Summary: Twins are attacked by Voldemort the night he vanishes. One is named the BWL. What happens to the other twin? After finding their son talking to snakes, the Potters decide that he is dark and evil and give him to Dumbledore. What happens to the abandoned twin? Who takes the boy in when it seems like no one cares? {AU, Rating for later chapters, Wrong BWL, adoption, Title may change}

Warnings: Abuse, Neglect

Pairings: not sure about pairings yet… we will see… all I know is it's not SSHP.

Disclaimer: I don't, and never will, own Harry Potter. All plots and characters belong to J.K. Rowling and company.

A/N: This story is as of yet incomplete, but I know where it's going! The title may not make sense yet, but it will soon. I will update this weekly- or more often if I get it finished. Thanks for reading

(1) The Hidden Child

He remembered it like it was yesterday… even though he was now 8 years old and the event happened 6 ½ years ago. Damn eidetic memory.


Uncle Wormy was watching them for the night as their parents wanted to go to a friends party. He remembered his mother wearing a long red dress and her teeth seemed very sharp. His father also had sharpened teeth and wore a fancy suit and long black cape. Corvus was jealous because he wanted to play dress-up too.

A tall, red eyed man came to their home and tried to kill him and his brother. When it happened, Harrison moved over his brother to protect him. He felt a searing pain flow through his body before blackness took over.

When he woke, it was to an old man with white hair and twinkling blue eyes looking over him with a wrinkled brow.

"I think it was Charlie who stopped the curse. He must have pushed Harrison out of the way when the curse came towards them."

"How do you know?"

"Look here, this scar on Charlies head in the form of the letter S. We all know Voldemort was Slytherin's Heir."

"So what do we do, Albus?" came his fathers question.

"I think it best to separate them." He put a hand up to stop Lily's oncoming tirade. "Hear me out. Charlie is now the Boy-Who-Lived. He vanquished You-Know-Who. I'm not entirely convinced he is completely gone. But besides that, Charlie will be famous. Harrison will be pushed aside and jealous of his brother in the spot light."

"I'm not just going to put my son out as guess work, Albus."

"He will be better off."

"Let us talk this over before making any decisions. Can we stay at Hogwarts tonight?"

"Of course James. Pack up some bags. I will return now to make sure a room is prepared for you all."

Little Harry sat there dazed watching as his family decided whether or not to keep him. He stayed silent as his brother Charlie began fussing and crying.

Later on that night he heard his parents talking about what the old man had said.

"I just can't do it James."

"Are you prepared to treasure one son over the other? You know that is what will happen."

"No, it will not. He may be the boy-who-lived, but they are both our sons."

"Lily, I don't want to fight. It has been an emotional night for all of us. Lets rest and decide on this at a later date." Harry heard a sniffle, then "come here, love."


On their 5th birthday, Harry sat in the corner of the living room as his family and their friends surrounded Charlie. His pile of gifts was as tall as the boy himself. From his dark corner, Harry watched as his mother brought out the birthday cake and everyone began singing:

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Charlie, Happy Birthday to You!"

Harry knew it was his birthday as well, but made no sound. Tears silently flowed down his cheeks as he tried to understand why there was such a difference in how they were treated.

Remus and Sirius came by a few moments later and handed him a wrapped book. It was a children's story book, but it was a gift. As soon as the two men left his corner, Charlie came by and grabbed his book.

"That's mine, Charlie!"

"No, It's my birthday. Why would they give you a gift too?"

By now adults were coming into the room.

"It's my birthday too. We're twins and have the same birthday. Remy and Siri gave me that book for my birthday."

"Well, not like anyone wants to celebrate your birthday. I'm the boy-who-lived. No one cares about you!" And he turned away, still holding Harry's book.

Harry watched as the adults stood by silently. Even Sirius and Remus looked on and did nothing. "Remy, Siri?"

They shook their heads and left the room. The only one remaining was his father.

James grabbed him by the arm roughly and dragged him to the attic. "You can't be grateful for what we give you, then you won't get anything at all." he said as he threw the boy against the wall, followed by a smack to the face. "I don't want to hear a noise from you, you worthless brat."

Little Harry was shocked. How could his father treat him this way? True, Charlie is the most loved one and has been revered since that fateful night, but this was extreme even for him.

He shook with silent sobs as James Potter left his 5 year old son huddled in the corner of the attic crying.


Over the year, Harry made friends with the house elf Nani. James didn't lie when he said Harry wouldn't get anything at all, and it was only through the elf that Harry got fed. She also set up a bed for him and cleared the area of boxes.

Late at night while everyone was sleeping, Harry would slip down to his brother's room and grab books. They were never missed much and covered the basics of many subjects such as Potions and Herbology. There were even defense books. Charlie wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed so to speak, so Harry couldn't understand why people would give him such books.

Of course his parents would notice if the books went missing permanently, so Harry would read the books and then return them from where he found them. Every now and then, he found a book that he would keep with him. He had a feeling they were 'planted' by Remy. Given to Charlie, but knowing that Harry would find and read them.

This trick worked for a year worth of holidays and birthdays.

On the boys' 6th birthday. Little Harry sat in his room in the attic, watching his brother's party from the dusty window. The laughing voices could be heard from where he was. He watched as his brother opened gift after gift. But no books this year. Apparently the boy had made a fuss about not getting 'fun' gifts. James was sure to abide by his son's demands.

Now it was the brothers' 7th birthday. Harry sat in his room with the house elves, making sure he stayed away from where he wasn't wanted. Charlie had all his friends and the family over today for his party… again. He wondered if anyone actually remembered that he existed.

It amazed Harry that the one person who said they would not treasure one over the other, was the first to do so. Lily Potter loved her fame with her perfectly spoiled Charlie Potter. Not far behind her was James. At first it was hard for Harry to wrap his head around. 'Why is Charlie getting more presents? Why can't I play with Charlie? Why don't I get to have a birthday party too?' So many questions for the mind of a child.

I'm lucky to have Nani to remember to feed me at least once a day… then again Charlie knows she does this and purposely keeps her away from me…

Even Padfoot and Moony didn't notice he was gone anymore. After they stopped bringing the 'planted' books, they made no move to see him. Then again, they really didn't want anything to do with him recently. James, Lily, Moony, and Padfoot were waiting on Dumbledore to find out what to do with Harry.

You see, apparently little 7 year old Harry was evil. How was he supposed to know that it wasn't normal to speak to snakes? He remembered the fear in his father's face as he went running to the house. Harry had followed behind to ask what was wrong to find his two parents in the floo calling the old man. "Albus! He was speaking to a bloody snake! You were right when you said he would turn dark! We have to separate them. The savior of the light cannot be associated with a parsel mouth!"

He couldn't hear the other side of the conversation, but he knew enough.

That night Sirius had come over and started yelling about his newfound ability. He's finally noticed after years of solitude and all they can talk about is how he was going to be dark and evil. He speaks to one measly little garden snake and now he's evil?

He watched with tears in his eyes as Sirius removed himself as Harry's godfather and was put on as second godfather to Charlie. As Harry walked up the stairs, he found his brother listening in as well. "See, no one wants you freak. You're just an evil dark wizard. You are going to be put down like a sick dog"

Harry was scared now. Would they really do that because he spoke to one snake?

Harry angrily swiped a tear from his cheek. He lifted a hand and summoned a book from his bookshelf. The elf knew to keep his secrets. He wasn't allowed to be better than Charlie. He was punished for showing off and trying to get the attention away from his brother. They even went as far as to punishing him for doing well in school!

He honestly didn't care about the latter though. He did his best anyway, punishments be damned. When he was forced to stay home because of the bruised or broken bones, he returned to school all the more determined. He would tell his teachers he was sick and would be allowed to make up all missed assignments and tests. He was the top of most of his classes, while Charlie was barely passing. Well if he studied instead of flying around on his broomstick all day. Harry snorted.


The day after Charlie's birthday, Harry woke to rustling in his room. He watched as his mother was packing a bag of clothing for him.

"Mum?" he asked, scared

"Hey, Good morning"

Oh no, she's being nice. They're going to kill me aren't they. "Mum… I didn't mean to. I won't do it again. Please don't send me away." Better the devil you know, aye?

Lily looked away from him. "No, it's better this way. Besides, you haven't shown any magic yet. Living in the muggle world will be better for you."

She dressed him quickly. "No, mum, no. Please? I'll try harder. Don't send me away. I'm sorry. Please" he begged her, his cheeks stained with tears. He didn't want to tell her about his magic. She would call him a liar, and when he proved it, he would be a showoff… a lose-lose situation.

Emotionless green eyes and a faked sad smile were turned his way. That was when he knew. They don't love me. Sure he had thought that before, but then pushed it back in his mind as childish thoughts. But now he knew. "Can I bring my books? You can pack them up and shrink them and I'll save them until I meet someone who can enlarge them? Please. You know they are the only thing I ever wanted."

Lily looked at the bookshelves of miscellaneous potions, charms, transfigurations, and herbology texts. She looked shocked and for a moment Harry feared she wouldn't let him keep them, but she turned and gave him a false smile. "Of course."

With a wave of her wand, all of his books were packed in his trunk and his trunk was shrunk down. He put it in his pocket and pulled his shoes on. When Lily's back was turned, he pulled a money pouch his brother had 'lost' last week from under his bed and tucked it in his pants pocket.

"Come on, Harry"

And he did, with no complaint or pleading. He was all out and knew it would do no good.

When they got to the study, Harry watched a ceremony that removed him from the Potter Family Tree. He was officially disowned.

Good riddance.