Ichigo blinked, halting the massage on the noble's shoulders. "W – what?"

"You heard me," he whispered back, moving away to face the younger male. "Kiss me."

Ichigo looked delectable at that particular moment, his coffee depths wide in shock, caramel lips parted, a nervous tongue flicking out to dampen them and searing orange eyebrows drawn together in confusion.

"B – but I don't understand," he uttered out; hands held close to his chest as if Byakuya had burned him, standing quickly.

"What is it you don't understand, Ichigo?" Byakuya felt a strange twinge in excitement as Ichigo's breathing quickened and he glanced around, clearly looking for an escape-an excuse. "I commanded you to kiss me."

Then his temperament changed, anger overwhelming his confusion and those sweetly perplexed eyes cleared as fire roared through them. "Hell no!" he growled out, standing. "I'm not kissing you. I don't know why you'd even ask."

Byakuya had anticipated his reaction, but he still held his trump card. Still, he had hoped he could convince the boy before he needed to do that. "Is that so? Why would I need to give you of all people, a reason for my actions? I asked it of you, therefore you should do as I say."

Reluctance, disgust, anger… they were one of the many things that hung heavily on Ichigo's scowling face. He could hear the underlying threat and it grated him that this man so shamelessly grasped hold of his weakness. He thought they were done with this shit? Wasn't he meant to be looking into his family? Why was he asking something like this? Something so unreasonable and completely confusing? He didn't understand, he'd told him so. Why would he want that?

And also, how much was Mihane's punishment worth in reference to his own? Did he deserve to experience this simply to save a girl he didn't really know?

Byakuya waited for him to reply, waiting for the inevitable 'yes.' In all honesty, it scared him-he was frightened to know how desperately he wanted to hear that simple word.

Ichigo glared at the man. "I – I just have to kiss you?"

His heart fluttered a little. Surely it is simply because of the desire to control this boy. Yes, that is it. Nodding as noncommittally as he could, he tried to compose himself, still waiting for the answer.

Those brilliant eyes met his and he had to stop himself from gasping at the determination, resignation and challenge burning away in the depths.

Then the word was uttered out, "Fine."

It wasn't 'yes', as Byakuya had wanted, 'fine' made it seem as if it were a chore that had to be done, but he found himself content nonetheless.

"I'm warning you though, I haven't done this before."

Byakuya calmed himself, despite wanting to shake his head hard and demand that he get on with it. The boy was saying it to make him hesitate, make him change his mind. It wasn't happening. "I don't mind, we all must learn at one stage, surely."

"I – I'm a… guy though. I don't understand why you'd want me to kiss you."

Straining for patience, he searched for an answer suitable. He could hardly say, 'I'm attracted to you' nor could he say he was 'interested'. Ichigo couldn't hear that. He wouldn't let him hear it. He wanted this, and whether he was a boy, a servant or infuriating and complex he could not bring himself to care enough to halt his desire. That wasn't answer enough for the boy's underlying question though. "I intend to break you and mould you Ichigo; there is more than one way to do that."

The boy flushed, anger and embarrassment flaring. "What exactly are you training me for then?"

"Does this sort of thing embarrass you, Ichigo?"

He scowled, shifting from foot to foot as he glared at the man. "I just don't understand."

"Enough stalling Ichigo, you will do as you're told. Now, kiss me."

There was another pause, one that seemed to stretch out forever before the boy finally kneeled, warm hands reaching out to cup the snowy face, more gently then he could have imagined. The hands were soft and large and Byakuya did his best not to melt into their embrace.

"Close your eyes," Ichigo murmured. He was hardly going to be able to kiss the man when he was staring at him with such intensity. Though perhaps that's what he wanted – to embarrass him, shame him.

To his surprise and relief, the noble man's stirring eyes slid closed.

Nervously, Ichigo's tongue flicked over his teeth before biting his lip as his face hovered in front of the awaiting man.

Byakuya did all he could to keep himself from shivering as Ichigo's hot breath dusted over his face, lips so close to his own he could practically taste it. Then finally, the soft lips descended, meeting his gently.

It wasn't a deep kiss, nor was it a short one. Unsure of how long he was meant to continue the endeavour, the honey lips remained rooted there for a moment.

But the simple touch was almost like electric bolts through Byakuya's system, cracking the cool exterior and frosty center. His eyes flew open, staring at the face now so close to his, orange lashes brushing eyebrows as doe brown eyes watched his face carefully, a rather harsh blush marring the caramel skin.

Believing Byakuya's reaction to be something along the lines of displeasure, annoyance, or the simple desire to get him off of his face, Ichigo went to move away, only to be captured by Byakuya's deceptively strong grip, hands in spiky locks as he closed his eyes once again.

He deepened the kiss, shocking the feisty man into inaction, but that wouldn't do. He lashed his tongue out, struggling to force Ichigo's mouth open. It seemed yanking on the soft hair of the boy's head did the trick, making him yelp in surprise, the hot lips parting.

Eagerly, his tongue lapped against Ichigo's, noting the contours of the younger man's mouth and the way the hot hands tightened in Byakuya's raven hair, body tense underneath.

Pushing the wiggling Ichigo down, mouth never leaving his, he began to trail a hand down the toned side, enjoying the rippling muscles and the gasps of surprise and pleasure his attentions elicited from the boy.

He was ashamed of himself but he couldn't stop. There was simply something in this boy that made him lose control, made him snap. He was never how he should be around the violent, stubborn boy and he stirred things in him that he could not understand.

So enraptured in his own feeling of victory and pleasure was he, that he didn't notice the fist that came down to connect with the side of his face, sweaty, shaky hands pushing him away in hast.

Looking up, utterly confused, he held his face, watching as the boy sped off. He sat in that position for many minutes, perhaps even twenty, staring at the space Ichigo had left through. What on earth had gotten into him?

A wave of revulsion rolled over him. What on earth had he just been doing? Was he about to… with a servant?

His hands wandered unconsciously, feathering over the throbbing lips. Well, whatever he had been doing, it did things to him he hardly wanted to admit.

Straightening himself quickly, he closed his still open door before reaching for a towel. He needed a bath, among many things, to calm himself down. Allowing himself a mental sigh he began to walk swiftly to his adjourning bathroom. He couldn't even bring himself to punish the boy for his insubordination.


Ichigo held himself tight, shuddering as his body continued to burn everywhere Byakuya had touched him.

Ichigo had known he was gay for a long time but he'd never done anything with it. He was attracted to guys – that was it. Nobody had caught his attention and that was fine. He had seen a few guys he thought were good looking but nothing came of it and Ichigo wasn't about to just dabble sexually. He'd always, somewhere in the back of his mind, imagined that it would be something he would share with someone he really loved. That was always his plan.

Then Byakuya had gone and given him no choice but to kiss him. He could have refused he supposed, could have just waited to see what he would do but he wasn't about to risk Mihane's safety.

Undoubtedly, the older man was handsome and he had that gravelly voice that just rubbed him every right way but Ichigo sported a very deep hatred for the man and he couldn't believe his body had betrayed him so cruelly, reacting to Byakuya the way it had.

He was young and he knew he couldn't really help that Byakuya had managed to touch every possible sensitive spot on his body but the least he could do was run away. He could handle physical punishment – whipping, starving, chaining – but things that involved such intense pleasure… Ichigo was strong but he doubted he was that strong.

Shuddering again, Ichigo hugged himself tight, refusing to acknowledge the warmth that Byakuya left behind.


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