as a turtle whenever they wanted to. Donnie worked for months and was determined to do it to prove what genius he is. After 6 months he was done and needed someone to try it on.

"I think they are done but someone has to test them" Donnie said to his brothers while holding the watches in his hands. They just looked away to say they weren't doing it. " Mikey, you'll have to try it since it was your idea" Leo said to his brother. "What!? And risk my life?" Mikey said a bit scared. "Fine,I'll do it since Mikey don't dare too ."Raphael said and took the watch from Donnie. "Wait! Before you try it, maybe you should take some clothes, you know, just in case." Leo said. "Good idea" Raph said and went to put on some clothes and then walked back in. "Ready?" Donnie asked. Raph took a deep breath and nodded.

"Here goes nothing." he said and turned the watch a bit. A huge white flash came and then Raph stood there as a human. Leo, Donnie and Mikey dropped their jaws at the sight of their now human brother. "It worked!" Donnie yelled. "It really work!" "Told yah. Yah owe me 10 bucks Mikey." Raph said and pointed one of his now five fingers at Mikey. Splinter suddenly came in and didn't realize it was Raphael as a human standing among the turtles. "May I ask who your new friend are?" he asked and looked suspicious at human Raphael. "It's Raphael, master Splinter!" Mikey said.

"Raphael? I guess it's the work from one of Donatello's inventions?" Splinter said with wideopen eyes. "Well, now you can learn more about the humans ,their world and walk around freely" he continued. " Oh yes! Finally! Now I can learn how to make pizza on my own. " Mikey said excited. " But, don't let anyone know who you really are my sons, it could be dangerous for you" Splinter interrupted and let them keep the watches.

That was 3 months ago and no one has noticed yet. "Don, are you alright?" I got out from the flashback and realized Leo stood beside me. "Yeah, I just thought about how we ended up with these watches" I answered.

Joanna's POV

I finished putting on my mascara and I looked at my outfit in the mirror. I was wearing a simple white tank top, dark blue denim jeans, a black leather jacket, a long plain red scarf around my neck and white, black and red vlado's. My long hair was up in a high ponytail with my side bangs and a few pieces in the front was loose. My make-up was only some eyeliner and mascara. I wasn't a girly girl but I did use make-up. It made my blue eyes look more feirse. I smiled and grabbed my back-pack. My parents had already left for work and I didn't have any siblings. I locked the door and started walking to my best friend Katherine or Kate as everyone called her. It wasn't a long walk. About 3 minutes to be honest. I knocked on her door and her big brother Alexander or aka Alex opened the door. Alex was about 5'9 and had golden brown hair and dark brown eyes. He was cool but really protective over Kate especially about her meeting boys. He didn't like having boys near his little sister.

"Morning, Midnight. Here to pick up Kate?" He asked and smiled.

"Yep, is she done yet?" I asked. He nodded and called for his little sister. A moment later she came out of the house. She had short, golden brown, wavy hair. She was wearing black jeans, a double t-shirt with a dark blue one under and a white on top. Her shoes were white converse. I smiled at her

"Ready to go to prison?" I joked

"Jojo, we're going to high school. Not a prison" she said looking at me

"what's the diffrence?"

Kate rolled her eyes.

"Bye, Alex! Love you!" She yelled.

"Love you too! Be safe!" He yelled and closed the door.

Kate and I started to walk to school. It was about 20 minutes away. We talked all the way. It was quite funny that we were best friends since we have so different personalities. Her being the smart one. The cute nerd and me being the tough one. The badass. But we do have alot in common though and you know what they say, sand box love never dies. We put our bags in our lockers that some way was next to each other. Why, I didn't know. But I ain't gonna complain. We looked to our schedule. We have some classes together but not all. Mostly because Kate was in the honor classes. We did have homeroom and P.E together.

"ready to go to homeroom?" Kate asked me. I smiled

"of course, my dear." I said in a brittish accent.

We linked our arms and walked to homeroom. The day went by really slow and it was finally lunch time.

"Finally, lunch. I'm starving." I said

"You're always hungry." Kate laughed

"I am not!"

"oh yes you are.". I pushed Kate in a jokely way and we both laughed a little. We took our food and sat down by a table. It didn't take long until we saw four new guys. They were all at the same height, about 5'6? Yeah 5'6.

"who's those guys?" I asked and pointed to the guys. Kate turned around

"they're the new guys. They just moved in." I looked at her, knowing she knew more

"What?" she asked

"you know more. Now spill." I said.

"They're all 16 and they're brothers."

She pointed to the one with black hair and ocean blue eyes.

"That's Leonardo Hamato. Or Leo as they call him. He's the oldest. He seems really down to earth." I nodded then she pointed to a guy with dark brown hair and amber eyes.

"That's Raphael or Raph. He's the second oldest. He has a temper." I looked at Raph and I could tell that he was the strongest since he had the most muscules. Kate now pointed to a guy with light brown hair and hazel eyes.

"that's Donatello aka Don or Donnie. He's the second youngest. He's really smart. To be honest he's a genius." I saw Kate blush a little. Guess she was into that Donnie guy. And finally she pointed to the last one. He had blonde hair and light blue eyes.

"That's Michelangelo aka Mikey or Mike. He's the youngest of them and the most crazy one."

"how can they all be brothers? They don't look alike and Hamato isn't that a japanese name? They don't look japanese." I said

"They were adopted. And the guy was from Japan." She explained

"lemme guess, he has a thing for painters since they are all named after one?" I said

"Maybe. I don't know them." I looked at her

"and yet, you know their names, age and a little of their background. How do you do that?"

"It's a secret." She smiled at me. I chuckled and continued eating.

Kate had Math lesson right after the lunch so I couldn't fool around with her for at least an hour.

I had my free period so I went to the library to read something, usually I didn't but Kate said they had gotten mine favourite book "The Da Vinci code" by Dan brown so I decided to check. There must've been 8 students at the most in there since most didn't had free period after lunch but I walked in silently to the desk and asked to borrow a book.

"Excuse me? I've heard you newly got "The Da Vinci code" Where do I find it?" I asked the lady behind the desk, she looked middle aged and friendly too.

"Try to look in the second shelf below the sign with the title "newest books", it should be there" the lady answered politely. I did as the lady said and saw it very high up, I tried to reach it but couldn't. The school couldn't even afford to buy stairs to the bookshelfs and I didn't found an available chair to use. I jumped but I seriously couldn't reach it, 'Damn you cheap high school' I thought when someone took the book and gave it to me. It was one of the new guys, he had amber eyes and dark brown hair, Raphael right?

"Yah seemed to want this" he said in a Brooklyn accent. "Yeah, thanks.. " I said and took the book.

"You're one of the new guys, right? Raphael or something?" I asked

"yeah, but call me Raph."

"I'm Joanna. But you can call me midnight."

"Midnight? How did yah get dat nickname?" He asked me in his brooklyn accent.

"it matches my personality. And it's my favorite time of the day." Raph chuckled a little.

"what? What's so funny?" I asked him

"nuttin'. Just that yah doesn't seem to be dark, tough and scary." He said

I gave him 'are you kidding me look'

"really? Is that so?"

"yeah." I shooked my head then looked at him

"I bet, I can kick your ass"

Raph laughed a little, moved his head to the side then looked at me again.

"I like to see yah try, little girl."

"Little girl?" I asked annoyed.

"Yeah, yah couldn't even reach a book. And yah look kinda weak." I was shocked. No one ever talked to me like that. They didn't dare. Who did this guy think he was? How dare he call me weak? I looked at him and gave him a fake smile. He looked a little confussed then I grabbed his arm, twisted it then fliped him over. His back was now on the floor and he looked at me in pure shock.

"You were saying?" I asked and went to the lady behind the desk. I borrowed the book and walked out of the library.

I hadn't gotten very far until I heard footsteps closing in on me.

"Want a rematch?" I asked Raph without even looking at him. I knew it was him, though.

"How did yah know it was me?" Raph asked

"Cause you're the only one I have hit today." I said annoyed

"Hey, look I'm sorry if I insulted yah. I didn't mean to. Truce?" he asked and held out his hand. I looked at him for a bit. I took his hand and shook it.

"Truce." I said. We then pulled our hands away.

"How did yah learn to do dat?" He asked while we walked down the empty hallway.

"I learned it by myself."

"Really?" he asked a little surprised

"Yep." I said and continued walking. Raph walked right next to me.

"Do yah like that book?" he asked while pointing to the book in my hand.

"Well yeah. It's my favorite book."

"How come?"

"I dunno. 'Cuz I like it."I said sarcastically

"Da Vinci isn't dat some dead painter or something?" Raph asked. It made me chuckle.

"Yeah. He was. You should call your brother that." I said. He looked at me confused

"Leonardo." I said raising my eyebrows

"why should I call him Da Vinci?" I did a facepalm when he said that and shook my head.

"Leonardo Da Vinci was he's full name." I said

"ooohh. " Raph said and I rolled my eyes

"How did you know about my brother?"

"my friend told me. You have 3 brothers named Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo Hamato. You were adopted by a man from Japan. You are all 16 and just moved here." I said

"stalker much?" he joked. I rolled my eyes.

"Well since yah know so much about me, how about yah tell me a little of yourself?"

"I guess that's fair. What do you wanna know?"

"Full name?"

"Joanna Kinsley"

"how old are yah?"

"I'm 15."

"when did you get the red highlights?"

"when I was 13."

"any siblings?" I stopped walking right away. I put my head down and Shut my eyes.

"something wrong?" Raph asked me. I looked up and opened my eyes.

"no, everything's fine. I gotta go." I lied and quickly walked, leaving him there alone and confused.

Katherine's POV.

I walked in to the class and saw a few persons were chatting while waiting to start while others had started to look at the equations. I took a seat in the back, took my Ipod and started listen to "Call me" by Shinedown while I eyed the equations for today, we were going to work in pairs. I liked the privacy here since most students choose to sit in the front. Ms. Carolina walked in followed by someone else. I almost jumped when I saw one of the new guys, Donatello.

He got presented by Ms. Carolina and told to take a empty seat, I looked fast around and saw there was plenty of empty seats he could use, but instead of the front row he choosed the back row and sat by the desk beside me.

"Alright students, you maybe have seen that these equations are supposed to be done in pair so I suggest you pair up with the person next to you and start to work" said.

I didn't mind company, I was just used to work alone because of my skills. I took out my headphones and turned to Donatello. "Hi, I'm Katherine but you can call me Kate" I reached out my hand and he took it." Donatello, you can call me Don or Donnie" he stopped and then asked me" Wait, are you Katherine Andrews? the schools genius?" I looked at him a made a very light blush "Yes, but I'm not THAT smart.." I answered him. In only 30 minutes we were done and I could swear all students looked at us because of how fast we worked. We put in the paper with our solutions and looked happily at each other. " Very good, you worked well together." Ms. Carolina said and let us go from the lesson.

"You are that smart, by the way." Donnie said when we got out of the class room.

"huh? Oh, thanks." I said and blushed a bit

"You're also really smart. Perhaps smarter than me." I told him. Now it was his turn to blush

"Oh, I highly doubt that." I smiled at him and he gave me a smile back. We talked for a while about computers when some boy came running. I think it was Michelangelo, but I wasn't sure.

"Donnie! Help me!" He said and stopped running when he was right infront of us.

"Mikey, what's wrong?" Donnie asked

"Raphie boy's after me." Mikey said

"What did you do this time?" Donnie asked as he rolled his eyes.

"Well, I saw him with a girl then after she left I kinda teased him about it." Mikey said while scrathing the back of his head. Donnie sighed

"When will you learn, Mikey?" He asked. Mikey just lifted his shoulders. He then looked at me. He flashed me a smile.

"Hey! I'm Mikey, the pretty one in the family." He said. I giggled a little at his sillyness.

"I'm Katherine or Kate."

"Can I call you Kathy?" He asked. I blinked a few times.

"Ehh, sure. Why not?" I said. Mikey hugged me.

"Yey! I made a new friend." He said when I hugged him back.

"MIKEY!" Yelled a boy with a thick brooklyn accent.

"meep!" Mikey squieked and ran and hide behind me and Donnie. We looked at him and he gave us the puppy eyes.

"fine." Donnie and I said. We turned our head and saw Raphael coming towards us.

"Mikey, I know yer behind Donnie and that girl." He said and crossed his arms.

"Katherine. " I said. He looked me. Then back at Donnie.

"Don, move aside so I can teach that bonehead a lesson."

"Sorry, Raph. You can get back at him when we get home. We don't wanna get in trouble on our first day." Donnie said

"That's a little too late, Don. Bonehead over there got himself kicked out of class." Donnie looked at Mikey.

"Ehh, oops?" He said. Donnie stepped aside.

"You're on your own." Mikey looked at Raph then he ran away with Raph following him.

"So that's your brothers?" I asked them

"yeah. Two of them. Leo's in class. He wouldn't get in trouble. That's Mikey and Raph's jobs." He said

"are you close with them?"

"Yeah. We're close but we fight sometimes. Mostly it's Raph fighting with Leo or Mikey."He has a temper, huh?"

"Yeah he has. How about you? Any brothers or sisters?" He asked.

"One big brother."

"How's he like?"

"He's cool. A little over protective over me though."

"What's his name?"

"Alexander or Alex."

The bells rang and the hallway soon was filled with students.

End at Chapter 1.