This is the first chapter of my newest story, Love Takes Time!

Olivia is pregnant from Dean but he wants nothing to do with the baby or her anymore. Elliot steps in to help her, but things get perplexed when certain feelings come to surface. Is it just friendship, is it just a need, or is it something deeper, a little something called love?

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Olivia placed the glasses on the table. She smiled as she looked the beautifully made table in front of her. Everything was ready. Dean would be here any minute for them to enjoy a homemade dinner. Olivia cooked rarely but it was a special occasion and she wanted everything to be perfect. She and Dean were together for the last six months and Olivia couldn't be happier. She hadn't felt like this for a guy for a very long time, if ever. And from tonight on, after she would make her little announcement to him, she knew, she just knew that her life would finally fall into place.

There was a knock on the door and Olivia rushed to open. Dean came inside holding a big bouquet of red roses, her favorite.

"Hey gorgeous" he said and kissed her on the lips softly

"Hey. Thanks, they are amazing" she said taking the flowers and placing them on a vase and in the living room.

"What's that smell? You cooked?" Dean took of his coat and followed her back into the kitchen

"Uh huh. No delivery tonight. Come on, sit and tell me what you think"

They spent the next half hour, enjoying the food and wine, talking and laughing. Olivia thought that the evening couldn't go better. Once they had finished dinner, they moved to the living room and sat on the couch.

"Dean… there's something I have to tell you…" Olivia's voice trailed with excitement.

"What baby?"

"I just found out this morning, I mean… I had my suspicions, but I confirmed it today. Dean…" she took a deep breath "I'm pregnant" she said with a wide smile and turned to look at him, expecting him to be smiling too, but she was wrong. He had a confused, almost angry expression

"Pregnant? Are you… are you sure? I mean.. we took protection…"

"Yes, I went to the doctor and confirmed it. And you know that condoms don't protect you 100%. Dean? I thought… I thought you'd be happy…" Olivia's voice couldn't hide her confusion and hurt.

"Olivia" he said in disbelief. " A kid is the last thing I need right now. With my job and everything… I don't even know if I'll ever want to have kids!"

Olivia's heart sank. She couldn't believe what he was telling her.

"Dean…please… don't do this to me" she whispered not being able to look him into the eyes

"Do this to you? I can't… You mean… you mean that you want to keep it?"

Even though tears were streaming down her face, Olivia felt angry

"Of course and I want it! I wanted a kid for so long and I was so happy with you…. "

"Yeah and I am happy with you! Why ruin this? Why ruin what we have? Olivia please… tell me that you'll think about it…"

"Think about what? Abortion? I can't believe you are even suggesting it." She stood up and turned her back to him. Dean rose from the couch too and went to touch her arm

"Baby please…" but she moved away from him

"Don't touch me. I want you to leave. Now" she still wasn't looking at him

"Liv… don't do this…"

"Now Dean."

Olivia remained with her back turned as she heard him exhaling deeply and finally making his way out of her apartment without another word. When she heard the click the door made closing behind him she silently went to the table were the vase with the roses stood and threw it down. The vase broke into a hundred pieces and the roses spread on the carpet.

She leaned on the wall looking at them. She let her body slip down, her silent tears turning into violent sobs.

The next day she showed for work late. She had stayed up half the night crying and the other half she had fell into an uneasy sleep full of nightmares. On top of all, the moment she woke up, a nauseous feeling had made her run to the bathroom were she had spent the next ten minutes throwing up.

"Well somebody woke on the wrong side of the bed today" Elliot said as she sat on her chair and threw her bag onto the desk.

"Wanna tell me what's wrong?" he continued when she didn't respond to his joke.

"Nothing. I just woke up with a headache" she lied

She couldn't bring herself on telling him what happened, because even she, didn't know if it was for real. This time yesterday, she was full of excitement, she had just confirmed her pregnancy and she was planning her perfect night with Dean. And now… What on earth was she going to do? God knows how much she wanted this baby, but could she do this on her own, especially knowing that Dean didn't want anything to do with it?

A couple of hours passed and Olivia's phone had buzzed over ten times, each call from Dean. But she didn't answer it, not once, she just couldn't talk to him right now. Elliot had noticed that and didn't say anything, but when after the tenth phone call Olivia stashed her phone deep inside her bag, he couldn't help himself

"Liv, everything alright with Dean?"

She looked at him, his blue eyes were filled with concern. For a moment she considered spitting it all out, but decided against it. What if… she thought, Dean had reconsidered things and wanted to apologize? She had to be sure about his intentions before she was going to say anything to anybody, even Elliot. So she just forced a smile and replied to him.

"Nothing that cannot be fixed"

He didn't look persuaded but dropped the issue. He knew that when she wanted to talk he would be there for her.

While she was leaving the precinct, she checked her phone again. There were another four missed calls and a text message. Olivia opened it

"We need to talk. I'll come by your place at 8 pm. Dean"

She sighed. She thought that she shouldn't get her hopes up, but there was chance that Dean had changed his mind.

Around 8 o' clock Olivia was sitting on the couch nervously, flipping around the channels. When she heard a knock on the door, she quickly turned off the TV and rushed to open. Dean was standing on the door side with a slightly angry look on his face. When he went inside he didn't wait to sit down, he jumped straight to the point

"I was trying to call you all day, we needed to talk Olivia"

"Well you are here now, so talk"

"What we have is great Olivia, it really is, but as I told you before, I am not ready to become a father, but I don't want to lose you and I know that you feel the same way about me. So please, do us both a favor and go have an abortion so that we can pick it from where we left it."

Olivia's mouth dropped open. She felt anger rising inside of her

"Do us both a favor? Why would you think that I would do a favor to myself with aborting the baby? I want this baby Dean!" she yelled

" Olivia… please. You think you can do this by yourself?" he said in disbelief.

"You're damn sure I can! I don't need a selfish bastard who only thinks about having fun! So just to make some things clear here, I am keeping this baby and if you walk out from this door right now, you should know that you will not even lay eyes on your child ever again!" She shouted and to mark her words she went and busted the door wide open. Dean stared at her for some moment but Olivia didn't move

"I see that you have made up your mind. Well, I'm sorry that it has to end this way" he said and left.

Olivia slammed the door behind him. Tears started running down her face. She felt so disappointed and betrayed. She couldn't believe how cold he was about it, how he didn't hesitate to leave when she opened the door. She had been so wrong about him and it was killing her. After a while of pacing up and down the apartment she decided that she needed some fresh air.

Even though it was the middle of June, it was a cool night. Olivia walked through the busy streets of Manhattan, trying to let the wind that was blowing clear her thoughts. But it was almost impossible. Dean's cold words felt like they were permanently hacked to her mind, but most importantly, her heart. Before she knew it, she had stopped in the middle of the street crying. She leaned against a wall, trying to control her tears, but they were unstoppable. After some moments, she started having trouble breathing. She tried inhaling and exhaling trough her mouth but it was no help. And like things weren't already bad enough, suddenly a sharp pain on her abdomen made her yelp in pain. She panicked. She was alone, in the middle of the street at night and in no condition to move by herself.

"Help" she tried to say but it came out as a whisper. Another sharp pain crossed her abdomen. She gasped and placed both hands in her stomach.

"No…" she moaned.

"Miss? Are you ok?" Olivia heard a voice behind her. She turned her head and saw a young man looking at her concerned.

"Please…I have to go to a hospital…My baby…" she managed to say with all the effort she had left. Suddenly everything started going black and her legs went limp so she grabbed the man by the arm.

"I'm calling 911 right away, stay with me please miss" he said but Olivia found it harder and harder to stay conscious, she felt dizzier every second. When another pain shoot her, she gasped and collapsed into the man's hands.

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