Chapter 10

Joannas POV

I had newly come home from school when I heard my mother call for me.

"Midnight, come in here please, we need to talk" she said in a gentle but strict voice.

I walked into the living room and saw my parents sitting on the couch together. For some reason I knew they were gonna yell at me. I sat down in the armchair when my father spoke.

"Midnight, we got a call from school, apparently you had hit a boy named Scott, is this true?" he said and looked me straight in my eyes.

"Yes but only because he tried to hurt Kate." I said in defense. "And he was a year older than us too".

"It's great that you defend your friends but you don't always have to use violence" Mom then said.

"So what am I going to do then? Just watch as an idiot while my best friend gets hurt?" I said a bit angry now.

"No but since you got a big problem with your temper, we'll send you to a therapist" Dad said.

"In that way you'll calm down and maybe see there are other ways to fight" Mom said.

Now I got pissed "Wait! Do you mean that I'm going to visit an idiot who just gets paid for listening to me and actually don't give a damn?!" I yelled and rose from the armchair.

"Calm down Midnight, you don't have to yell" My dad said in a stern tone.

"It seems like that or else you won't listen at me!" I yelled and ran to the hall.

"Midnight, where are you going?" Mom said worried. "Out!" I yelled before I slammed the door.

I walked for hours, not really doing anything but walk. I decided to visit a place I haven't been in a while. The cemetery. I walked to where Louis was laying.

"hey chockoboy. It's been awhile, I know. I miss you. So much. It's not been the same without you. I always fight with mom and dad. They say I've changed. Maybe it's a little true. But it's hard to try to be the perfect daughter like I was before when I don't have the perfect little brother there with me. I wish you were here. I always said that I would die for you, that I would take a bullet for you but I didn't. You did. I'm so sorry." I said getting teary eyes. Then I heard a deep voice laugh.

"Still close, huh?" The voice said. My eyes became big. I turned around. I saw Hun and a bunch of ninjas.

"Too bad I didn't get to finish what I started." He said.

"So you came to kill me too?" I asked. Hun laughed.

"It's tempting since you cost me alot of trouble but no. My boss wants you for something different." His boss? I taught he was the boss, then I remember. Hun worked for the Shredder.

"If you want come and get me!" I said and started to run away. Luckily I was a fast runner.

"Foot ninjas! Get her!" I heard Hun yelled. Suddenly I was surrunded by foot ninjas. They came to attack me and at first I kicked their shells. But then they started using swords. And I didn't have a single weapon. Soon I was down. I had a bad wound on my right side of my stomach. I felt someone wrapped the wound then picked me up. Then I fainted.

Katherine's POV

I was at the ice cream place with Mikey.

"And then I was like 'can I keep her'?" I laughed with Mikey. He had told me the story on how they meet April.

"Of course you would say that." I said. We ate some more of our ice creams when my phone rang.

"You really need to change your ringtone." Mikey said. I smiled and answered my phone.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Katherine, hey it's Joanna's father." Mr Kinsley said.

"Oh hi Mr Kinsley. What makes you call me?"

"Is Midnight with you?"

"No, I haven't seen her since school. She said that you two were gonna go to the shooting range"

"we were but we got into a fight when she got home then she stormed out. We haven't heard anything from her since."

"But that was hours ago. Have you tried call her?"

"Yes, about 10 times. She hasn't picked up once. It goes to voicemail." I got really worried. Jojo usually answered when she was alone.

"what are you gonna do?" I asked him.

"I'm going back to the office. I want you to stay home just in case." He told me.

"Of course Mr Kinsley. Bye." I said.

"Bye Katherine." He said and hung up. I looked at Mikey.

"What was that about?" He asked me.

"Midnight's gone. Her parents can't find her."

"We gotta tell the others!" Mikey said. We got up and left the money on the table. We started to walk. Then Mikey looked up at some rooftop.

"what's wrong, Mike?"

"Foot ninjas." He said.

"What should we do?" I asked.

"I don't know. Keep walking like nothing?"

"Good idea." We walked to an alley.

Mikey was about to open the manhole cover when a ninja star came towards him. Mikey caught it and foot ninjas were all in the alley.

"Oh shell." I heard Mikey say. Then a huge man came with 3 scars on his face. That gotta be Hun.

"Well, well. This is miss Katherine, I suppose. I've heard so much about you." He said.

"I've heard much about you too, Hun." I spat.

"So miss Joanna has told you about our little meeting?" He said. Mikey got a little shocked. He didn't know that it was Hun who killed Joanna's little brother or that he was even there.

"And who's your little friend?" Hun asked.

"None of your business, Hun!" Mikey yelled.

"so you know about the story about Joanna and her little brother as well? Anyway this is not why I'm here." Hun said.

"Why are you here? And with a bunch of foot ninjas?" I asked.

"My master wants you and Joanna. We already got her. And we're gonna have you too. Foot ninjas, get the girl, leave the boy!" Hun yelled. Mikey got out his nunchackus. I had nothing but my fists. The foot attacked us both but we fought them. I saw Mikey got down and defenseless. I knew just the move.

"Michael! My special move!" I yelled. Mikey did it and helped me with the 4 ninjas I was fighting.

"Michael?" He asked.

"They can't know who you really are." I said. We started fighting again when I suddenly got lifted by someone who was holding my neck.

"Let me go!" I yelled and tried to break free.

"Kathy!" Mikey yelled and looked at me with worry in his eyes. The foot used that opportunity and knocked him out.

"Michael!" I yelled. Hun threw me against the brick wall. It hurt like shell. Hun walked up to me. I tried to stand up. I saw him looking at me and I tried to punch him but he grabbed my fist then threw me into the wall. The last thing I saw before I fainted was Hun smirking and Mikey laying unconscious.

Mikey's POV

I woke up in an alley. What am I doing here? Then I remembered, Kathy and Midnight was in danger! I ran to the manhole, opened the cover got in and closed it. I ran all the way home. I made sure no one was following me and typed in the password. When I came in I started to panic. My brothers looked at me.

"Mikey, what's wrong?" Leo asked

"hunkidnappedkathyandmidnight becausetheshredderwantsthemf orsomereasonIdon'tknowItriedtosavekathybutIco uldn'tandIdon'tknowhowlongmidnight'sbeenkidnapped!" I said without breathing and really fast.

"what?" My brothers asked me. I said everything again but too fast again.

"Mikey calm down." Donnie said. I took my arms on his shoulders and started to shake him.

"Calm down! How can I calm down?" I yelled and started to walk back and forth and mumbled. Raph slapped the back of my head.

"what's yer problem, bonehead?" He asked.

"Hun kidnapped Kathy and Midnight because the shredder wants them for some reason I don't know, I tried to save Kathy but I couldn't and I don't know how long Midnight's been kidnapped!" I yelled.

"WHAT?!" My brothers yelled.

Donnie's POV

I was so furious when I heard the shredder had taken both my girlfriend and her best friend.

From what Mikey said, it sounded like he didn't knew which way they took off and even if he knew that could've been hours ago. They were probably far from here and unable to track by now. 'Track?' I thought when I finally figured it out

"That's it!" I yelled, making my brothers look at me strangely.

"Mikey, did you see if Kate wore a silver colored bracelet?" I asked.

"Yeah, but why are you asking that in a situation like this?" Mikey said.

I quickly ran to the computer and started to search for the trackers signal, If I could find the signal I would find the girls.

"Wait, have yah put trackers on da girls?" Raph asked.

"Yes I have, If I'm lucky they aren't too far away so I can get the signal and we can save them." I answered.

My computer showed a map over New York and then two dots, one colored mint green and one colored pink. That was the girls. I zoomed in to get an exact location, apparently they were in a building named Starlight tower a bit far from here. I printed out the coordinates and we ran to the Battle Shell.

Only one thought was in my mind when I drove away at full speed. 'Kate..please be alright'

Joanna's POV

I woke up with a huge ache in my stomach. I tried to get up but I was chained to a wall.

"God damn it!" I said as I tried to break free. I looked to my right and saw Kate. She was also chained to a wall, the same way I was.

"Kate!" I said, trying to wake her up. She didn't wake up. I tried a few more times but she didn't wake up.

"KATE! I WANT CHEESE!" I yelled out. That woke her up.

"What the-? Aaa, my head. Jojo, is that you?" She asked.

"Yeah, Hun and the foot got you too?" I asked

"He did, wait Mike! I wonder how he is!" Kate said.

"Wait, what about Mike? Is he alright? Is he alive? Does they know about you know? Please tell me." I said. Mikey was like a brother to me. He reminded me of Louis in so many ways.

"He was with me when I got attacked. The foot knocked him out but I think he's alive. And no they don't." Kate answered.

"Good. I wonder when the guys will save us." I said.

"We just woke up, Midnight." She said. I smiled at her. Then we heard a door opened. A man with an awful ugly suit walked him.

"So you're finally awake." The man said.

"Thanks for noticing." I said sarcastically.

"You shall show me respect! I am the Shredder" He said. I bursted out laughing, so did Kate.

"Did you hear that, Jojo? He's the Shredder."

"He destroys some papers and cut the cheese. Oh cheese! I want cheese!" I said.

"I don't really like cheese." Kate said.

"Well, I don't either but I like it on pizza-" I started

"Hamburgers-" Kate continued

"When it's melted and hot. So yummy!"

"Can we have cheese?" Kate asked

"Yeah, and he can shredder the cheese for us." I said and pointed to Shredder.

"I wonder if he likes cheese. I like cheese, do you like cheese?" Shredder looked surprised

"We need cheese!" I said

"And we need some pizzas" Kate said

"Stop it!" Shredder said

"And some hamburgers, it feels like I haven't eaten for days. With extra cheese on it and cheese on the side. Or what do you think, Kate?"

"That sounds so awesome! But if we eat all that we're gonna get thirsty."

"Shut up!" Shredder yelled.

"No, you shut up, we're trying to figure out what we want to drink to our pizza and hamburgers." I said

"I want coke, it's the best to pizza and hamburgers." Kate said.

"You're right. But no diet coke! That's useless. So we want two large pizzas with extra cheese, ham and bacon with cheese on the side. And two hamburgers with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and ketchup. With coke. No diet coke, just plain coke." I said.

"You two are giving me a headache! I can't stand it!" Shredder said and walked out. I looked at Kate.

"We did that well, don't you think?" I asked her.

"We're so awesome! High five!" She said. We tried to do a high five but it was hard since we were a bit apart from each other but we did it after about one minute.

Leo's POV

The battle shell reached the starlight tower and then we turned our watches to make us turtles. If we were gonna save the girls, we were gonna do it Turtle style!

Donnie checked the tower, there were guards everywhere so this rescue wouldn't be easy but if we worked as a team it would work.

"Alright guys, here's the plan-" I started before Raph interrupted me while kicking down the entrance door with Mikey. We got in and beat up the guards easily.

"If my trackers are showing right, the girls should be in the top floor" Donnie said.

"Maybe you can break the security system before they notice us?" I said.

Donnie nodded and within a flash he had the control of the whole place. He turned off the alarm sensors. We could now save the girls without drawing too much attention to us.

Several minutes passed and we reached further in to the building.

We faced many ninjas and even some of the purple dragons, to reach the girls point would be harder than I thought.

Katherine's POV

Me and Jojo had been trying to break these chains for 20 minutes now, nothing worked.

We chilled when the Shredder came in, I still giggled for myself when I heard that name but I took him serious since he had business with the ones that had killed my friends brother.

"I have heard that you been in contact with the turtles, correct?" He said, his voice actually scared me a little. I looked at Jojo who nodded.

"What do you mean? Which turtles, I have only seen the ones in the pet store. Do you want a turtle so bad that you caught us to know where to buy one?" I said.

"Clever girls, but lying won't give them the time to save you." Shredder said and pressed a button on his arms. "Perhaps this will teach you"

A strong power shot through us and we screamed in pain. It stopped and Shredder smiled a sly grin.

'Guys, hurry up..' I thought while watching Shredder with hatred in my eyes.

Leo's POV

We walked through the hallways, trying to find a way up.

"Man, my feet hurts." Mikey whined. Donnie, Raph and I glared at him.

"What?" He asked.

"Da girls are how knows where, and ya complainin' 'bout yer feet?" Raph asked.

"Right, I'm sorry. Let's find a way to save the girls." Mikey said and we kept walking. We saw a door closing and a bunch of guards watching the door.

"That's where they keeping the girls." Donnie said.

"Here's the plan, Mikey you distract the guards over there, when they see you, we'll knock them down." I told them.

"Got it." They said. We walked to our positions.

"Hello, yoho. Ugly guards." Mikey said.

"That's one of the turtles." One of the guards said. All four guards walked over to him. Me, Donnie and Raph hit them on the back of their heads making them faint.

"Well, that was easy." I said. Then we heard two loud screams in pain.

"Midnight.." Raph whispered.

"Kate.." Donnie whispered. Raph ran to the door and broke it down. We followed him. We saw the girls chained to a wall and the Shredder was standing by a machine.

"GUYS!" Kate yelled in happiness.

"Did you bring the cheese?" Midnight asked.

"what?" Donnie asked and looked at us.

"Nooo! Not the cheese talk again!" The Shredder yelled. Now this was confusing.

"Alright Shredder, Let them go now!" I said and pulled out my swords.

"I can see these girl's means a lot to you turtles, that's why I'm gonna kill them, to crush you down" Shredder said and pushed at a button on the machine, it shot an yellow energy light at the girls, which caused them to scream in pain once more.

" Mikey, get the girls while Donnie turns off the machine. Me and Raph will distract Shredder." I said before attacking Shredder.

Donnie's POV

I went to the machine and started to turn the light off, To do that I needed some kind of password in 8 letters. I wrote a lot of different things when I thought about the obvious password. I typed in 'SHREDDER' and was now able to turn the strange light off. Mikey climbed up to the wall and opened the chains to release the girls. They felt weak after that strange energy, for them it must had felt like one thousands punches but they still stood up on their own. I hugged Kate quickly and she hugged back.

Me and Mikey then joined our brothers to fight Shredder.

Raph's POV

Leo and I had a hard time fighting Shredder, I saw that Mikey and Donnie stood behind Shredder and was ready to attack at any second. Shredder realized his bad situation and pressed a green button and said :

"Foot soldiers! Come forth!" We started to grin since nothing happened.

"Foot soldiers!" he almost yelled this time.

"Sorry shred-head but we beat those down just 30 minutes ago and they will probably sleep for another hour or so" Mikey said.

We saw when Shredder looked little afraid without his soldiers so Leo took his chance and swung his swords against him.

Too bad he missed and cut the machine. The machine started to spark and exploded. Me and Donnie ran towards the girls and protected them in our arms.

The smoke got thinner and I saw Shredder lying lifeless on the ground. Donnie checked him. He was dead. The whole place had started to burn so now we just had to find our way out before we got burned inside.

"We need to get out now!" Leo yelled. I looked at Midnight, who looked really weak. Kate looked the same. I knew we needed to run and they could berarly stand. I took Midnight in my arms. Donnie did the same with Kate. Midnight wrapped her arms around my neck. We all started running. But stopped dead in our tracks when the ceiling fell down and blocked the way down.

"Shell!" Donnie yelled.

"What are we gonna do now?" Mikey asked.

"Find another way out! Quick!" Donnie yelled. We started to run another way. Mikey was in the front since he was the fastest, then Leo, then me and Midnight and last were Donnie and Kate. Suddenly we heard a huge smash. I turned around and saw the ceiling had fallen down and saw it blocked the way for Donnie and Kate. Midnight eyes got so big.

"KATE! DONNIE!" She yelled out.

"Mikey, help me lift this up!" Leo said. Mikey and Leo tried to lift the ceiling but it was too heavy for them. Then we smelled the smoke.

"Raph, go help them." I looked at Midnight. She only called me Raph when she was really sad or worried. I nooded and let her down. I went over to my brothers and helped them. We got it up a bit but not enough.

"Kate, crawl under." I heard Donnie say.

"I'm not leaving you." Kate said.

"I'll be fine. Just go. Now." Then Kate crawled under. Midnight ran over to her and helped her up. I got worried. Human or a turtle, Donnie wouldn't be able to fit under the ceiling. Damnit! Damn this heavy ceiling. Leo, Mikey and I tried to lift it higher up but we couldn't, that didn't stop though.

"Guys, just leave. I'll find another way out." Donnie said.

"Shell no, Don. We're not leaving you." Leo said.

"If you don't leave now, you'll be trapped too." Donnie said. I heard Kate starting to cry.

"Donnie, you're our brother. We're not gonna leave you here." Mikey said.

"Please, it's better one down then six." Donnie begged. Then the ceiling got a bit up. I got a little supriced face, so did Leo and Mikey. Then I saw Midnight helping us. I had forgotten how strong she was. But I knew she wouldn't be able to hold for long because what had happened before.

"Donnie, crawl under now before we dropped this thing!" She yelled. Donnie quickly crawled under, then we all let go of the ceiling. Kate hugged Donnie tight.

"Don't ever do that again." She said. He smiled. Then Midnight fell down. I took her in my arms.

"Let's go!" Mikey yelled and we started running again. We got out of the building just in time. The building exploded.

"We made it." Leo said. We all fell down to the ground. Midnight looked at me.

"I owe you one, Brooklyn-boy." She said. I smiled at her.

"No, ya don't." She smiled. I took my hand on her cheek.

"I love ya, Midnight." I said. She got the biggest smile I've ever seen.

"I love you more, Brooklyn-boy." She said.

"Not possible." I said and kissed her.

"Whoa! Go Raphie boy!" Mikey yelled.

"Screw you Mikey!" Midnight yelled back. I looked at Donnie, who looked at Kate.

"You really scared me, Kate. I thought I might lose you." Donnie told.

"Donnie, you won't lose me. Only when we grow old and have lived our lives."

"You have no idea how much I love you." Donnie said. Kate blushed.

"Probably as much as I love you." She said and they kissed.

"Seriously? Another one? Leo, we need to get our self some girlfriends." Mikey said. Everyone laughed a little. This was probably one of the best moments in my life. The Shredder was gone, my family was safe and happy and best of all, I had the girl of my dreams in my arms, and I was not gonna let her go.

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