Ethan and the team have a new member, and he doesn't get along with Ethan at all.

Chapter one- trouble abroad

Jane and Benji watched as Luther, Brandt and Ethan held down the newest member of their team. Ace was much younger than the rest of the team and he had just made the mistake of a lifetime by slugging Ethan across the jaw. Jane had never seen Ethan move so fast as he grabbed the kids wrists and started pushing him to the floor, Brandt and Luther soon joined in, each holding onto a leg and the boy twisted and turned trying to get loose. Ethan then moved so that he was sitting right on top of the kid, holding his wrists down he shouted to Benji, "Get the stuns !", Jane seeing that Benji was in shock of what was going on, grabbed the stun needle and raced over to Ethan as he swore under his breath, Jane could see that the boy had bitten his arm and left an ugly red welt. Jane unclipped the lid from the needle holder and passed the stun needle to Ethan. Ethan took the needle and plunged in into the boys shoulder. The boy screamed and twisted even harder, causing Luther and Brandt to almost lose their grip, the boy suddenly stopped moving and relaxed, he was completely out.

One hour later….

Ethan sat across from the boy, who was handcuffed to his chair. Ethan had agreed to take the younger agent under his wing, but he wasn't expecting the kid to slug him the first chance that he was told to do something. The kid was hotheaded and oblivilsy had issues that had been overlooked, but that wasn't a problem, Ethan would fix that in a heartbeat.

The boy groaned and rolled his head, "What the hell?..." he muttered as he tried to move his wrists only to find they were handcuffed to his chair. "You hit me…remember? Then I stunned you, you passed out, and I cuffed you to the chair." Hunts voice came from in front of the boy, the boy looked up and stared at Ethan. " you drugged me?", he asked. Ethan sighed and came and kneeled in front of the kid, "Ace… IMF was going to give you a desk job, I agreed to take you under my wing in this team, but you cant hit me like that." " IMF doesn't want me?"

Ethan looked at the kid who was clearly confused, " They didn't want you in the field, because you have anger problems…"
"and you don't? I read your file, hanging some guy out an air-" CRACK! The boys head went to the side as Ethan backhanded him with everything he had. The boy cursed at Ethan and Ethan raised is hand again and the boy flinched , "Don't make me do that again , understand?"

"yeah…I understand…sir.." the boy muttered not looking at Ethan. Ethan then said "Once we get to a landing area, I will uncuff you, but not until then, so make yourself comfortable, because its going to be awhile," with that said Ethan turned and left a glaring kid cuffed to his chair as he walked back to the other end of the plane.