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Giant Whirlpool heading towards us. Not good. I repeat not good. Suddenly everything went black.

Let me rewind for a moment. My name is Calypso, but most people call me Cally. I have long dark brown hair, dark brown eyes. I'm roughly 6 feet tall, 16 years old, etc. I love video games, mostly Pokemon and Harvest Moon. I have two best friends: Nina and Anneliese. Nina is a boy crazy, scratch that, she's generally crazy, fun-loving, girl. She is also 16 and is slightly older than me, which is hard to believe. Anneliese, or Liesey, is a bookworm, shy,quiet, oh and very sarcastic, type of girl. She is 15 and is probably more mature than me or Nina. Now that I have basic introductions out of the way let me explain how we got in this mess.

I really wanted to hang out with my friends before school started up again. We decided to meet up at the beach, even after my protests. It's not that I hate the beach, I just hate getting sand all over me. They won the argument and I started to pack. I tossed sunscreen, a towel, and other beach gear in my bag. Then I pulled out my swimsuit. A blue top that fully covered my stomach, with bottoms that almost looked like really short shorts. I then put on my cover-up and was ready to hit the road. My parents dropped me off at the spot my friends and I decided to meet. Anneliese and Nina were already waiting, so I got out of the car and waved bye to my parents.

"Hey Cally!" Nina shouted as I headed over.

"Hi guys. Let's head down to the water. We can throw our stuff somewhere and swim." I said. They nodded as we headed down to the water. I was about to put on some sunscreen, when Nina shouted.

"Look there's a cave over there." I looked up and there was a cave in swimming distance.

"I don't recall seeing that before." Anneliese said.

"Yeah I haven't seen it before either." I said. Nina cocked her head about suggest exploring it but I cut her off "And we are not going near it." She frowned.

"Don't be such a party pooper. We should totally check it out." She said. Then she turned and saw a group of shirtless boys playing beach volleyball. "Then again we could go check out those boys." She was baiting me. I absolutely hate gawking over guys, and she knew it. Unfortunately her baiting worked.

"Off to the cave then, but hold your horses. I at least would like to finish applying my sunscreen." Nina shrugged and Anneliese gave me the are you serious face.

"You know Cally, you should get a boyfriend." Nina said. "I mean I've had a few and at least Liesey here has actually liked a few guys. The only guy you like is Percy Jackson and he is in a book and has a girlfriend." I just glared at her.

Not helping my cause I added playfully, "Hey I also have a thing for Captain America too." We just laughed. "Anyway I don't have to date anyone yet, I'm just waiting for the right guy." Nina rolled her eyes. I focused back on putting on my sunscreen. About thirty seconds later I heard a loud splash. Nina took off. I looked at Anneliese. Her eyes were directed towards the water. One, Two, Three wait for it Splash. She took off after Nina. These people have no patience. I put my sunscreen in my bag. I glanced at our belongings. We can't just leave them there. What to do. Then I heard a scream. Nina. I spun and headed towards the water as fast as I could. Nina was flailing and Anneliese couldn't do much to help her on her own. I swam to where they were. I grabbed one of Nina's arms and Anneliese grabbed the other. I looked up at the cave and then back to shore. The cave was much closer. "Liesey, cave now." I yelled. We, mostly me, managed to get Nina to the cave. She looked at us trying to catch her breath.

"I thought - I was – going to die." She stuttered. Anneliese patted her back, trying to soothe her. I walked in the cave a bit further to discover it led to a clear spring. I heard footsteps and saw Anneliese and Nina approaching. Nina looked good as new.

"It was just a really bad cramp." Nina said. I nodded and turned looking at the beautiful water. "Oooh that's so pretty." Before I could respond Nina cannonballed right into the water. Unable to resist the urge I soon followed, with Anneliese right behind me.

"This feels good " Liesey marveled. Then suddenly the water turned dark blue. The center of the spring started to swirl, getting bigger and bigger. Giant Whirlpool heading towards us. Not good. I repeat not good. Suddenly everything went black.

Why is it so black? Am I still alive? Unconscious?

"Dum-da-da DA Relax Calypso. You're not dead. You're currently too important for that." A voice said out of nowhere.

Wait, who are you?Currently?

"Who am I? Tehehe, you'll figure it out soon enough. Listen Calypso, I need your help. There's this girl, Chelsea, and she supposed to be our heroine, but she's helpless. She's a clueless city girl and a bit too clumsy for her own good. I need you to help her."

Why me?

"Simple, you're an expert."

An expert?

"Yes, Calypso you are highly experienced in the Harvest Moon field."

Harvest Moon? You mean the video game? This is one crazy dream.

"You're not dreaming. You're on a boat on your way to Sunshine Islands."

So I'm in a video game? What about my friends?

"Basically. Oh and don't worry about your pals, they're here too. I didn't want to send you completely alone. Oh dear, my communication is getting weak. I only have a few more moments. Calypso, defeat the game and you may leave this world. Collect the sunstones, raise the islands, and help Chelsea become a successful farmer. You know the rules, well some of them. Oh and just a warning: You may know the video game, but some things can change, will change, and some things may be different. This world isn't binded to all the ideas of the video game. You may think you know enough, but this world retains some elements of reality along with its own unique features. This probably sounds confusing to you now, but it may make sense ."

Wait, what does that mean? What the heck is going on? The voice was gone. The voice… I think I just had a conversation with the Harvest Goddess.