This is dragonball z and avatar the last airbender fanfiction

Disclamier:I don't own the avatar or dragonball z

This story is after the World Matiarl Art Tournament of the Avatar and

before The Namek Nation The Energy Bender

Chapter 1 Break Up!

2 yers after The World Matiarl Art Tournament...

Now Aang and Katara are break up because they have a tiff that

Aang forgot Katara's birthday.

"I can't believe this you are my boyfriend but you forgot my birthday."Said Katara

Now Toph,Sokka,Zuko,Mai and Ty Lee are try to help them to become together again.


"Do you have a problem?"Asked Piccolo

"Piccolo what are you doing here?"Asked Aang

"I feel about the evil power from this planet!"Said Piccolo

"I come to see what is it do you want to go with me?"Asked Piccolo

"Yes!"Said Aang

Now Piccolo and Aang go to the island that far from southern water tribe 100 miles

Now they see a something near the coast.

"What is that!"Screamed Aang

"I don't know it look like a kaiju-like robot!"Said Piccolo

"Wait!I see something!"Said Aang

"It's Doctor Gero!"Screamed Aang

"What I can't believe this he's died!"Said Piccolo

"Oh look who come here it a namekian and the Avatar."Said Gero

"Hey I remember that I killed you!"Said Aang

"Oh I was nearly died but I'm alive because the sea bring myself here."Said Gero

"This is my new androids in a mechani-kaiju from."Said Gero

"I'm Robotus and I will destroy you!"Said Robotus

(Robotus is have four arms,square body and four spider-legs.)