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/If one wanted to avoid a 'potential' mafia war, one should be prepared to lose his dignity. Hiding away and scurrying in the darkness will be the only option—as it had been for me.

But please, as a mafia boss, I do hope that you are able to retain your position as boss (Right-hand men have tendencies for stealing your position.)

Giotto, Vongola mafia boss. /

Giotto did not enjoy this. Not in the least bit. He hated the idea of being cooped up inside his mansion in case of a 'potential rift' between him and the Tortellini family. What rift? All Giotto had done was gently tell the girl he was courting that she wasn't the one for him. He was hardly liable for raging a war and creating tension.

Right now Giotto was absolutely bored out of his mind. Of course it wasn't his idea to stay inside and watch the raindrops fall slowly from his window pane and silently cheer for the dominating rain-drop to win the race of reaching the end of the window. G had proposed the idea and Giotto, willingly like an idiot, agreed to it—that is until he woke up the next morning and realized what he had signed himself up to.

Giotto exhaled a loud sigh, on purpose, so that G who was studying a few papers in the next room would hear. Giotto wanted him to hear, he hoped he did—why shouldn't he? He was the one who subjected him to this utter boredom. Wasn't he supposed to be the boss who ordered and exhibited an ounce of responsibility? G had taken the responsibility away from him and told him that he was in a 'potentially dangerous position.' G had come to love using the word 'potential.' Everything had a 'potential' in it, be it the tea he ordered or the bed he slept in. G had literally taken on the task of boss temporarily because he didn't believe that Giotto could cope with the imminent threat imposed on him.

"G!" Giotto yelled, sitting upright and sauntering to G's room where he was busily signing things, "tell me why I'm sitting here, day and night, doing nothing? Whilst you take up my job?" He stood by G, pointing an accusing finger at him. G just nodded absentmindedly, still consumed in his task.

"Just a second, Giotto," G said, pushing up the glasses he was wearing, "I'm just reading this contract. It's really important and I can't afford to jeopardize it."

The unspoken word of 'like you did' hung in the air like the plague.

"That's just the thing. I should be reading the contract!" Giotto cried in exasperation, thrusting an accusing finger in his direction, "It's my job! I'm the boss of this family."

G was dignified enough to stare him straight into the eye. He pushed the glasses back so that it was resting on top of his hair—secretly Giotto thought he had done it to make himself look cool—and said, "But the threat remember? I was being kind enough as your right hand man to aid you in your calamity. I wanted you to be aware and prepared so that you wouldn't stress about the paperwork," G grinned, pushing a few papers up Giotto's face, "unless you changed your mind and still want to do this?"

Giotto stood there for a second. Silent. He was evaluating all that he had been told. G was actually being considerate? But Giotto could have sworn that G had taken his place. Maybe he was thinking too much, after all he was cooped up inside for so long that he even thought his own best friend was conspiring against him.

"So you're not stealing my position as boss?" Giotto asked, narrowing his eyes, trying to clarify a few points.

G gave an incredulous snort, "Me? Boss? Why would you think so?"

"Because—because," Giotto was at loss for words. Was he imaging everything? Was he really becoming paranoid that he genuinely believed his best friend would steal his position? The stress was really taking its toll on him. He decided that a walk through the gardens would clear his head.

Before he turned to leave, G called him back, stilling him to attention. G had a grin plastered on his face, a pen balanced precariously on his lips, "You know I was thinking about it."

"About what?"

"Taking your role as a boss," G said suppressing a low throated chuckle. He turned to face his paperwork again, pretending that he had said nothing.

Giotto stared at him for a second, his eyebrows raised to his hairline. G was having him on, and Giotto knew it. He shook his head at G's cheap blow and with a dignified stance, sauntered slowly but purposefully out of the room.

It was about time that Giotto handled the case of the Tortellini himself; after all he was a mafia boss of the Vongola family.

And Vongola's never give up.


Half an hour later…

"Boss! You can't be outside! They'll get you!" Lampo moaned when Giotto finally decided to step outside of the mansion. He clutched his green hair in alarm and his eyes widened with fear. He looked at Knuckle who was standing next to him for consolation and interference—Lampo hated the idea of a controversial mafia war and would have liked nothing better than staying at home until the all clear.

Giotto gave an insufferable exaggerated sigh, "I know Lampo, and it is about time that I settle matters with my own hands."

"Are you sure about this boss? You will be protected by the good Lord," Knuckle said solemnly, "however it is best that you stay inside for a while longer. The Tortellini family have openly declared a war with us, I heard."

Lampo nodded eagerly, "Yes, and they said they'll bathe in your blood and use your carcass as a trophy!"

Knuckle frowned, a bemused look on his face as he assessed Lampo, "They did not say that Lampo. They have merely stated their belligerence towards our family."

Lampo rolled his eyes, feeling a little irritated by Knuckle for refuting his facts "I know they didn't, I was just exaggerating and I wanted the boss to know how serious it was."

Giotto smiled, a determined look on his face, "That's just it, isn't it Lampo? They want me to run away with my tails between my legs but I won't give them the satisfaction," Giotto puffed out his chest and with every ounce of his asserted authority announced, " from today on, I hereby declare a war against the Tortellini family!"

If Giotto had expected an explosive of cheers and a stampeding of feet with a standing ovation, he was in for a nasty surprise. What he got was a confused look from both of his guardians and a heavy frown that marred both of their faces. They looked afraid and apprehensive about something.

"What?" Giotto asked after an awkward pause.

"Well the thing is boss," Lampo began nervously, slowly edging away from him, "the war against us has already been declared by Fiore. Asari and Alaude are investigating. G said…"

Giotto stood there, feeling gobsmacked and betrayed, "G told you but he didn't tell me?"

Knuckle shrugged, "I did try to tell you boss, just a moment ago I told you that…"

Giotto held his hand up, "Did G tell you?"

The silence affirmed his suspicion.

"Right, I'll march right back in to the office and demand to know why I have been kept in the dark," Giotto said, his eyes narrowed.


"No Lampo, I will not listen to any excuses. The Tortellini have declared a war with me, so I have a right to know everything."

"But boss…"

"Lampo, you're testing my patience now. I have been cooped up for the past few days and I feel really irritated by G's behaviour."

"That's the thing boss!" Lampo whined, pointing at the back of Giotto, his eyes fixed on a certain spot.

"What is?" Giotto asked skeptically.

"I'm here and at your service, that's why," the voice of G interrupted Giotto, shocking him. G emerged from behind him a smug smile on his face as he assessed the situation.

"Before you say anything," G began, noticing Giotto's mouth opening. He began ticking off with his fingers with a bored tone, "Yes, I have sent Asari and Alaude to spy on the Tortellini family. No, it wasn't to keep you in the dark. Yes your life was in potential danger and no, I was just aiding you as your right-hand man. Did that clear things up or do you have more questions for me?"

Giotto's mouth closed with a sharp click. G knew him too well, which sometimes was rather disadvantageous. He had pretty much answered all the questions that Giotto had in mind. All he had right now was one question.

"Actually, you haven't answered everything," Giotto said in the same presumptuous tone that G had just adopted, "there is still one more question."

G gave a wary smile, "Shoot away boss."

With a long dramatic pause, Giotto said, "When will you stop using the word 'potential'? It's irritating."

G's eyebrows rose to his hairline. He spluttered incredulously, "What?"

"Well, all week all you have been dictating is about 'potential' mafia rifts, 'potential' dangers and everything else that had the word 'potential' in it. Some didn't even make sense! You said that my bed was 'potentially' good for making sleep comfortable," Giotto ranted, leaking out all of his frustration from the last few days of mansion arrest.

Knuckle and Lampo raised their eyebrows, interested in the sudden development. Giotto ignored them, he was on a roll. G had to understand how suffering it was to stare at window-panes.

"Also, all you have told me to do all week is stay at home, do nothing whilst you take my job. And right now as your boss I order you to allow me to get back into position, things will be different now!"

"You order me to allow you?" G said with confusion.

Giotto ignored him and faced Knuckle, "Contact Asari and Alaude. We will handle this differently."

They all stared at the newly transformed Giotto, baffled at his sudden behaviour change. Why was he so caught up about the issue?

"If you'd been so passionate about the issue you could have told me," G said, "I was going to sort this out without any fuss because you said you didn't want any violence."

Giotto rolled his eyes, "I'm not going to use violence right now. I said we will handle this—"

A loud explosion stopped his speech mid-track. The whole mansion shook vehemently. Lampo's eyes widened as he crouched down in fear and shielded himself. Knuckle stared at the place where the noise had come from, clenching his fist. G raised his eyebrows, shrugging at the baffled Giotto whose mouth was gaping.

"What is that?!" Lampo cried out in alarm.

"An explosion of some sort," G provided, trotting towards the area, "I'll go check it out."

"There will be no need there," a cold familiar lilt that Giotto had heard just not long ago said, coming from behind them, "daddy had given me enough time to divert your attention."

Giotto spun around to face, inevitable, the woman whose heart he had broken.


"Hi Gio, I came here to settle things. It's about time you face me like a man," she said, her cold brown eyes scanning his as she smiled superficially. She was still wearing the same tight black dress that she had worn during their courting.

Lampo stood up and gazed at her, a forlorn look in his eyes, "Boss dumped you? But you're beautiful! Let me take you out to a real Italian restaurant and you will not regret courting me—"


He reeled back in shock as Fiore slammed him with her handbag. Her eyes narrowed into tiny slits as she hissed, "I have already broken the contract with you damn Vongola! Don't come near me you creep."

Lampo looked stunned, his mouth gaping open. He made wild gestures at Knuckle who tried supressing a small smile. Fiore had lived up to her reputation.

"Now all of you step back. This is between me, Giotto and daddy," she surveyed the guardians. Her eyes rested on G who had his hands in his pockets, waiting for her to finish her speech. She found it incredulous that he dismissed her like that and screeched, "I know you! You're the right-hand man here aren't you? You think you're better than me? Better than us?"

"What makes you think that?" G asked calmly, putting a comforting arm on Giotto's shoulders.


"You have an inferiority complex."

"Let me—"

"And you think that you have right over anybody."

"Excuse me?"

"Also," G answered gleefully, enjoying her reactions, "you have daddy issues too.

Fiore's eyes widened with disbelieving shock. Giotto couldn't help but feel a teeny tiny taste of victory as Fiore screamed obscenities at them.

"Oh, daddy will hear about this…he is here you know? Currently he is disarming the security in your mansion," she jabbed a finger in Giotto's chest and spat, "oh you won't be happy when he returns and find out what you did!"

Giotto, somehow, didn't seem to care anymore. He knew he had to survive this because he planned to write a whole lot about his encounter and give advice to the future mafia bosses. He hoped; no he wished that they would heed his advice because he was not going to put himself in danger just so other mafia bosses could ignore it.

"Listen Fiore, please leave this property now," Giotto said, getting serious.

Fiore ignored him and continued to rant, "Well you will all pay—in full. Nobody messes with us, nobody. Because you're Vongola you think—"

"Fiore," Giotto said, his tone rising an octave.

G watched with amusement. Lampo was still nursing his sore cheeks but still watched the tension crackling between Giotto and Fiore. Knuckle kneeled down and started praying right there and then.

At last Fiore spun around to face Giotto.

"Get. Out. Of. My. Property," he hissed with as much clarity as he could muster.

"You think I' going to run away just because—"

"Listen to him for God's sake!" G said, losing his temper, "he's serious and really irritated right now. I assure you that you will not want to be on the receiving end of this. Trust me."

Giotto pinched his eyes shut. He was well pissed off by now. He was human and there were limits to what he could take. He had been driving himself crazy by staying cooped up and now the object of his anger was standing right in front of him. He wasn't going to touch Fiore, Giotto prided himself in not hitting women, but he was going to get her out of his property because he was getting a headache right now.

But before Giotto could give her a piece of her mind, a loud booming voice interrupted them.

"Now which one of you three pipsqueaks broke my darling's heart?"

It seemed as though the day was getting better for Giotto.

Another voice could be heard—an oh so familiar voice that Giotto didn't want to hear right now.

"Nufufu~ I did try to stop him, but he was scaring away my Elena."

Giotto sunk to the ground, burying his face on his knees and wrapping his arms around himself. He had a very strong urge to face- palm. His diary was going to be filled by the end of this day. That is if he did manage to get over this tedious ordeal.

Why did being a mafia boss suck right now?

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