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Warning: Possible mild foul language, slight OOC-ness based on the plot, and a possible OCxNny pairing

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By Concealed Invader


Dear Die-ary,

There has been no luck so far in ending all emotion within me. I think that is because I'm having suspicions that someone - or something - is following me.

Johnny set down his pen and irritably pulled on the bit of hair in his eyes, a nervous habit that had come up recently. He couldn't write when that nagging feeling of someone watching him surfaced. He sighed, then stood up from his desk. He needed to take it off his mind.

"I'll go get a cherry Brain-Freezy~" He said out loud.

"Ah, yes, that will lighten your mood." Reverend Meat replied. Johnny walked out of the temporary home he was inhabiting and climbed into his old grey car. He drove, and was soon outside a new-looking 24-7. After paying for his Brain-Freezy, he sat down at a small table and took a sip. His eyes wandered around the cramped store until it landed on someone. A girl...


Note: Yes, yes, I know, mega short chapter AND a cliffhanger... But the way I'm writing this calls for short chapters. I promise, as I progress, the chapters will become longer.