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Part 3: Resolutions

Early Morning, At Luke's

-Hey there!- Greeted Tristan sitting next to Rory

-Yeah, it's not taken! You can sit! You're welcome!

-Come on! May I have your Donut?- He sad grabbing it before she could answer

-That is MINE!

-Hey! I've just come back and after all this time that you hadn't seen me, these are the first words you say to me?-

She rolled her eyes and replied: -It's been a week-end!

-A looong weekend with my parents! That is totally different!-

He smiled, she crossed her arms and said:

-But I am hungry!

-Okay- Sighed Tristan –Fifty-fifty!- And handed her half of the donut he'd already bitten

-Thanks- She took it and finished it before he could rob it again

-So, what's up?- He asked

-Well, while you were away you missed Patty's B-day! That was awesome! You should have seen her and Babette drunk singing: "My heart will go on"!-

He choked: -Oh, my! What?

-And that was nothing! They…

-Hey stranger!- Interrupted them Christen who had just came in

-Hi beautiful!- Replied Tristan.

-I missed you!- Said Chris in a sappy voice –Why didn't you come home earlier?

-I was hungry and I spotted Rory sitting here all alone! I couldn't miss the chance to steal her breakfast!

-Oh how kind of you!- replied Rory, who had a hint of what would be described as jealousy, but she could never admit that to herself.

-You're welcome!- He told her grinning

-Okay you two, stop it!- Joked Christen – Did you take with you all your stuff honey?


-What stuff?- Asked Rory

-Oh! I haven't told that to you before because I wasn't sure about it, but it's been weeks we are fighting, let's say, with mum and dad and after all our struggles she managed to convince them!

-Convince them to do what?- Asked an even more confused Rory

This time was an excited Christen who answered: –He is moving in with me! Yey! That is gonna be awesome!

-That was the reason why you spent the whole weekend with them?- Asked Rory looking at Tristan. She found herself torn between two feelings: from one side she was happy because they could see each other more often, one the other side she didn't quite accept the fact he and Christen were moving in together. Was she jealous? No way! Her brain was constantly repeating that to her heart.

It was Cristen who interrupted her inner struggle saying in a frustrated tone:

-Yeh, we spent the weekend with them and the lawyers and whoever they could call to stop this! But we had some aces in the hole and after some bribing and negotiations we could make this happen!

-Your family didn't want you to move in with her?- Asked again Rory to Tristan, who replied:

-Oh no, she has such a bad influence on me! That is what they say!

-Whatever!- Said Chris –The most important thing is that we made it and now we can start unpacking your bags!

-I have it all in the hood, anyway- He remarked pointing at his car parked outside the diner.

-Let the games begin then!- Said Christen resolutely rising her fist as sign of victory.

As if they were connected, she and Tristan burst in a loud laugh. Rory felt like a stranger among them. She interrupted their giggling by saying:

-I wish I could help you but Lane is coming over and I promised her we'd spent some time together now that her mother allowed her some freedom! She'd been grounded for weeks!

-Poor thing, what did she do this time?- Inquired Chris

-Oh! Her mum found out about her late night talks with Henry and went mad!

-But weren't they just talking?!- Exclaimed Tristan

-Plus he is Korean, isn't he?- Added Chris. Rory could do nothing but shrug her shoulders.

-Well, we should go now!- Announced Chris

-Yeah, we've got a lot to work to do! And Thanks for the Donut!- Stated Tristan, charmingly winking at her

-You Idiot!- She cried, he smirked and left with his arm around Chris.

As she saw them walking away, Rory's heart plunged, but she couldn't explain to herself why. Actually she could, but she didn't want to.

She watched him leaving and memories of a month ago flood into her head. She remembered being in her porch, late at night, waving him goodbye after he'd walked her home.

That was a night full of emotions for both of them and on that very occasion they'd become friends… or something like that. They'd shared something deep and memorable and feelings of respect and understanding grew between the two. From that night on, she started seeing Tristan with different eyes, and so did he.

She'd become his confidant, he knew he could talk to her whenever he was down or needed a friend to loosen his sorrow.

She unexpectedly found in him some good qualities beyond his charm and pride; he was a good listener and they shared the same tastes in music and books.

It had never crossed her mind that one day she'd be sitting at Luke's with Tristan, discussing about who is better: Tolstoj or Dostoevskij?

It took one night to change it all.

She wasn't thinking about Dean anymore. He was avoiding her since she started hanging out with Tristan. In his mind he was right, she had feelings for Tristan and wanted to break up to be with him. He couldn't be more wrong, though. Tristan was just a friend to her, a good friend; they were close but not up to that point. (a strange feeling overwhelmed her heart while thinking about that).

Anyway, her relationship with Dean was not healthy. They had to break up because she was not sure about her feelings anymore and didn't want to fool him. She still cared about Dean and, probably, se would always do, however after they'd break up the second time, she had no regrets. She'd been trapped into that relationship for too long, it was because of the memory of him she was attached to, because she was used to his presence and didn't want to let it go, but it was better that way.

She'd been sad for their break-up but she also had to be strong for Tristan, he was going through a tough period and she wanted to be there for him.

She realized that she liked him, after all. It was good to spend some time with him…

-Earth to Rory! Earth to Rory!

-Oh Lane! I didn't see you coming!

-Sure! You were lost in your thoughts! Who were you thinking of?

-No one in particular!- replied Rory.

-Sure, what about the hot blondie you've been hanging out with lately? Uh?

-You just said it, we've been hanging out, as friends, did you hear that?- and she spelled it:- F-r-i-e-n-d-s!-

-Come one! I am your best friend! You can tell me what is going on between the two of you! I've been grounded for ages but that doesn't mean I didn't hear rumors!- Told her Lane, sitting where some minutes before Tristan was.

-In fact they are all rumors! He is nice and

-Hot!- Exclaimed Lane, clearly drooling.

-He is cute and smart as a friend!- Exclaimed Rory, stressing the last word. Something was wrong, though. It was like, in the inside, that word didn't fit their relationship, her feelings towards him.

-Okay okay! I got it! But sooner or later I am gonna say: I told you!

-Besides the fact we are just friends- She underlined those last words and continued: – He's with Christen! – Saying that out loud made her heart plunge.

-Every one can say he is head over heels in love with you! Did you notice the way he looks at you? I'd do anything to be looked at the way he stares at you!

She couldn't accept what Lane was telling her, so she said sharply -He dates Christen, they're serious! He is even moving in with her! – Those words, said out loud, hurt her more than she would have imagined

-No way!- Exclaimed Lane in bewilderment

-He told me this morning!

-Isn't she a bit older than him?- Insinuated Lane

-Oh come on! She is 23 or 24

-Yeah, and he is 17! It's illegal!

-I don't think so… anyway they got a sort of authorization

-To what?

-To live together, Chris told me earlier they spent weeks trying to convince Tristan's parents, and I know there were lawyers implied in the matter too

-Oh! Look what I've been missed! I love Stars Hollow!- exclaimed Lane.

-What about Henry, anyway?- Asked Rory abruptly, she wanted to change the topic, she didn't like talking about the two of them. What was happening to her? She wasn't sure shw wanted to know the answer.

-Ohhh, Did I tell you he tried to call a dozen times to apologize? And he also came home to talk to my mum!

-And what did she say?- Inquired Rory

-Well, she closed the door in his face- Replied Lane matter-of-factly

-Awh, that sounds bad!

-Well yeah, but the third time he tried…or was it the fourth? Well, anyway he insisted and in the end she gave in and gave me her approval!

-So the two of you can go out together now?- Said Rory clapping her hands

-He can come to Church when I am there too – Replied Lane in excitement.

-Oh…- Said Rory, a little bit disappointed. Lane ignored her tone and went on:

-Isn't that awesome?! We are going to be in the same room! And mum approves that!

-Yeah, that sounds great!- Toned a not fully convinced Rory. Her mind was still focused on Tristen…Yes, she said that… they were the couple, like Brangelina: simply perfect for each other. What was her role in that drama they played?

She didn't want to think about it so she told Lane:

-Come on! Let's get out of here!

Lane and Rory were walking through the streets of Stars Hollow when they crossed the Market where Dean worked

-Have you spoken to him?- Asked Lane

-Nope, he's still avoiding me- Admitted Rory

-And you?

-I am fine with that, we broke up again becasue we were constantly fighting at that time and…

-And?- Asked Lane, curios

-Nothing- cut off Rory

-Come on, Ror, it's me, Lane! You know you can talk to me about anything!

-And I was confused about the feelings I had- said Rory quickly, looking at her feet. Not that things really change since then, she thought.

-And tell me, When did this confusion start?- Asked Lane.

-I don't know

-Wasn't maybe when coach K. came and Mr. Hotty here showed up?- She insinuated.

-He has nothing to do with this!- Told her Rory, blushing.

-But you do recognize that you started having doubts when he came into your life?

-The two things are not related! Me and Dean weren't getting along well way before he appeared!

-Yes but, think about it, when did you realize it?

Rory was silent.

The cheerleader's competition came to her mind.

Then Christen's speech about rush and passion.

Then Tristan appearance… I

t was back to those days when she started doubting about her relationship… Was it all because of Tristan?

-We are friends now, me and Tristan- She said in a low tone.

-And you are okay with that?

-Yes- answered fast Rory. This time she was not fully convinced about it.

-Okay, so you are telling me that when he smiles at you your legs don't weaken and you don't blush when he compliments you… Or that you are not shivering when you two are very close and

-Lane, stop it!

-Come on! It's pretty obvious you two are matched!

-He and Christen make the perfect couple!

-Ain't you a bit jealous?

-Drop it!- Cried Rory, red in face, as if she jus got caught doing something bad.

-Okay, Okay, I am just saying this for your own good. I can see you are emotionally involved in whatever relationship the two of you are tied!

-I like talking with him and he's got problems so he needed me to be there for him, as his friend.- responded Rory, trying to cover her disappointment and embarrass.

-I think you should figure out what your feelings are

-It's all crystal clear to me

-If you say so- Responded Lane. She knew Rory was sincere, just because it was her brain speaking; her heart was not allowed to talk.

-I do!- Cried Rory looking at her in the eyes.

-Fine, then you are not jealous of him moving in with Christen!

-Not at all!- pointed out Rory.

-Hum, it didn't sound like that to me, earlier…- Lane just wanted her to stop lying to herself and start listening what her guts were telling her. Rory knew that, but felt like she was not ready for that.


-Okay, okay, I'll drop it! Why don't you fill me in about Patty's B-day? I heard strange rumors about it…

-Oh well, where should I start?- said Rory, relieved Lane had finally dropped the question

Later on, that evening

She'd missed spending time with Lane, chatting and joking around with her. Although they had a great time, the words she told her made her think about her relationship with Tristan. Lane was convinced they were perfect together.

She never thought of them as a couple. It was pointless, considering the fact that he was with Christen.

She wasn't jealous, at all.

Or at least that was what she kept saying to herself.

Coming back home she bumped into the two of them, speak of the devil!

They seemed happy together, having fun taking the boxes out of Tristan's car. Her heart dropped again, but she ignored and waved them hello and yelled:

-Still haven't finished?- While approaching them

-Tell little Mr America here!- Replied a tired Christen

-OH! Stop it!- Said Tristan pinching her arm. She ignored him and turned to Rory, sighing:

-That is the last one! Oh my god remember me how much stuff you have before moving in again with me! – She said that out loud while taking a bright yellow luggage into their house. –See you later Rory!- Yelled closing the door behind her.

Rory felt a little uncomfortable standing there, alone, with Tristan… What was happening to her?

-So…seems like we'll be seeing a lot here in town- She said to break the ice

-Yeah, I'm so tired- He said yawning

-I can see that!- Replied Rory, chocking a laugh –So, you're moving in with Chris- she added in a grave tone.

-Yep, I couldn't be happier! No more drama or tears or else…

-I am happy for you, for the two of you I mean- She corrected herself

-Thanks- He replied in a smile

-So, the thing is serious between the two of you?- She asked timidly, looking at her feet. She finally took the courage to make that question, but felt inside like she didn't want to hear the answer

-Pardon?- He opened his eyes in shock

-I mean, you and Christen- Her heart was beating fast and her checks were blushing.

He couldn't help but laughing

-What are you laughing about!?- she cried out impatiently

-Oh my! I can't believe this! Me and Izzy? Izzy!?

-Yeah, what is wrong with you today!?- She replied, inflamed.

-Do you even know her full name?

-Why are you asking me that?

-Because if you knew, you wouldn't have stared this conversation

-Meaning- She crossed her arms and looked at him directly in the eyes.

-It's Isolde Christen DuGrey, Rory!

-Oh- Was all she managed to say.

Now she couldn't hide the redness of her face even if she wanted to. But her heart was feeling unexpectedly light

–That is why you call her Izzy- Her eyes brightened as if a lamp had been lighted in her head


-I am a moron- She said burying her face in her hands

-Me and Christen! Yuck! She is my sister! That would be gross! I can't believe you…

-Stop it!- She cried with annoyance

-Oh my…you are no the only one who thinks that, right? That's disgusting!

-Now I know, okay, end of the matter!

-How could you think that?! Did you ever see us make up in public? NO!

-Well, it's not a rule to do public make-up sessions when you're a couple

-What? But who did you date?- He said mockingly, she blushed and insulted him.

-And you were jealous, weren't you?- He continued.

-Me? Oh no, you are totally wrong!- She cried out and he started giggling so she yelled -Idiot!- in a frustrated tone.

-I'll pick you up at 7

-What?- She was a little bit disoriented

-Pardon, around 7.30, I have a lot to laugh about at home

-You are confusing me! And just so you know I'm not going out with you tonight-

-Why not? I have to celebrate my engagement with my sister!- He exclaimed and kept on laughing

-Drop it!

-See you later, then!- He leaned towards her face and kissed her cheek whispering: – Don't you worry, you are my only one-.

Her head was dizzy and heart felt like plunging deep down her guts, while her legs were shaking.

He noticed and smirked. At last she pushed him away yelling:-Leave!-

He waved her goodbye and went inside his new home, still laughing.

Meanwhile, Tristan's head

What have ever crossed her mind! He and Izzy, that would be crazy! And disgusting! That was what he was thinking while getting upstairs, in his new room. Lying on the bed his mind started thinking about Rory and how distressed was her voice when she was talking about he and Izzy, and how her eyes sparkled when she found out the truth. Maybe he could have a chance with her… Why not trying? He asked himself.

Then he remember Rory saying loud and clear how much she hated him, and that she would have never ever gone out with him, and his chest ached as his heart tore once again.

Same night, 7°'clock, Rory's place

Lorelai peered out her daughter's room. It was obvious she was really nervous, she'd spent an hour going up and down the stairs and now she was trying on every single dress she owned.

-Hey babe, what's up? You've been acting weird all night- Asked Lorelai.

-It's just that…Tristan said he'll pick me up by 7.30 and I am late and I have nothing to wear!

-You two went out a lot of times…What is the matter now?- Demanded Lorelai, who had already understood what was her daughter's problem.

-He didn't even tell me where we are going! What should I wear? Is this too casual? And this? Too classy?- She bubbled picking up first a pair of jeans then a green dress and throwing them to the bed.

-Hey, honey! Chill out! What about the white one?- Said Lorelai, trying to solve her problem.

-Which one?

-The one hanging in your closet- Said Lorelai pointing at it

-I can't see it!

-Of course you cant'! This room is a mess!

-Oh, here it is!- Exclaimed Rory, spotting a short white dress –This seems okay- she decreed.

-So, is this your first date or what?

-What! Date? No! He just said he…

-Okay, okay…calm down! I just thought

-No! Let's be clear! This is not a date! He didn't ask me out! Or did he?- She told more to herself than to her mother.

-Don't ask me!

-Did you know that Chris is Tristan's sister?- Asked Rory with nonchalance.


-What! Why didn't you tell me?- cried out Rory, nervously

-I supposed he'd told you!

-Well, he didn't… Actually he did! This evening! When I asked him about his relationship with her!-

Hearing thet, Lorelai couldn't help laughing: -Come on! They are like twins! Same eye color, same hair colour, Same personality!

-I am going to hide my face in the sand

-You'd better hide in the bathroom and hurry yourself!

-Oh gosh, you're right- responded Rory hushing to the bathroom but leaving her dress on the bed

-Rory! Your dress!- Shouted Lorelai and Rory ran back, grabbed it and hurried herself to… she didn't even know where. She hated how Tristan hade her feel. It was like she lost control of everything. She didn't have time to think about it then, it was getting late and she had to get ready.

Same night 7.40

Rory sat on her sofa, arms crossed. He should have been there, it was 7.40! May had he been joking about going out?


Maybe he wasn't going to show up; he should have already been there! Rory was more stressed out than ever. Did she misunderstand him? No way. He would come, she knew that. Sooner or later. Maybe later, but he would.

Since she had to wait, she thought the best thing she could do was thinking about that whole situation.

It had been all so sudden, everything happened so quickly that she didn't even have the time to stop and think about what she was doing. She guessed that was life: things just happen, they do not warn you or wait for you to be prepared for them to come. They come, period.

Thus she took some time to reflect about the situation she plunged in.

She started thinking about all the things that had happened to her lately.

Lane had asked her that morning when did she realize she and Dean weren't meant for each other. She'd almost avoided to think about it too much, pushing away her souvenirs.

But, at that very moment, she really wanted to be honest with herself. Thus, she let the memories of a past not so far away came to her mind: she thought back at the competition day and words she thought she had forgotten echoed in her head:

Oh no Rory, no…routine has nothing to do with the rush and the butterflies in your stomach…How can I explain that to you? Well think of the ones you feel when you kiss your boyfriend, the heat you feel next to him, the urge to be next to him, the shivers when he whispers something to you…well, that's the rush…

Those words had shaken her, then more than ever. Why? Because she thought back at Tristan, when their eyes locked her heart jumped. How relieved she was when she found out he wasn't moving in with his girlfriend but with his sister? How warm she felt when he was close to her? How she shivered when he whispered words in her hear? That had to mean something.

Right there, on that very moment, she realized she was into Tristan, more than she could ever imagine.

She'd avoided facing the truth, she hadn't been honest to herself and now it all came to the surface, now everything had an explanation. She, again, had been too blind to see how things really were.

She was relieved she now had cleared her mind, but she was afraid of the feelings she had. Wasn't it all too sudden? Weren't they rushing things? He was a good friend, but could he be a good boyfriend too? Was she really thinking of Tristan as her boyfriend?

All of a sudden she remembered his words, earlier: Don't you worry, you are my only one

Why would he say that to her? Was he really meaning it?

Later on

Lorelai saw Rory lying on the sofa with a distressed face. She was supposed to be out with Tristan, instead she lay thoughtfully on the couch. Her heart filled with concern, so she sat next to her and asked:

-Honey, haven't you gone out yet?-

-Nope- Answered Rory, still lost in her thoughts

-Has he called you to cancel or put off …

-No, he hasn't

-So you're waiting for him


-And you two are not dating

-Nope- Said Rory, not much convinced this time

-Because if this was your first date and he was almost an hour late or he didn't show up at all, that would be a terrible start

-Yes, it would- Said Rory in a disappointed tone

-And that would tell you a lot about the boy you should date and how things could be in future


-But this isn't your case, is it?

-No, it isn't

-Okay, so we have nothing to worry about–

Lorelai knew Rory was reading between her lines; Tristan was a troubled boy, not at all similar to Dean, but rather the opposite. He had passed through some rough things, he was more mature than other guys at his age because of the experiences he'd made. She was worried about Rory, she didn't think she was ready to handle such a relationship with him and everything it involved.

-Rory, listen, Tristan is…- She was interrupted by the sound of the door bell ringing.

Rory's face lightened as she immediately stood up and rushed to the door. She opened it to see Tristan standing by it. She was relieved he showed up at last.

Saved by the bell! Thought Lorelai as she watched her child waving her goodbye and closing the door behind her. Her face looked worried, but Rory didn't pay attention to it.

-You look good- Said Tristan, shyly. He wanted to tell her she was stunning in her white knee-length dress, and that she was even more beautiful with her hair curled, but he couldn't. He was afraid to reveal his feelings to her. He feared getting hurt again.

-You too- Replied Rory watching over his tall figure, he was wearing tight black jeans and a white shirt. She looked at him directly in the eyes, there were many things she wanted to tell him, but she couldn't. She was afraid of the feelings she had just found out hid inside her. She wanted her eyes to say what her lips wouldn't say. She noticed, though, his eyes were darker than usual

-You are late- She stated while getting on his cabriolet

-I told you around 7.30- He said stressing the word 'around'.

-Ok- She just said.

His eyes darkened even more.

The drive was silent, she could tell something was wrong with him even if he said nothing. At some point he spoke:

-I am sorry I was late, I didn't mean to.

-I know

-No, you don't. My father and my mother came here and there were a lot of screams and yells. That's what I'd call a family reunion in DuGreys style- He said scornfully

-I am sorry- Replied Rory in a grave voice

-Don't be, it's not like it is your fault- He sighed. –I though I was over with all this stuff

-You are- Said Rory gently.

-Apparently It is chasing me everywhere I go- Replied Tristan with a stern look.

-I don't know what to say- She muttered; she was being honest, she wanted to make him feel better, but she didn't know how.

-I am glad you're here, and that you did not slam the door in my face earlier.

-You know I wouldn't

-I know- He responded and smiled softy.

-Earlier- She started timidly –You told me I am your only one but what did you mean by that? – She finished her sentence red in face and without breathing. Finally she took the courage to let her heart speak for her.

He blushed, those words had slipped out of his mouth naturally; he didn't even have the time to realize what he was saying that it had already been pronounced. He took a deep breath and after a brief pause of silence he spoke, from his heart:

-You are special, Rory. You stand by me when I am in trouble and you are not leaving until you know I am okay. You are not like any other girl I have ever met and I appreciate what you do for me. You are the only one I'd call if I caught myself in some mess. I like being around you, even if you hate doing this. I know you hate being around me, but you are too kind to say no to some one asking for help. I must admit I took advantage of this situation, but I did it only because I really feel much better when you are around… and hanging out with you really distracts me from the hell that waits for me at home. I really needed someone to talk to and you were there for me like no one else ever has, and despite all I have put you through. I am sorry, I can ride you back home if you don't want to be with me anymore. But I needed to be honest with you – He finished out of breath. He felt like he'd freed himself from a heavy burden. He owed that to her. He turned the engine off and stared at her, his blue eyes telling more than his words could ever admit.

-Tris I... I do not hate you...not at all! - Said Rory lifting her face to meet his eyes. Hers, also, hid words that could not be spoken, feelings that could not be expressed.

His face was dark and concerned and her heart ached at the sight of him so tensed, because of her. She'd never meant to hurt him or else. She had no idea her words had stuck him so deeply. How wrong was she about him? She had always thought her words couldn't shake him, no matter how harsh they were, as if he cared so little about her that her words couldn't touch him. Hell if she was wrong! Poor boy, his life was a mess! Much more complicated than she could ever imagine and she did nothing but hurt him more...

-It's me the one who should be ashamed of herself! I am sorry,Tristan, I never meant to hurt you! I could never imagine you took seriously my words, but I wasn't playing wit your feelings, I swear... I didn't imagine... I just.. - Her eyes watered, she couldn't stand someone suffering because of her... -it's not fair that I...

-Hey, come on I didn't mean to make you cry, it's all right- He told her pulling her in his arms

-I don't want you or anyone being hurt by my words... I…you stressed me out that day and I told you I hated you but believe me if I say that I don't! I just judged you without really trying to get to know you! And it all happened because I had this idea of you in my mind and... I do not go out with you just because I am being sympathetic! I like being around you... Time slips away and when you are not acting childish you are very kind to me...- she moaned, without breaking their eye lock.

-So I am acting childish now?- He toned mockingly, in order to relive the tension

-Sometimes you do

-Tell me when

-For example there was that time when you stole my only donut while I was having breakfast- she said sobbing.

-It was fifty-fifty!- He grinned, she was laughing, he loved her laugh.

-I didn't want to upset you, Rory

-I do not hate you Tristan

-Good to know-He quoted her and hug her warmly.

In his arms, she felt like being where she was supposed to be.

-So where are we going anyway?

- Haven't you looked around?-

She turned her face toward the window glass and instantly recognized where he brought her. Her smile grew bigger and bigger.

-Do you like it? We can leave if...

-What movie do they air tonight?- She asked. He smirked:

- Casablanca

-That is my favorite!- She exclaimed, excited

-I know

- You are totally gonna hate it

-Experience taught you nothing? People can surprise you!-

She smiled largely and cuddled in his arms, waiting for the movie to begin.

She felt free, after she didn't even know how long.

She was feeling good, even if with heart beating fast and her stomach upside down because of all those butterflies.

Yes, she thought, people do surprise you.