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Like it was meant to be

The streets were empty, the dust was starting to settle, sections of the city was paved with debris of damaged buildings, scarred roads from an obvious fight with decepticons as i passed the still body of 'brawl' the damage to his form was a mixture of cybertronian and human weaponry.

i was running down the streets optics darting, again. Down the alleyways, the buildings, under vehicles anywhere she could've gone.

She must feel very lonely and only knew to run, like myself when i came here...

I felt a panic rise as i was coming up to the end of the city, but i pushed it back she couldn't have gotten far, the physical stress on her body, the mental stress she'd gone through and is currently undergoing she would be exhausted.

And i was correct in that theory, though she had placed herself at an unusual spot, she clung tightly to a lamppost as though it were a person, she was on her knees, shaking uncontrollably and sobbing loudly but she was trying to force it back this time, not your usual kind of tears, this was tears of anger.

I approached her slowly as her nails gripped firmly into the base; i didn't say anything merely let her know of my presence.

Her cries turned bitter, "i-it's not fair! H-he should've known better...i-i want my dad not a memory i know what he was i don't want people telling me he was a good man like it's supposed to make everything better, i can't hug a memory!" she wailed.

"He only did what he felt was right...he saved a comrade, a friend." I said, i didn't want her to feel such bitterness towards her father, it could turn either way in these kinds of situations she could end up cursing him for life.

"If he felt it was 'right; then why did he leave me alone?! Is that 'right'?! Did he feel he had nothing to lose?!..." after that sudden outburst of angst she fell to instant regret, she could never hate him. "I-i...i don't mean that..." she then collapsed her head into the lamppost as she cried harder, "i-i d-don't want to sound selfish, i-i just can't help it...i w-want my dad i-i want my mom why am i getting punished? I'm not a bad person so why?"

"Fate is a mysterious thing." I said.

She then whipped her head around to face me, anger and spite stained her expression, the mixture of the tears and the blood from her cuts showed this more. "Hang fate! You can make your own destiny...and dad had chose to die willingly...like you." She spat with daggered eyes as i lowered my head, "i-i'm sorry...i just can't help but feel so angry and so upset at the same time." She said as she shut her eyes tight and her lip quivered.

"But what you say is true, but your father's actions were more noble then my own." I said.

"And stopping a war isn't?" she said sounding more admirable of my actions then her fathers.

I scoffed in disgust aiming it at myself. "Yes and leave the human race as well as my friends to fend off megatron and the remaining decepticons." I said, as Ellen fell silent, but i put that aside as this was about her, "You know i was listening to you before." I said.

"What do you mean you were listening to me?" she asked.

"'it is better to know someone then to never have known them', which is true and i guess i forgot that, yes the pain is something indescribable but the happiness you experienced with him outweighed that...and don't you forget that either." I said solemnly.

She looked at me briefly before turning back to the lamppost, "it's true." she said as she went into another fit of uncontrollable tears and stuttering, "s-still i-I've n-never felt so l-lonely in my e-entire life." She practically screamed as she coughed a few times choking on her own words, she lowered her head as she was now in a bowed position, captain Lennox had told me how her father had been killed by scorponok, impaled through the chest...she doesn't know this, she only knows that he died taking a projectile for another comrade, for Captain Lennox...but if i ever encounter that decepticon...

Ellen had told me how she has no mother for she had died in the line of duty as well so now she is an orphan...an orphan of two wars. Saving a comrade, that decision always has consequences, it could mean reliving news for one family and shatter another, like wills family and...Ellen...she's what's left of her immediate family.

"He most likely knew you would be taken care of." I then said.

"But I don't want to be taken in because they feel they have to, i want to be taken in because they want to." She said sounding as if no one will want her.

How can she feel unwanted? She has a very engaging personality...but i have never told her that, I've hinted it but never told her in words. But if i did i would describe her as this, of all the beings that have come out of this universe as well as all those i have made contact with, she is the peak of life and why life is worth living. "she is inquisitive, though maybe too much so." I thought as i felt myself chuckle mentally "mischievous, which has kept me on high alert, her energy is hard to keep up with but that makes her all the more enjoyable to be around and she is very humorous a favored trait if I'm honest and her bravery taking the allspark and..."

"Ellen, why did you take the allspark from Sam?" i then asked out of curiosity.

"i-i d-don't know i guess i wanted to try and find a way to merge it with Megatrons spark instead of yours...somehow...i didn't exactly think it through" She said wiping a hand over her face.

"You did so in the end." I said quietly, though i feared megatron would kill her before she could do so, thankfully that didn't happen.

"Y-yeah, and I'm glad you're alive." She said slightly glancing at me.

There was that twinge in my spark again, and i know what it is now though i was in denial i shrugged it off as a mere malfunction, but it wasn't...I've always knew secretly...i truly care for her and I've never felt more happier in realizing that, perhaps our intertwined lives was truly fate? Scorponok and her father...like it was meant to be, but i would never tell her that for it is a tragedy not an occasion for such theories...i know what to do.

"Ellen?" i then said.

"w-what?" she said though she didn't look at me.

"I know that i have tried to not interact with you and have even told you this, but it was something i had to repress for i couldn't help but have such feelings arise but i merely dismissed them as something else, but i always knew what it was if not in here, then here." I said motioning to my head then to my spark. "I think at this point in time we both need each other." I said.

"What do you mean?" she said.

"you won't be lonely..." i am confident with this decision, i want her part of my life not to the side, i want us to learn about each other, i want to see her unfold into a fine young woman. "I'll take care of you." I said...but does she want this?

Ellen wiped her eyes as she looked at me unsure of what i said. "You'd...what? You'd...huh?" she stuttered but I'd thought I'd confirm again for her.

"I want to take care of you, and it's because i want to...i want... you." I said though slightly hesitant as i wasn't sure what her answer would be.

She stood herself up as the tears flowed like rivers, "y-you w-want...m-me?" she said showing a small sad smile.

Though i was surprised at her action i let myself smile gently. "Of course, why wouldn't i?" i said.

"I'm annoying." She huffed.

I shook my head lightly though i don't blame her i have not been exactly friendly. "well how about i confirm that for you by saying you're not annoying" then i leant in closer to her, "in fact you might say i..." i started as i then begun to whisper something into her ear.

I retracted back as she looked stunned at me, her face still wet and another load on its way as a wide smile but a sad one appeared on her face. I knelt down to her, i cupped two hands around her as i brought her up and held her close to my chest, she didn't hesitate to cling to me as she buried her head, she cried harder this time as i cradled her, "you are allowed to feel what you're feeling, don't fight against it, like i did." I said, as i swayed lightly from side to side.

"I-i miss h-him." she said her breathing was at the point of uncontrollable.

"I know, but in a way if you keep remembering the times you had with him and what he taught you, he's never truly gone." She buried her head again as she started sobbing because she had lost her family but also sobbing because she had gained a new one.

I leant my head into the embrace, "I'll take care of you, my little one." I whispered, before turning around and heading back into the city, from here it will be a long while until all wounds are healed.

3rd Person POV

So heading back Optimus continued to cradle a child, his child. It will be a long time for him and Ellen to both adjust to that but both are willing to each others affections. But he thinks it will be a hard case to ask to adopt Ellen, but it will eventually work out in his favor when they read her father's will,

"with the sudden passing of my wife i thought it best to update my will so I'll start by saying if anything were to happen to me, i trust the care of my daughter to her godfather William Lennox my friend and a fine soldier, however i want Ellen to be able to have a choice so with Williams approval she may choose whoever she sees fit, be it Will or someone not of this world on a final note I'll say this, Ellen, forgive me as a father i have failed in protecting you from the harshness of this world, but this world can be lovely all the same so enjoy life, with your friends, your family and whoever will relieve me and your mother of our parental duties, we love you Ellen, your life will consist of good and bad but know we will be watching, never think your alone."

The evening was falling to dusk over the grassy outlook, the light breeze ran through the single tree that stood there as four vehicles were resting on the grass, amongst them two humans Sam and Mikaela who were lay on the hood of bumblebee showing their affection for one another.

Further to the left of the outlook stood Optimus Prime, as well as Ellen who lay slumbering in the grass, all of whom were told to remain here until the government can arrange suitable accommodation for them.

Optimus walked closer to the edge of the outlook as he looked upon his autobots, Sam, Mikaela and Ellen, as he begun to transmit a message, "with the allspark gone we cannot return life to our planet and fate has yielded its reward, a new world to call...home. We live among its people now hiding in plain sight, but watching over them in secret...waiting, protecting. I have witnessed there capacity for courage and though we are worlds apart, like us, there's more to them than meets the eye. I am Optimus Prime and i send this message to any surviving autobots taking refuge among the stars, we are here, we are waiting."

With that he looked to his side and watched Ellen sleep, he smiled gently as he knelt down and stroked a finger across her cheek, he brought his finger up and pressed his lip against it, then brought it back down on Ellen's cheek once more, "i understand now." He whispered.

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