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Posted 08 Aug 2012

Just a little bit more

Ten minutes after "Rivers and Roads" and the fade to black

Sarah reluctantly separated from Chucks lips, sliding past his cheek. "Let's go home, Chuck," she whispered in his ear.

"Not yet," Chuck replied. He pulled away, gazed into her eyes, and smiled before they brought their lips together once more.

After another minute Sarah ducked her head, breaking apart again. She pulled up the sleeve that was covering her left hand and twisted to reach into her pocket. Chuck held her back for balance, but looked at her with curiosity. She wordlessly passed what she found to the man next to her. He smiled his trademarked toothy grin and slipped the wedding ring set where it was supposed to go, on her uncovered left hand. He kissed the rings as Sarah raised her other hand to cup his jaw. Sarah withdrew the hand which now showed the evidence of their commitment, placed it on the other side of his jaw, and captured his lips once more.

Song: "Rivers and Roads" by The Head and the Heart – why mess with it?

A/N: Yes, it's short, but that's all some people needed. The rest of you can keep reading.

Expect the story in four parts with frequent updates, the rest longer than this one (not hard). The chapters in each of the story's four parts will be updated daily, but there will be non-cliffhanger pauses between the parts.