Logan had a cocky smirk as he leaned against the side the brick wall outside Xavier's, lighting his cigar. He had been a smug bastard all morning after Chuck had personaly asked him to take care of some precious cargo. Old one eye looked livid by the idea which made the victory all the more sweet. So much for Scooter being Chuck's number one guy. Of course Logan was more then eager to accept. He needed some excitement. He was so bored over the last week that he actually hoped for a chance to showdown with Sabretooth or to stop some building or whatever from blowing up. This was going to be kick ass.

"Logan, the cargo arrived" Charles smiled, wheeling out to the man.

"Right" he grunted, taking one last drag and letting the smoke fill his instantly healing lungs before stubbing it out with the heel of his boot. "Let's get this over with, huh?" he smirked over his shoulder at the Q-ball.

"This way" he gestured for him to follow, going back inside.

He grunted a final time while he followed, still as smug as he could be. "So, this mission too dangerous for One-Eye?" he smirked and would never admit it but strutted down the hall like a bad ass.

"Scott isn't the right person for this" Charles tried to word it right.

"Too much of a fucking pansy, ya mean?" he smirked. Yeah, that sounded about right. Chuckie needed a real man for the job.

"I dont approve of that language in here but believe what you will" was his answer before stopping at the door.

"In here?" Logan grinned, practically giddy for excitement as he opened the door...

"I'm a barbie girl! In a barbie woooooorld! Life if plastic! It's fantastic!" a shrill little voice was singing.

"The hell?" he growled, going into the room.

The room only had two little brats in it. No weapons. No evil plans. No bombs. He's been tricked!

"Charles..." he growled, sending the sneaky old bastard a death glare which only seemed to amuse him.

"I did say precious cargo and what's more precious then little children?" he smiled.

"Ya want me to be a fucking babysiter?!" he continued to growl.

"Not a babysitter, I merely want you to watch over them for the time being" he explained gently.

"That's a babysitter, Chuck" he groaned, face palming.

"Then so be it but you accepted the job and I very much appreciate it" he smiled and left. Left Logan Howlett incharge of two brats... Fuck healing, he was a goner!

Shaking his head, he looked back to the little brats.

One had long brown hair. The one dancing around like she was on a sugar hype and singing that annoying song. She was dancing with some kind of stuffed bunny and dancing-what Logan could only imagine- some kind of face paced ball dance thing. He wasnt a dancing person.

The other had the oddest two toned hair as she sat in the chair, watching the other girl with a bored expression which made Logan snort. Poor Kid...

"Alright, enough dancing around" he ordered, walking over to them. The quiet one looked up at him but the little twinkle toes had completely ignored him. "Oi, fairy! I told ya to give it a rest!" he barked out the order, watching as she suddenly stopped and looked up at him with big round eyes.

"I'm looking after ya both so what's ya names?" he asked, thinking he might as well call them something other then twinkle toes and quiet one.

"Kitty!" the little fairy dancer grinned up at him.

"Alright" he gave her a nod then looked to the other. "Name?" he asked.

She continued to stare at him for a few more moments before scowling. "Name?" she grunted.

"What?" he rose his brow.

"What?" she rose her brow, having a little attitude.

"It aint wise to mock me, girl" he growled.

"It aint wise to mock me, boy" she tried growling but merely ended up coughing.

Okay, he had to smirk a little at that. Kid had balls.

"Oi, twinkle- I mean, Kitty" he quickly corrected himself. "What's her name?" he asked.

"Marie!" she told him.

"Much better" he nodded. "Kitty, Marie, either of ya hungry?" he asked, raising his brow when they both nodded frantically at him. "I'll take ya down to the kitchen but leave the bunny thing here" he told Kitty, not wanting to be scene with two brats, let alone two brats and a furry cuddly toy.

"I cant leave him, he'll be lonely!" she gasped in horror, holding the teddy in a death grip.

"Lonely? Dammit kid, it's a fucking toy" he groaned. "It aint gonna get lonely, it aint even alive" he explained which probably wasn't something he should have said.

The Kitty girl started making a strange whiny noise as tears threatened to fall and the Marie girl scowled up at him. "Yeh take that back, yah big stupid head!" she made her own orders.

"I aint gonna tell her the thing is real when it aint" he rolled his eyes, clearly not understanding the imagination of a child. And with that, Kitty was in floods of tears and Marie was glaring up at him more.

"Shit!" he went to his knees. "What's wrong? Did I break ya? Ya hurt? Why the hell are ya crying?" he panicked. He hated brats but Chuck would have his balls if something happened to his precious cargo.

"Y-you said Fluffington was dead!" Kitty cried, wailing at the top of her lungs.

"No, he aint dead... he's sleepin'?" he tried.

"Sleeping? so-so he can come eat with us?" she asked, hugging the teddy even closer, if that was even possible.

Logan wanted to say no so much but one look into those hopeful little watery eyes made him relent. "Sure" he groaned. "The teddy can come eat too" he muttered, hoping no one heard him say that.

"Mr. Fluffington" she said. "His names Mr. Fluffington" she made more clear when she saw Logan's brain fart expression.

"Mr... Mr Fluffington, can come eat" he growled, not believing he said the thing's name.

"Goody!" she smiled, skipping out the room with a hungry Marie in toe.

However, Logan stayed in the room for a moment as he watched them leave. He was going to kill that sneaky bastard for tricking him like this. Logan Howlett DIDNT do kids.

(A/N: I hope people liked it ^_^ it was fun to write hehe. This wasnt all me though since I got this idea from an RP with my friend so half the credit goes to X24Neko! I'll hopefully be updating this again today but please, let me know what you think!)