Round 1: Azula vs. Amon

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In a sudden flash of light, it happened. No one knows how or why, but it did…

Azula opened her eyes and found herself in a strange place, unlike any other place she had been. It was what appeared to be a ring or arena. It was high above the ground in a deserted stadium of some sorts. Below was a large pool of water. The hexagonal platform was separated by two equal sides, red and blue. She woke up on the red side of the arena.

Azula was dressed in a tight, red and gold short jacket with long sleeves. She wore a red, pleated short skirt with golden trim. She had high stockings on and thigh high boots with a slight heel. Her well-manicured finger nails were long and pointed and her wavy black hair hung down her back. On her finger was a pure golden ring. She was stunned, these weren't her clothes, it was a school uniform. Azula looked at the crest on her jacket, Royal Fire Academy for Girls, the school she once attended. Her thoughts were clear and organized. The voices and images in her mind were all gone. She felt like her old self again, before she was betrayed by her friends. She was too shocked to realize she was not alone. A masked man stood up from the blue side of the ring…

Amon stirred and stood up, noticing the major difference in attire he was wearing. He was dressed in a loose, long-sleeved, dark blue robe. He wore black armor over his blue robes. The armor was constructed from numerous metal plates, formed into numerous protective guards along chest, waist, shoulders and thighs. The Equalist insignia was painted on his chest plate in white and massive prayer beads hung from his neck. He wore clawed gauntlets made of black metal. He felt his mask and noticed it too was made of metal, the pattern of his mask engraved and painted on. He no longer wore his hood and his black hair could be seen. He looked around, this was the Pro-Bending arena I destroyed a long time ago, he thought to himself. He was alive, flesh and blood, brought back from the dead. He could not believe it. Who could be behind my resurrection? He noticed he was not alone in this arena. A girl on the other side wearing what appeared to be a school uniform, stood up and pointed at Amon.

"You there! Masked Man! Who are you and what is this place?" The girl said in a dignified manner, as if she were royalty.

"I am Amon, child, don't you know who I am?" Amon questioned.

"How dare you call me a child! You will address me as Fire Lord Azula of the Fire Nation, and I am asking you again, what is this place?" Behind his mask, Amon's eyes widened, Fire Lord Azula? The Fire Nation Princess who lost her sanity and the Fire Nation Throne long ago? This isn't her era, she shouldn't be alive, Amon thought.

"I do not believe you. You were never the Fire Lord! Do not try to deceive me, girl!" Amon said.

"Excuse me?" Azula narrowed her eyes, "My father is Phoenix King Ozai, and I am the Fire Lor–" She stopped and remembered how she lost that title before she even received it. It was all Zuko's fault… he took everything away from me…

"You do not know who I am, do you?"

"I have never heard of you jester."

"And if the stories are true, 'Princess Azula' you are a firebending prodigy, your bending must be taken away!" And with that being said, Amon sprinted across the platform, his robes whipping in the air, towards Azula.

Azula had no time to react to what he said; This man could take away my bending? What a ridiculous claim from a clown, she thought. Still the words echoed in her mind. Azula quickly sprang into action, kicking a barrage of blue fire missiles from her feet. Amon tried dodging them, but they were faster than many of the firebenders he had faced before. One blast caught him directly in the chest, sending him staggering back. Azula wasted no time, and began moving both her arms in a circular motion, generating lightning. Amon noticing the gestures readies himself for the oncoming lightning.

"Time to finish this!" Azula yelled, firing the bolt of lightning at Amon. Amon, in such blinding speed, sidesteps the lightning bolt, successfully evading the cold-blooded fire. Azula breathed deeply through gritted teeth and her eyes widened with shock and worry.

"I'm an opponent you've never faced before, 'Princess Azula'." Amon charged again, but Azula was not ready and Amon was already on her side of the Pro-Bending ring. She fired a quick succession of fire jabs from her fingers but he avoids them. Amon attempted to land the first strike, trying to slash her across the face with his razor sharp gauntlet, but Azula blocked the attack. They exchanged blows, and Amon landed a few chi-blocking jabs, making Azula's ribs and shoulders numb. Amon lunges toward the Fire Princess and grabs her by the arm, twisting it and bringing Azula to her knees. Amon grabs the back of her neck and raised his hand in the air.

"Prepare to be purified, demon child!" Azula's eyes were wide open in dread as Amon's cold, metal gauntlet descended down on her forehead.

"NO!" Azula screamed in both terror and rage, firebending from her mouth, spewing a stream of blue fire. Amon released his grip on her neck and backed away from the girl before the searing hot flames touched him. Azula, already back in fighting stance, used her firebending to propel herself high into the air and unleashes a torrent of flames with both arms, but Amon quickly backflips away from the firestorm. As she gracefully lands, Amon rushes at her. Azula conjures a blue fire fist in an attempt to uppercut Amon. The Equalist Leader merely dodges it and backflips away. Azula runs toward Amon, and the Equalist Leader attempts a roundhouse kick to Azula's head, but she evades it just in time. The Fire Princess performs a flaming flip kick, which connects, sending Amon tumbling across the ring and barely clinging to the edge of the Pro-Bending arena. As he started to pull himself up from the edge, Azula proceeds to wave her fingertips around in arcs to generate a final, devastating blast of lightning. As she prepared to shoot the bolt, Amon knew this was no simple bender he was dealing with. If he kept holding back and pretending he was a non-bender he would die. With no other option, he pulled himself up and used his bloodbending.

"You may be a powerful firebender, little girl, but I am the most powerful waterbender you have ever faced!" With a simple gesture of his hands, he levitated Azula high up into the air. She stopped generating lightning and cried out as she was lifted above the ground. She writhed in midair, struggling from his sinister grip on her blood.

"What is this? What kind of trick is this?" Azula shouted in fear. She was at the mercy of this monster and his abhorrent technique over her blood. Never before has she witnessed such power. This man was no ordinary bender. She could almost feel the blood inside of her churning, raising her up high in the air. Azula would not allow her own body to be manipulated and controlled like this. Through her sheer will power alone, she resisted Amon's grasp over her own blood. And she did just that, she continued to generate the lightning and small sparks flew from her fingers. She struggled to point her fingers at Amon.

"How?" Amon's voice was full of astonishment, "How do you resist my bloodbe–" Before he could finish his sentence, Amon was shot by a bolt of lightning to his armor plated shoulder, propelling the bloodbender through the air backwards, over the edge of the arena. Azula dropped down to the floor, shuddering and breathing deeply. As Amon fell, his mask came off and he crashed into the pool.

"I shouldn't underestimate my opponents next time." Azula looked down by the edge of the pool to see Amon's mask floating on the surface. She sighed and walked away.

As Amon sank he opened his eyes wide. He was defeated by some girl, again. He wouldn't hesitate or hold back next time. Next time he would let this girl know what it feels like to lose her bending, her identity. Then he would destroy her…

Winner: Azula


Next Time: Round 2: Ozai vs. Yakone