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Chapter 4: One By One

"It came from this direction!" Elsword shouted, running down a tunnel near the side of the room. Chung, Rena, and Eve were all right behind him as they charged into the tunnel...that was swarmed with Lizardmen. They stood there, having no real room to move around, the sheer number of them to large to allow individual Elgang stopped dead in their tracks, for as strong as they all were, they couldn't just run in swinging against the hundred or so enemies. Before they had time to back up and make a plan, one of the Lizardmen noticed them, and let out a cry.

"Intruders!" it shouted. Just like that, the Elgang found themselves being stared at by countless sets of eyes, all blankly watching, waiting for the group to make some sort of movement. "Not good," Elsword whispered to the others. Instead of a response, though, he saw a cannonball zoom past him, blasting a hole in the mob of Lizardmen. He turned to see Chung reloading his cannon.

"I'll clear a path! You guys go get Aisha!" He shouted, launching more cannonballs at the now enraged Lizardmen. The other three stood there for a second, before running into the large gap Chung had made. The Lizardmen tried to chase after them, but were stopped when a well aimed Comet Crasher left a large gap in the floor. "Hey, slime-breaths! I'm your opponent!" Chung yelled, as he rushed into the group, who immediately began attacking with spears and clubs. looks like I can't protect you myself now...but at least I can help the ones who can.

Elsword, Rena and Eve continued to run deeper into the cave. As the noise of the battle behind them began to fade into the distance, they began to worry if their friend would be okay. "Do you think he'll survive?" Eve asked the other two. Rena looked behind her at the tunnel, where a few bursts of blue light could still be seen every now and then. "I sure hope so." she said sadly, before Elsword let out a small chuckle. Rena and Eve stared at his smirking face in confusion. "Chung's a strong guy. And he has alot of heart and focus. It'll take more than Lizardmen to stop him," he said, shooting a confident look at the two girls.

The tunnel became darker, and the group had to start feeling their way forward. "Elsword," Eve said, "There is a gap in front of you, move to the right." Elsword did as he was told, and felt his left foot slip into a hole in the floor. Yikes! If she hadn't warned me, I'd have fallen in for sure! the swordsman thought, before he turned to what he believed was the general direction of Eve. "Wait, how did you know there was a gap?" He asked, hearing something peculiar coming from the Nasod. Was that...laughter? "Night vision. It's such a common feature, I hypothesize that even those robotic abominations Wally designed had some degree of it."

"Don't you have some sort of flashlight you can use to help us see?"

"No, I was not outfitted with one. I still seek to acquire such a feature," she responded, causing the sound of Elsword falling over to echo throughout the tunnels. "There's a crack in the floor there," she added.

Before Elsword had a chance to tell her that he was completely aware of the crack that made him trip, a loud roar came from just ahead the group. Eve took a step forward, scanning ahead. "Elsword, Rena. You two will only serve to be a hindrance if you cannot see. There is a large room ahead, with something big waiting to hit the first thing that walks in right beside the entrance. Directly across the room is another tunnel. My scanners detect a light source near the other end of that tunnel. I surmise that our best plan is for me to engage the unknown enemy. You two must keep moving towards Aisha."

"No! We already left Chung to fight alone, we will not leave you too!" Rena shouted, before she felt Elsword resting a hand on her shoulder. "Rena, I don't think we have any better options," he said disappointed, "Aisha needs help. Chung helped by getting us through all those Lizardmen. This is going to be how Eve helps. You and me will have to make sure that their efforts aren't wasted." Rena wiped away a few tears that had been forming, and sadly agreed to go on ahead.

"Good," Eve stated, "I will now enter the room. The minute you hear the sound of fighting, run through the room and don't stop until you can see clearly again." She then walked forward, and as she expected, a large club was swung at her the moment she stepped foot in the room. She quickly used Illusion Stinger, breaking the club in half. What a poorly made weapon, she thought, hearing two pairs of footsteps running through the room. She looked at her attacker, a huge Lizardman, about as tall as three Lizardman Sauruses. Well, without it's club, it shouldn't be too hard to take down.

Her thoughts were proven wrong when the giant Lizardman walked up to a rock column, and with just a few good tugs, broke it from it's lodging, and swung it at Eve. She jumped aside, surprised that it was so quick to improvise.

On second thought, this may take some time...I should finish it as quickly as I can so I can go and help them save Aisha.

Elsword and Rena stopped once there was enough light to be sure that there were no enemies around. They had been running almost non-stop for about an hour, ever since Aisha was taken. The fact that the heat was starting to get to them again was only making things worse. They sat there for a few minutes, both knowing that they were thinking the same things. Were Chung and Eve okay? What about Aisha? How close were they to her? Was she even being kept here?

Eventually, Elsword stood up. "Let's keep going. We can't waste anymore time," He said, beginning to walk forward. Rena looked at the red-haired boy. "Hey, Elsword..." she began. He stopped, turning around again to face her. "Is something wrong?" he asked. She sat there fidgeting for a few seconds, before she stood up and began to continue down the tunnel as well. "N-no...nevermind, just a stupid thought," she muttered. Elsword merely tilted his head in confusion as he followed her.

They finally found the tunnel exit a few minutes later. As they walked through, the dim room suddenly flashed bright, blinding the two. As they waited for their eyesight to return, a cackle was heard from ahead of them. "Well, looks like we have company," it said. Elsword and Rena began to make out the shape of a Lizardman Shaman sitting cross-legged across the room. As their visions fully returned, they realized that it was their original reason for coming here, the evil shaman Kayak. "Well, I don't particularly like uninvited guests, but I'll do my best to entertain you," he laughed, summoning dark vines, which pointed themselves at the two heroes, like snakes waiting to attack. Rena glared at Kayak, drawing her bow.

"Those it was you who kidnapped Aisha! I already hated you for brainwashing innocent Lizardmen, but now it's personal! Let's go, Elsword!" she cried in fury. However, instead of an agreement, or an unsheathing of a sword, she heard him scream in pain. She turned her head to the side, where Elsword laid on the ground, his body engulfed in fire. There was a girl standing over him. "Master Kayak! You were right, he really didn't see it coming," she called in a sing song voice. Rena just stared, slack-jawed, at the girl.


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