"Our next item is… rather unique, both in appearance and in origin. This item is quite volatile though, and would take quite a lot of work to tame. But surely, having such a beauty tucked under your thumb would be worth it." The announcer smiled, teeth flashing as he tried to sway the audience. The menace under the cover was becoming too much to handle, no matter his worth, and he hoped that he could dupe one of the pretentious, rich people that had gathered into buying it. After all, he was quite a trophy.

The heavy material was pulled away, revealing a rather large cage with a young man as it's only captive.

And what a sight he was to behold. Bright orange locks stuck up defiantly, ending just a little past his ears, cinnamon eyes burned with undaunted ferocity. The caramel skin was shown off by a short, deep purple vest and black, knee length gypsy pants. Honey lips were pulled back in a vicious snarl, eyebrows brought down as his eyes flicked around at the gawking bidders.

There was a silver piece around his neck which appeared to be some sort of collar, perhaps to keep the young man under wraps.

Byakuya considered, watching him. So far, this boy was the only one who seemed to entice him into buying, but he looked too wild. He needed another servant after one of them had passed away from age. As a noble, the servants had to be attractive and smart of course.

He would undoubtedly have to train the boy though, judging by the way he growled and snapped. Like a dog.

He gave a minute sigh as the announcer continued to babble, trying to convince people that the feral boy was worth purchasing. He was exotic to be sure but is wasn't as if this were a fashion contest. What he needed was someone who could be submissive, someone to serve him.

His eyes flicked over those bidding, a few rather greedy looking men and women. It was quite disgusting to think about what they really wanted him for. Staring at the boy, he wondered if he would even be as passionate as he was being now, towards a job like being a servant.

"Can I get one eighty? Can anyone give me one eighty?"

Byakuya only rose an eyebrow slightly in surprise. Already at one hundred and seventy thousand? The boy was expensive.

"He's strong and fit, quite suited to any sort of labour, and as yet, is untouched."

The boy flinched at this, glaring at the announcer. "I'll touch you in a minute, baldy." He grasped onto the bars, hissing angrily at the nervous announcer.

Byakuya measured the action, watching the small exchange. Something about the boy was rather… appealing and he found compelled to purchase him. Priding himself on his ability to read people, he was quite sure that, given time, the boy could prove himself to be a valuable asset. Well, if he didn't prove to be suited, surely they could find something else for him to do. He raised his number. "I'll add another twenty thousand."

The announcer nodded eagerly. "Very good, very good. So we're at… one hundred and ninety thousand. Can I get another twenty?"

There was murmuring as everyone considered and the boy glared at the bidders, daring them to raise it.

"Can I get another twenty?"

"Please call it," Byakuya spoke out, standing in anticipation of the end.

He glanced up at the hot sun. It was very inconvenient having the auction in the middle of the town square in the middle of the day. He should have bought some water.

The announcer nodded hastily, glancing around to confirm before calling out, "One hundred and ninety thousand going once! One hundred and ninety thousand for this particular little delicacy going twice!" There was a small pause, the rather portly man holding his breath as he readied the book of items he held. "And gone!" The book connected with his fist, breaking the silence.


"Do you have some means of transportation?" the announcer asked, hands rubbing together briskly.

"Why? I was under the impression he was perfectly able to be moved," the raven haired man murmured.

"Ah… you can… but you see… he's rather… difficult to handle."

"How hard can that a boy be to cope with?"

"Ah, yes, well…" He hesitated, scratching his balding head awkwardly as he switched from foot to foot. "It's just he might run away if you open the cage."

"Isn't that why you have the collar on him?" he asked, feeling his irritation heighten.

"Well, yes, that was the purpose. It sends electric shocks-ah, through this," he produced a small, plastic remote with one black button. "But, he uh… he's very… very determined."

He gave a small shake of his head, turning away from the man as he approached the storage section. "I shall inspect this for myself."

"Ah, well…"

"And please stop saying, 'ah, well.' I find it grating," he replied coolly.

The boy was stalking back and forth, muttering to himself before he turned a little at him approach.

Byakuya stopped in front of his cage, staring at the boy who just glared back. "What is your name, boy?"

The growl deepened. "Why do you care?"

"I just bought you, I should know what your name is," he replied, straining to maintain his cool in the face of such impertinence. They were almost all like this when they were fist bought, this, or shaking wreaks.

"And why would I give it?"

Byakuya regarded the boy. In all honesty, he wasn't really a boy. He must have been around the age of his sister, if not a few years older, perhaps twenty. He was well toned and broad, though he seemed a little skinny at the moment. "Fine, you don't have to give me your name. My name is Byakuya Kuchiki."

A smirk. "You say that name as if it should mean something to me, it doesn't."

"I am from the great noble Kuchiki clan and I am looking for a replacement for my servant."

Curiosity caused narrowed eyes, mouth opening slightly before the question was spoken, "And why buy me?"

"Because you seem… capable," he replied finally, turning around before striding off.

"Wh-wait-I-I'm not becoming a freaking servant!" he shouted after him, grasping the bars in irritation. "Hey, get back here!"


Byakuya, against his better judgement, had decided to listen to the annoying announcer, gathering some helpers to load the caged boy onto a cart, enduring his cusses and curses all the way to the palace like mansion.

The land extended for miles, traditional Japanese garden the whole way through. Tall, red walls determined the border, hiding the many rooms of the house.

The gate swung open as the cart rumbled down the road, stopping finally near the largest of the buildings.

Stepping off the coach, the raven haired noble levelled a look at the man. "Now boy, I shall introduce you to the help and then you shall settle into your room before reporting to me tomorrow."

The bright haired man glared at him, snapping in irritation, "I'm not a boy, and why the hell would I do that?"

Byakuya frowned slightly. "Because, I have your life in my hands, what other reason do you need?"

He smirked, smile playing towards challenge. "Do you really?"

He contemplated the response for a moment before saying, "I will bring you in on a leash if I have to."

"Then do it."

With a small frown, he nodded to two of the men that had helped him load the cage on, ordering them to open it.

The moment it was opened, the wild haired child rushed forth, scrambling past the outstretched hands of the helpers.

Byakuya closed his eyes slightly, pressing the button of the remote he received, opening his eyes when he heard a vicious snarl, expecting to see the boy on the ground, incapacitated. Rather, he was hurtling towards him, fist at the ready.

So unprepared was he, that he took the first blow, stumbling back as he clutched his eye.

The searing orange haired boy fled, long legs taking him as far away as possible while more people became alerted to the situation.

Stumbling in the sandals he wore, he cursed when he tripped, the sentries and guards that had begun to chase after him each scrabbling to capture the wild boy.

Byakuya looked on in a mixture of horror, surprise and awe as the boy battled those that had caught him, managing to knock down at least five or six of them before finally getting pushed to the ground under the combined weight of what must have been ten or twelve men.

One of the men held up the boy by his hair, revealing a harsh breathing chest, sword pressed against the honey skin.

"What do you wish me to do, sir?"

Byakuya stood in silent fury, considering what to do. "Bring me the whip and a chain, and be quick."

The pair stared at each other.

One of the guards hurried off, coming back quickly with the objects he had requested.

"Place this on his ankle," he requested, handing the guard back the chain.

Grasping the other end, Byakuya nodded to the guards who hesitantly removed themselves.

The second they were off, the tanned boy was up as well; ready to race away if he had to drag the raven haired noble with him.

"Move boy, and this whip will end up on your back."

He hesitated, watching the man wielding the long black leather piece warily.

"If you show such insubordination again, I will be forced to use this." Byakuya didn't move as he let the boy digest the situation.

"Then you'll have to whip me, 'cause I am sure as hell not doing what you want." He jumped suddenly, launching at the man, only to be pounced on once again by the guards, cussing and clawing.

"Hold him up," Byakuya demanded sharply, waiting for the men to stand, holding his arms still while he continued to thrash wildly. "I told you what would happen boy," he told him, giving the defiant, chocolate depths a cool stare before walking behind him, ebony whip held above him. "I will not let you defy me again."