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John looked at his room, His dad and he himself moved some furniture into the house, It felt like a fright train at times, Because he would put his trophies in his cabinet which was held up on the far side of his wall, and when he came back with more trophies, they would be laying on his bed, He asked his sisters if they were playing tricks with him, Jessica shook her head, she was busy putting her clothing into her closet, and Lizzy was watching SpongeBob in her room, His mother and father where down stairs cooking up dinner, John wasn't stupid, He knew something was going on, He finally put all his trophies in the cabinet and then went to his bed, where he fell unto it, and sighed, exhaustion slamming into him full force, as he got knocked out. But in the far corner of his room a shadow figure watched and smiled, Its hollow eyes glowing brightly.

2 years before the move in…
1 year after the death of Sasha…

"Good Morning, Ladies, my name is Catherine, I will be your Real Estate Agent, Please to meet you girls."

A short tan woman in her 40s stood by the house which was where Sasha had died, with her family, The short woman had curly blonde hair, and was dressed in office attire, She held a pile of folders and a clipboard, She was speaking to a couple of lesbians who had recently married and where looking for a nice home to settle in. One of the females was named Rebecca, and the other was known as Sammy, Both where tan girls, Rebecca seemed more toned than Sammy.
Sammy was dressed in a pair of black jeans, with a nice hello kitty shirt, Her hair was curled into a bun, and she held her purse, she was wearing a pair of Sneakers, Her wife Rebecca, Rebby for short, was in torn jeans, Sneakers and had a Zombie shirt on her. Her hair was straight and let down behind her back. Catherine motioned for the couple to enter the house, Catherine knew that selling this house would be a smooth ride, It was about time the real estate was able to get the house even after the deaths of the family, But it was a accident, Nothing more, and nothing less. As she walked through the house, she shivered, There was a eerie silence through out the house, She didn't pay any mind to it, of coarse, She was here to do her job. As Rebby and Sammy looked around, The younger girl Sammy found it absolutely beautiful. The kitchen and the living room was untouched, and gleaming in the sunlight. Above them, the ceiling was made out of glass, Letting the beautiful Sunny day rain down upon them. Rebecca was staring at a closet near the living room, She asked if they could see the basement, Catherine opened the door, as light cracked through the stairs, Catherine leading the trail, The two girls walked down, and smiled and giggled, as the basement came into view, It was large, and had windows letting the sun come through, It needed a bit of work, but the floor was made out of tile, and the walls where a nice peach to them. Sammy turned around to feel a presence, But she saw nothing. She told her wife, who simply giggled, and told her it was the New Home Jitters.

"We would be happy to take this house off your hands!"
"Oh that's wonderful! Like I said this is the perfect dream home, for you ladies."
"Does this house have any history?"

Catherine bit her lip, Would she lie to her buyers? Last time she said anything they fled from the house, She didn't want that happening again.

"No not at all, This house was build 3 years ago, But no one has bought it, probably due to the price."

"Oh? Cheap People, Because this house is just wonderful to raise a family..Right beautiful?"
Rebecca looked at Sammy who smiled and nodded.
"Very much so sweetheart."

Catherine felt bad that she had unleashed hell for these kids, But business was Business, and she needed the money, So as they went back upstairs, The real estate agent walked out of the house, Dread going down her spine, She opened the car door to the two ladies smiling.

"Lets go back to my office and sign the papers, shall we?"
"Why yes!"

As the two ladies got into the vehicle, Catherine didn't dare look up to the windows, She had heard what the Neighbors had rumored, about hearing voices everytime they walked around the house, Was the house haunted? But that was just stories, Nothing can harm these girls, So with a nod, and a exhale of breath, Catherine started the engine and drove off.

..30 Days after the move in of Rebecca and Sammy White….

Sammy was cooking dinner, While her wife was in the shower, She hummed and watched the Tv, her favorite channel was the Animal Planet, for it seemed to relax her, While she cooked, Something from above her shattered. The house was lit more than usual, Rebecca was afraid of the dark, Sammy poked her head from the side, and looked up, and shouted.

"Rebby, you okay!?"

When there was no answer, The female pouted and put her salad bowl down, She walked up the stairs and down to their bedroom, But nothing was a miss. "Strange" She thought, Then the Crash sound came again, But this time across the room. She looked over to the sound, She heard her wife singing "Viva La Loca" From the bathroom, She walked towards their Art studio and found all their portraits and vases on the floor. She bend down and started to clean up, That's when the door shut abruptly behind her, She jumped up and giggled nervously. "Rebby, are you trying to scare me?" But no answer came from behind the door. Sammy walked to the door and tried opening it, But the knob was searing Hot, a small yelp from her, and she backed away, She sighed, and crossed her arms. "Im going to hurt you if you scare me Rebecca." A sound Sammy did not know answered her back and scared her straight to the core, She looked around and around. "S..A..M..M…Y…" It sounded like a voice straight out of the horror movies, All of a sudden, the lights was turned off, A shout of fright, and she turned around pounding on the door, When the lights came back on, she turned to her right, and saw the face of dead woman. Her eyes where open, but soulless, She had blood pooling down her face, But what made her scared to death, was that the Females head was in her hand, Her throat was squirting blood, and had worms coming out of it.

The terrified female knocked the door down and ran to her wife, Rebecca had heard the scream and ran towards her wife, Sammy hugged her and cried, shaking like a leaf. "Sammy, what happened dear? What did you see?" Rebecca tried to soothe her wife, But the figure Sammy saw was still behind her, Only visible to the woman, Sammy yelled at Rebecca. "Don't you see it!? She is there! Make her go away Rebecca, She is coming for me!" But Rebecca looked where she was pointing at and only frowned, All there was there was a small butterfly, As it flew towards them, Rebecca sang a gentle song, As the butterfly landed on Sammys shoulder, Her crying eyes was shut as she cried harder, To Sammy she felt the whisper of the dead female, As Sammy opened her eyes, To Rebecca she only saw a innocent Butterfly, Which made her think, Were did that little guy come from? But To samantha's eyes, It was the corpse and It was touching her, A sadistic Smile on its headless corpse.

"Welcome to your very own Nightmare Sammy"

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