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"Ugh, I can't believe he saw me!" E mumbled. She flicked a strand of hair away from her eyes and turned to Rikkeh. He was a wolf stuffed animal she had "decorated" with black paint.

"I don't think he believed it either." Rikkeh replied. "I'll never understand why you insist on wearing that getup- he was bound to notice you if you're wearing his outfit!" The wolf hopped of her desk and made himself comfortable on her lap.

"Well, if I'm supposed to be a good flusher, I have to learn. What better way to learn than to study the flusher before me!" E sighed and pulled on the ends of her hair. "When that stupid Bub's Burger Boy told me I was the new flusher, I thought I was going crazy- well, crazier than usual. But what else explains why I feel the need to destroy all the social maggots of the world?" She studied her small hand covered in blood. Then she stood up from her desk chair - dropping Rikkeh to the floor in the process - and walked up to her mirror.

"Sometimes, I don't believe the words you tell me, Rikkeh, even if they are my own. You know what he said." She touched the cool glass and stared at her golden eyes. "No emotions. He doesn't want emotions."

"He'll still fall in love with you. He has no choice. You'll see.

"Yeah..." She sighed and took her hand away, leaving a bloody handprint. "I'll see..."

Note: Heheh, short chapter, cliffhanger... I'm evil. (ALSO, for those who just tuned in, this was plot development :3) If you already hadn't noticed, I'm alternating from Nny's POV to E's POV in each chapter, which is why some are much shorter than others. It'll work out in the end. If we ever get there xD