Sonic the Hedgehog: The Fire Rises-

A Sonic the Hedgehog Fanfiction

All characters owned by SEGA, Archie Comics, and DC Comics… Loosely based on the movie The Dark Knight Rises.

Chapter 1- Hijacked

A lone truck sped along the barren grasslands of eastern Eurish against a grey sky. It's cargo; three Mobians bound with bags on their heads and a frightened, anxious human. The truck soon stopped when it came to a small, black jet flanked by GUN operatives. The driver and passenger got out and pulled everyone out of the back with their heads still covered- prodding them closer to the GUN soldiers.

"Great, we've been expecting you!" greeted one soldier as they began loading the prisoners onto the plane.

"I'm sorry, sir. You can't bring friends with you," another soldier said to the terrified human.

He looked back at them while he was ushered into the plane. "They are not my friends," he protested, but was shoved into the airplane.

The human driver of the truck walked up to the soldiers. Two of them were standing at the entrance of the plane. "My name is Major Freeman of GUN," explained the soldier on the right and showed his badge.

The driver with combat fatigues nodded and looked to both of them warily. "They are hired guns. They work for the mercenary; the masked one," he explained with a thick accent.

The soldier on the left looked at the driver with uncertainty and confusion. "Bane?" he asked no one in particular. The driver nodded softly without a word and went to join the other passenger, who was also human. Freeman turned to the other soldier and shrugged his arms. "Guess they don't want to be paid…"

A few minutes later the plane was soaring above the grassy plains and snow-capped mountains. It was perfect flying weather and the crew could see that today's flight from the middle of nowhere to Station Square would be an easy one. In the main compartment, the GUN operatives were getting down to business with interrogating their prisoners. Freeman opened up the door as the gust and deafening roar of the wind at 4,000 feet screamed into the plane.

"Alright!" he exclaimed to the prisoners who still had their heads covered. "First one to talk gets to stay on my aircraft!" Another GUN soldier brought the first prisoner to Freeman, who laid him down on his back and stuck his head precariously out the door and let it hang over thin air.

He pointed a loaded gun to the mystery Mobian's head and began demanding answers. "Why do you work for Bane?" he yelled. No answer. "Alright then," added Freeman and fired the gun once outside to give the effect of shooting someone. He ordered the other soldiers to move the still living prisoner to the back of the plane so it would appear that he shot him then threw him out. Another one of the three prisoners was brought to Freeman, who did the exact same thing.

"Where did you find Bane?! Why does he wear the mask?!" asked the Major, who was becoming visibly frustrated. "Still not talking, huh? At a loss for words?" he asked.

"Or perhaps he is wondering why you would shoot a man before throwing him out of an airplane…" replied the remaining prisoner; who's voice had some sort of filter on it. Freeman ordered a soldier to take the prisoner he was interrogating and put him in the back with the other one. "Well at least you can talk! Who are you?" he asked.

"It doesn't matter who we are…" the prisoner replied. "What matters is our plan!"

The Major was unsettled by the prisoner's words. "How much is Bane paying you to keep quiet?" he asked as he removed the Mobian's head cover himself. He pulled it off to reveal a tall, grey-scaled, muscular Komodo Dragon with yellow eyes. He had a strange looking mask on which strapped from behind his head to a large mouthpiece in the front that looked like skeleton's fingers interlocking.

"No one cared who I was until I put on the mask…" the komodo dragon growled.

Freeman shook his head. "Well congratulations Bane, you've managed to get yourself caught!" he jeered. "Was getting caught part of your plan?"

"Of course!" Bane exclaimed.

The Major just laughed. "Do you think we can take that mask off for a bit more questioning? Or will you die?"

Bane stared at him intensely with his yellow eyes and black pupils. "Well I imagine that it would be extremely painful…" he replied.

Freeman looked confused. "You're a big guy…"

"…for you…" Bane added.

The Major was taken aback by this but decided to keep pushing him for information. Meanwhile outside, a bigger white cargo plane was gaining on the small black jet, making the latter shudder a little as it got closer. "What the hell is that?" wondered the pilot. The plane quickly overtook the small jet and hovered above it.

"Well, you're caught now. So you might as well tell me the next part of your master plan," coaxed Freeman. Bane looked at him intently. "Crashing this plane… with no survivors!" he replied. Just then, the white cargo plane's back hatch opened and humans and Mobians attached to cables jumped out into thin air, landing all over the small jet below. They brandished their sub machine guns and started shooting out the jet's windows. Some proceeded to shoot the GUN operatives through the broken windows while others began attaching C4 to the tail of the jet and cables to the places where the wings met the body of the aircraft.

That huge distraction was all Bane needed to break free of his bonds and attack the remaining crew members. The guards tried to subdue him, but he countered them quickly with devastating punches and kicks. The two other prisoners also broke free of their bonds and were coming to the aid of Bane.

By now, Bane's men outside had retreated back to the white cargo plane and were beginning to winch the cables that held the jet's wings into place. The jet gradually tilted and rose upwards with its nose facing the ground thousands of feet below. The sheer force of the wind on the jet's wings was enough to tear the wings and engines off as it hung there helplessly.

Inside the jet, Bane and the remaining prisoners had begun to turn the tide against the crew. Bane and the others climbed along the seats as the jet tilted upwards and the GUN soldiers who had slid to the bottom shot at them. One of the shots grazed Bane as he climbed. He looked down at the operatives and to his side where he saw a wounded GUN soldier. He grabbed the incapacitated man and hurled him down the jet where he collided with the remaining operatives along with Freeman at the bottom, knocking all of them out.

Outside, Bane's men activated the C4 on the tail of the jet, making a ring of small explosions and tearing the entire tail off. They lowered a cable into the now open aircraft and between the rows of seats so that Bane and the others could get out. The prisoners began ascending the rope and one by one made it into the bigger aircraft. A wolf Mobian began climbing the rope, but Bane stopped him. "No, they will be expecting one of us in the wreckage, brother!" he yelled over the howling wind. The wolf Mobian smiled and looked back at him. "Have we started the fire?" he asked the Komodo Dragon. "Yes! The fire rises!" Bane exclaimed, and began climbing up the rope.

The frightened human from before had climbed into a corner to keep from falling to his doom. He saw Bane approaching him and backed farther into the small space. "No. No. NO!" the human groaned. Bane snatched him up so that he couldn't get away and attached a hook on his vest to the rope coming from the cargo plane. The human looked to the bottom at the bloodied and beaten GUN soldiers and began struggling to get free. "Now is not the time for fear, doctor!" Bane said to him, and took out a handheld detonator. "That comes later!" he said and pressed a button on the detonator, blowing the cables holding the jet off of the cargo plane. The human screamed as the remaining piece of the jet plummeted around them. They came out unscathed as they passed through the middle and watched as the once sleek aircraft rocketed towards the plains below, smashing into hundreds of pieces…

End of Chapter 1…