I love to write, but I have never written a fanfiction before. This one will be my first, so I'm not sure how well this will turn out. Please regard me kindly!

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It's been three days since Mahiru left the Moonshine bar. Since she left the only people in the world she believed could fully understand her. And yet, after all the time they spent together, laughed together, lived together, they do not seem to understand her at all. Mahiru sits on the edge of the marina, her secret place, the smell of salt water and fish hanging heavy in the air. Everything seems peaceful as she watches dozens of sea gulls flying in the sky competing with the fishermen for their dinner, but even the loud squawking of the birds cannot drown out Mahiru's chaotic thoughts. Over and over again, the conversation Mahiru accidentally overheard between Misoka and Nozomu echoes in her ears:

"I'm almost positive that the girl is somehow connected to Dawn's Venus. We cannot allow her any further contact with the princess."

"You've been thinking that Mahiru was leaking information all this time, haven't you?"

"It pains me to say this, but…we cannot trust the princess right now."

Mahiru shakes her head in frustration. I never leaked information, she thinks to herself. I would never do something that would harm any of them, or the Lunar Race. I just…, she wipes her wet cheeks with her sleeve, I don't want there to be any more fighting, anymore killing, and I wanted to protect Himura. She doesn't want a war between the Lunar and Human races either. I just know it!

Sighing, she looks out over the water again. The fishing boats are beginning to come back in for the day. The sun has already begun to set, casting orange streaks across the blue-green water. Blue-green…The color almost reminds me of his hair….I wonder if he has gone back to the Moonshine yet? Mahiru sighs again and starts heading towards home, trying her best to push all thoughts of Mitsuru out of her head.

The further down the street Mahiru walks, the more uneasy she feels. As darkness descends, the streetlamps seem too feeble to keep the encroaching shadows at bay that hide who knows what. The streets are empty of people, the shops on either side of the road having long since closed their doors for the last time tonight. Normally it wouldn't have bothered her to be out this late. Normally she could feel a set of comforting eyes watching over her, but she cannot feel their presence now. She doesn't even have Mr. Bat with her.

The sound of shoes tapping against concrete coming from a couple of meters behind her causes Mahiru to jump. It's nobody. Just someone going their own way, not caring about me at all. Not believing herself, her heart beats faster, and she tries to keep her legs going at a steady pace even though it feels like they are turning into jelly. The tapping gets louder as the person gains on Mahiru and she starts to walk faster. The person starts walking faster too. Mahiru turns the corner at the end of the block hoping the person will keep going straight, but whoever it is behind her turns the corner too. Her brisk walk turns into a jog. The person jogs behind her. Nononononono….

Mahiru chances a glance behind her to get a look at her stalker and almost trips over her own two feet. It's a man in his twenties, if she had to guess, with long blond hair, and a headband around his forehead. She recognizes him as Mutsura from Dawn's Venus. Mahiru's feet take off in a run without a second thought. A wicked smile grows on Mutsura's face as he begins to run after her.

She doesn't know where she's going. She doesn't really care. As long as she gets away. Dawn's Venus, they think she's one of the Lunar Race, a "monster." If she told them that she is human, that she is the descendant of the Minister of the Left's princess, helping the Lunar Race out of her own free will, would they even believe her? Would they listen to her if she tried to reason with them, tried to convince them to stop this senseless war? What would they do if they caught her? Would they simply kill her? Use her to get to the others? No, she says to herself with determination, whatever happens, no matter what they do to me, I'm not going to let them get to the others. Mahiru rounds another corner and almost cries with relief. A car is driving down the road coming towards her.

"Help!" she calls out as she runs out into the middle of the street, waving her arms frantically so the driver will notice her. "Please, help me!"

The car slows down and comes to a stop a few feet in front of a panting Mahiru, bent over with her hands on her knees for support. The driver gets out, a man, but his face is obscured by the blinding headlights shining in Mahiru's eyes. "Well, well," he says, his cold voice strangely familiar to her. "Look at what we have here."

"Oh, no, not you," she moans as the man steps in front of the light, casting Mahiru in shadow, giving her a clear view of Hokuto Koudokui, leader of Dawn's Venus.

"Oh, yes, little monster," Mutsura says from behind her. Before she can turn he grabs her wrists and violently yanks them behind her back. She cries out in pain. Mahiru hears a loud tearing noise and then something sticky is wrapped around her wrists. Duct tape.

"Please, don't do this," Mahiru begs. "All this fighting, all this hatred, it isn't the answer!"

Hokuto grabs Mahiru's short blonde hair and forces her to look at him, bending his head down so his face is just inches in front of hers. The only emotion he shows is in his bitter, dark eyes: pure malice. "Yes, it is." He releases her and turns to Mutsura. "Put her in the back."

Mahiru's eyes widen with fear as she is dragged towards the car. Running out of options, she screams, calling out the name of the one person she wants to see more than anyone else until Hokuto finally puts duct tape over her mouth.

Author's Note

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