A/N i finally got round to making this, how Optimus met my Oc, I'm kind of loosely based how different he acts in the movie then in the G1 series so I've made him a bit cold in this but he won't be like that for long don't worry ;) anyway please R + R and enjoy.

Arrival on Earth

Optimus's POV

Our arrival on earth was executed accordingly, i now headed toward a rendezvous point after acquiring an appropriate vehicle form, if this is truly the very human we seek perhaps there is still hope or to at least stop the plaque of war from spreading through this world as well.

My spark has hardened due to eons of war and i have grown desperate, i have little patience at this point and i only have my optics set on the glasses and the allspark, i wish i had not gone down this path, but the constant losses and the death of our world has finally took its toll on me and though a hard truth, my emotions have grown cold...i do not believe i will ever be able to show a gentler side...to anyone.

I drove down a dark humid alleyway as it is commonly known, and in the distance i saw Bumblebee and the rest of my autobots; a human boy emerged from Bumblebee as well as a human girl and a human youngling, female as well. I was expecting only the boy but as long as they do not affect the object of our mission i can tolerate this.

I slowed down to a stop as the humans were in front of me very closely, i proceeded to transform adjusting myself to my newly found alt form, clicking every individual piece in to place the relief of finishing the transformation, as with every new alt form you acquire can take time when first transforming more then twenty seconds can be life threatening especially on the battle field.

But not holding onto that moment i swiftly got to introductions as i knelt down to the surprised humans, the boy had his mouth hanging open as the girl had both her hands covering her mouth, the youngling looked more intrigued than anything else, nonetheless i moved my face closer towards the boy as i prepared for confirmation, "are you Samuel James Witwicky descendant of Archibald Witwicky?" i uttered, the boy slightly stumbled forward as i retracted my head back a little, not mentally prepared for an encounter like this was to be expected.

"Y-Yeah." He answered hesitantly as i watched his eyes roam at my form.

"My name is Optimus Prime." I said glancing to all three of them now, "we are autonomous robotic organisms from the planet Cybertron." I explained.

"But you can call us Autobots for short." Ratchet said more casual then my own tone.

"Autobots." The boy repeated.

"What's crackin little bitches?" Jazz said not the most advised choice of words but moving on.

"My first lieutenant, designation Jazz." I introduced.

"This looks like a cool place to kick it." Jazz said performing a number of flips before sitting himself on a scrapped vehicle.

"Where did you learn to talk like that?" Sam asked, due to Jazz's Earthly accent.

"We've learned Earth's languages through the world wide web." I explained moving on with introductions; i motioned to the children of Ironhide who stood behind them activating his cannons, "my weapons specialist Ironhide."

"You feelin lucky punk?" he said, the phrase is unusual; perhaps it is of a certain reference i do not understand at this point. The humans stress levels particularly the boys rose slightly in response to Ironhide pointing his cannons at them.

"Easy Ironhide." I said, Ironhide can be somewhat of a loose cannon and i did not want to take any chances on a world that could easily arise panic.

"Just kidding, i just wanted to show him my cannons." Ironhide said as the boy exhaled impressed.

"Our medical officer, Ratchet." i then introduced.

"Hmm the boy's pheromone levels suggest he wants to mate with the female." He told me, his sensors were obsolete i expected nothing less from him.

This comment caused the humans to act bizarre, they murmured, whistled and scratched their heads...courting ritual perhaps?

"You already know your guardian Bumblebee." I then said as Bumblebee performed an unusual dance of human culture, he jogged a few times while punching the air in a particular rhythm.

"Bumblebee, right? You're my guardian huh?" Sam said enthusiastically.

Bumblebee nodded, as Ratchet performed another form of treatment on him "his vocal processors were damaged in battle...I'm still working on them." Ratchet said with slight frustration in his voice, he believes he is incapable of repairing Bumblebee, but it is only due to the lack of time that he is unable to.

Turning my gaze upon the children once more, the youngling female had a look of curiosity in her eyes, i looked at her too but very briefly as she formed a gentle smile on her face, i quickly averted my gaze as the older female approached slightly, "why are you here?" she asked.

"We are here looking for the Allspark, and we must find it before Megatron." My voice grew serious with every word.

"Mega what?" Sam said confused.

Explaining it would be too time consuming and i do not believe i am willing to wait that long, so instead i will show them.

I accessed my memory banks as i projected a hologram of our world in its final days, very realistic in appearance to the humans as they did not exactly know how to react as our dying world surrounded them, all that was before them now was chaos.

"Our planet was once a powerful empire, peaceful and just, until we were betrayed by Megatron, leader of the Decepticons, all who defied them were destroyed, our war finally consumed the planet and the Allspark was lost to the stars, Megaton followed it to Earth, where Captain Witwicky found him." I explained, showing them Megatron himself and many fallen Autobots who hung from pillars as a warning to others, the humans themselves were uneasy at this sight so as i finished explaining i de-activated the hologram.

The boy scoffed lightly bewildered at that last comment.

"My Grandfather." He said impressed.

"It was an accident that intertwined our fates, Megatron crash landed before he could retrieve the cube; as Captain Witwicky made his encounter with Megatron he accidentally activated his navigation system. The co-ordinates to the cubes location were imprinted on his glasses." I explained further.

"How do you know about his glasses?" the boy asked.

"eBay." I answered, on my search through the human's data access, i found that many humans would use eBay, my theory is that this is an essential if not important access point for the humans.

"eBay." The boy repeated looking to his female accomplice.

"If the Decepticons find the Allspark they will use it to transform Earth machines and build a new army." Ratchet said warningly.

"And the human race will be extinguished, Sam Witwicky you hold the key to earths survival." I then said as i stood to my full height again.

The boy glanced around nervously as his female friend faced him, "please tell me you have those glasses." She said nervously frantic.

Sam looked at her face full of uncertainly, i just hope it was because he was unable to think straight at this moment.

"e-er sure Mikaela it's at my house." He finally answered with.

"Bumblebee you take point, we will follow." I said as i allowed my Autobots to get ahead of me as they transformed, Sam and the female named 'Mikaela' got themselves into the front of Bumblebee as i frowned with slight confusion, there were three humans. I turned to look over my shoulder, no trace; do human younglings travel on their own?

I felt my optics brighten as a light tapping was made on my foot, i nearly thought to get my weapons out but my first choice was to see what the source was first, good initiative too as the third human was revealed at my feet, what was the purpose of tapping my foot? Perhaps it would be wise to research human behavior on the way to Samuel's house.

Again the female gawked up at me, smiling. I had not been around sparkling's for the longest of time, and i felt unsure around them, i do not know how to act around them or how to communicate with them, i used to but there must be a block in my memory banks for i cannot remember...but i had to respond to her somehow, "hello." I uttered, that's the common phrase of greetings i believe.

She smiled at me again, "hi, can i ride with you?" she suddenly asked waving a hand at me, why does she not travel with Sam instead? It would be more logical to travel with someone you are more acquainted with...but i grew restless and if this is what i had to do to then so be it.

"You may." I said as i transformed, she hopped herself into my cab excited, as i wasted no time in following the others, overtaking Jazz, Ironhide and Ratchet as i tailgated Bumblebee, my mind preoccupied with 'the Allspark' 'Megatron' and 'glasses' but it was hard to keep myself focused when a human youngling was bouncing up and down on my seats...they squeaked as she continued her bouncing, my fuse was short and the consistently of it was frustrating, i had to stop this now. "Enough." I said firmly, she stopped instantly and froze as i mentally nodded, i have no time to be polite...she has to understand this is to save her race, the universe.

"Sorry." She said in a tiny mumbled voice, i misplaced that bit of information that younglings can be terribly sensitive to that of a voice with authority.

But how to reply? "All is forgiven." I said, though only being here a short while it seems i have already vastly improved on my communication skills with humans. (A/N face palm)

She then started to move her digits in a circular motion, as she lowered her head slightly, i know of sadness...perhaps...no, distractions like this will only jeopardize the mission.

She then sighed as she looked out the window; my sensors told me she felt extremely uncomfortable right now.

"Is something wrong?" i let myself slip out; i am driving so there is nothing practical to do at the moment.

"I blew my first impression." She answered solemnly.

"I'm sorry?" i asked confused.

"I annoyed you and now you'll never like me." She said.

Annoyed me? No, i just could not think, where did she get that impression? "you did not 'annoy' me, and the question of our relationship is nether varied, i do not know you enough to pass judgement and further to the point i will never know you." I think i explained that exceptionally well.

Then something alarmed me, her body temperature rose as well as her stress levels, and in an instance she let out a series of whimpers which led to a small high pitched sound...what is this? I checked through all that i had downloaded from the internet...crying? Caused by grief, sorrow or pain. of course we can produce a similar response but not to a simple comment.

I know the cause now what is the solution? Gentle soothing? ...I will just let her cry; this process will surely stop soon.

The estimated time since we left our previous position was twenty minutes in Earth time, and still my audio receptors were exposed to the human response that is crying.

I will have to ask, to stop this noise I will have to find the source to her grief, "why are you crying?" i asked.

"y-you s-said y-you will n-never know m-m-me." She stuttered, does she need a medic? Her breathing is unsteadied.

"Yes..." i said not entirely sure what her argument was.

"y-you basically said y-you d-don't want to know me." She stuttered again.

I do not understand human communication at all, there audio receptors must be faulty, 'i will never know you', of course how foolish of me, she must have took it the wrong way, have i really lost the art of conversation? "You misunderstand; i did not mean that i do not want to know you it is just that...i would not be able to." I said in a much more toned down voice.

"w-why not?" she sniffed.

I reached deep into my processor for i remembered if i were to say the wrong thing, it would upset her again. "I am afraid; i would not be here long enough for us to know each other." I said, i still do not understand how she has suddenly imprinted herself onto me.

"Why?" she asked wiping a lubricant from her eyes.

I did not want to go into detail so i asked the first thing i could use as a distraction, "what is your designation?" i asked.

"Huh? Designation?" she said tilting her head.

Hmm, simplify, simplify, "your name?" i said instead.

"Ellen." She replied.

"Ellen...I will remember that." I said with a solemn tone to my voice, at least until i depart...

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