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Jessie Goes BIG TIME Rush

Chapter 2: Big Time Movie


"I've got them moves like Jagger, I got them moves like Jagger," I sang into the kitchen. I was so ready for another perfect day at the Palm Woods.

"I don't need to try to control you

Look into my eyes and I'll own you

With them moves like Jagger

I've got them moves like Jagger

I've got them mooooooves... like Jagger."

"Dude, no you don't," said Logan as he walked in the kitchen with James and Carlos following him.

"It's my favorite song!"

Carlos looked at his phone. "Guys, Gustavo wants us at the studio ASAP," he said.

"Yeah we better get some breakfast and hit the road," said Logan, as he headed for the cabinet.

"After I go to the bathroom and ready myself," said James.

"James it takes you like an hour to do that!" I said, "Skip that and let's go!"

"Hey, good looks don't just happen overnight! Well, unless you're naturally handsome like me!" We all rolled our eyes. We had to get to Rocque Records as soon as possible. Gustavo wanted to start recording music for our new album. I guess I'm just really happy because I got back together with my girlfriend Jo.

"Kendall, Kendall, snap out of it!" I must've gone in a trance because the guys were trying to wake me back up.

"Whoa!" I said, "Sorry! We gotta go, Gustavo's gonna get angry."

"Then what are we waiting for, let's roll!" said Carlos.

"Wait, I gotta go get my handsome supplies!" said James.

"Yeah and can we stop at the buffet downstairs for breakfast?" asked Logan.

"Sure, let's just go!" I said. Everyone started getting their stuff and preparing to leave. I just combed my hair a little, then put on my shoes and got ready to go. As soon as we were about to leave, my mom walked in with Katie.

"Kendall, boys," she said, "I need you to babysit Katie for today. I have to go to a job interview and I couldn't find any other babysitter."

"Sure, we'll take her, we're responsible enough!" I said.

"Mom!" yelled Katie, "I'm not a kid anymore! I'm almost 14! I can handle staying home alone! Plus, have you seen these boys? They can't even make cereal without getting into trouble!"

"Katie," said Mom, "You're going with the boys."


"C'mon Katie, I'm sure we will have tons of fun!" I said, "When we get to the car, you can sit in the trunk!"

"You do that to me and you will wish you were never born!" I just smirked at Katie and ignored her comment.

I turned to my mom. "Mom, she'll be just fine."

"Good," said Mom. She put on her jacket and walked backwards to the door as she talked to us. "I'll get back as soon as I can. Stay safe, bye, love you, and don't fight!"

"You got it, Mom!" Katie and I said.

"Bye, Mrs. Knight!" said Carlos, Logan, and James.

"Bye boys," she said. Soon my mom left the room and it was just us five.

"Okay," said James, "Katie, I guess you get to come with us to Rocque Records!"

"Let's go!" said Logan.

"Ugh, no," said Katie, "I'm not going. All that fat man does is, scream! Plus, I'm in the middle of selling Logan's dandruff online!"

"Hey!" said Logan, "I did not give you permission to sell my dandruff!" Katie smirked at Logan.

"Okay," said Carlos, "I guess we'll have to do this the hard way."

"Guys, pick her up!" I said. We all picked up Katie and started heading out the door.

"Put me down!" yelled Katie. We just kept laughing and continued out the door.

"To Rocque Records!" I said.

"Ugh!" said Katie. We just kept laughing. This day just keeps getting better and better.

We walked into Rocque Records full of energy! I wondered why Gustavo wanted us at the studio so early. It was a really nice sunny day. Me and the guys were all laughing and talking louder than Gustavo's scream. Katie was right behind us.

"Guys!" she yelled, "Will you shut up, you're so loud! It's obnoxious!"

"You're obnoxious," said Carlos.

Katie rolled her eyes. "Ok, you can't make use my insult for a comeback that's just stupid."

"Katie!" I yelled, "Why don't you just go in one of them recording rooms and do something."

"Okay cool!" Katie rushed off into the room and I didn't know what she would do but I was sure it wouldn't be good.

We turned into our practice room to see Gustavo standing there with an angry look.

"Your late!" he yelled, "Get in here, dogs!" We rushed into the room. Kelly walked up to us.

"You're not late," she said, "Someone here just can't be patient when he doesn't have his coffee."

"Shut up!" screamed Gustavo.

"Jeez, Gustavo," said Carlos, "Did you take your meds?"

"Hey!" Gustavo pointed at us. "This is serious. Kelly tell them why I called them here."

Kelly sighed at Gustavo. "Morgan and Christina Ross called us earlier today. They want to video chat with us in two minutes."

"Morgan and Christina Ross?" asked James, "Famous celebrity couple, movie director, Morgan Ross, and former model, Christina Ross?"

Kelly nodded. "That's them." We all started freaking out!

"Oh my gosh!" I yelled.

"This is amazing!" said Logan.

"What do they want to talk about?" asked Carlos.

"We don't know," said Kelly, "They're going to tell us during video chat, so we have to get ready right now!"

"This is a once in a life time chance!" said James, "I could start my acting career through them! Maybe even be a real male model! Oh my gosh!"

"Say anything you want, I turn the music on," sang Carlos.

"Cause baby we ain't going no-oh-oh-where," we all sang. "I'll leave it all behind

To be with you tonight

And everybody's screaming oh oh oh oh oh yeah

Oh yeah oh yeahh

Screaming oh yeah

Oh yeah oh yeah

Screaming oh yeah

Oh yeah oh yeah

Screaming oh yeah yeah"

Kelly laughed at us. "Okay guys, time to settle down."

"Yeah because the video chat is in 30 seconds!" yelled Gustavo. We all rushed into chairs and sat in front of a huge screen that Gustavo put in the room. The screen flashed on. Then we saw Christina and Morgan. Morgan was in a suit and Christina was wearing a short navy blue dress.

"Hey BTR!" said Christina. James almost jumped out of his seat. I held back a laugh. None of the other guys would talk so obviously it was up to me.

"Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Ross! I'm Kendall and this is James, Carlos, and Logan!"

"Kendall, we know that!" said Morgan, "And call us Morgan and Christina!"


Gustavo jumped in the video chat. "I'm Gustavo Rocque, the boy's producer and this is Kelly, my assistant." Kelly stood next to Gustavo and waved. "Kelly can you get us cups of coffee, please?"

"Sure." Kelly walked out to make us some coffee.

"So," said Christina, "You're probably wondering why we wanted to talk to you!"

"Ya we are!" said James.

Morgan and Christina laughed. "So I'm directing a new movie," said Morgan, "Selective Crime Fighter, an action-comedy film."

"Kind of like, James Bond meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer," said Christina.

"Omg! You want us to star in your movie?" asked James.

"No," said Morgan."

James slumped back. "Oh."

"The reason why we wanted to talk to you was because we need a famous boy band to perform and we chose you guys!" All of us started getting really excited.

"Really?" said Logan.

"Yup! We want you guys to make a cameo in the movie and perform a song!"

"What?!" I yelled. We all started freaking out! A movie?

"Okay," said Christina, "We start filming in 3 weeks! We have to go now but we'll get in touch with Gustavo about everything else! Bye BTR!"

"See ya soon!" we all said together. As soon as the video chat shut off, we all started jumping and screaming.

Gustavo rolled his eyes. "Okay guys, calm down, you're acting like little girls. Now this is a big opportunity!"

"Gustavo!" I said, "Are you kidding? We're gonna be in a Morgan Ross movie! What's not to scream about?!"

"Yeah, just like how I'm about to start screaming at you, if you don't-"

I raised up my finger. "Shhh, no no, just enjoy the moment Gustavo." Now we could continue! As the guys jumped and screamed, my phone rang. I looked at the screen. It was Jo. I should take this.

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