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Rosie's POV

I lay in the grass looking at the clouds. They float so freely; not ever having to worry about the stresses of human life. As much as I wanted to stay lying in the grass, my feet would not allow. I get up (rather slowly) and put my headphones back into my ear. I press play and an Adele song starts. There, in the middle of the field I began to dance. My feet keep going even though my body is being reluctant. My feet are now out of my control. They're spinning freely.

I think about my new future that will be starting soon. Just think: a little country girl who goes to what some would call a preforming arts school moving to an elite Academy! My old friend Tara used to rant about it in emails so I figured what better way to time with her. I could feel my heart racing just at the thought. Probably also 'cause I was standing on a few stacked crates. I leaped off, remembering what Tara used to tell me.

"Rosie!" Well that didn't sound like Tara. My iPod was now on pause and I realized it was my mum.

"Rosie! You need to start packing! We've been planning this for weeks and there's not a single item in your suitcase! You've been out here for hours. Can't you come inside? Isn't that what most teens do nowadays?" mum said with a hint of question. Humph. Didn't know I was "most people," I thought to myself. I see the sun is about to set.

"Rosie Annabelle Garcia! NOW! "Mum sternly shouted. Without thinking I quickly shouted back, "Coming! Don't get your knickers in a twist!" Not that I'm completely sure what knickers are. I heard it on TV once. I mean, who can't trust social media? They would never lie to me.

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