The tragedy - they meet again. M/M, another AU.



Merlin sits in the library across the table and she knows it's him. Just as she knows it is Arthur who shouts on the football field, the fresh captain of the team. He knows it's her, too, and it makes him wonder what Morgana is doing in Oxford, reading Shakespeare.

'Hamlet,' she smiles and explains what drew her to her favorite play. 'Something about the retribution.'

Slowly distancing, his guard is back up, and she smirks, closing the book.

'Plus, it takes an English major to decipher all the sexual innuendo.'

The cover is pleasantly smooth, and they both stare at her hands on the title.

'So which one is it?' He presses, eyes no longer on the book. 'Vengeance or the innuendo?'

Morgana smiles, appreciating his dark form, those wide eyes and questions within. (A girl can have her fun.)

'I'd take a bit of both.'