A place for things that never happened in Merlin. Shamelessly short drabbles and plot bunnies running wild. Strange and AU.

Disclaimer: The characters are not mine. Too bad.

Inspired by the ending of Driftwood, set in the hypothetical future. M/M.



Merlin rolled over, struck out a finger and zapped a fly dead in the air. It buzzed and fell under the net.

'Wouldn't it be easier to cast a spell over the whole room?' Morgana grumbled. The room they had rented was even hotter than the one in Bangladesh, but he had insisted on traveling on the outskirts of the country, off the trodden track.

'Too tired,' he murmured, letting his hand drop on the small of her back, grazing the skin at the base of her spine. '-Sides, what would be the fun in that?'

Morgana opened her eyes, not to miss a chance to see his eyes glow gold in the dark.