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A Gods Eater Burst / Gods Eater 2 fanfiction by Lushard.

Prologue - Memories

12 – 08 – 2075 / 23:02:11


It was raining again.

Alisa stared blankly at the display of the scene outside of the Den from her room.

A year had passed since that incident. Yes, a year ago, she had been here, celebrating his birthday, and much later on the day, grieving his death. Clenching her fists in anger and frustration, Alisa walked away from the window and stopped before the door that led to the hallway.

No, training would only be an excuse to run away from the feeling of bitterness. He had told her that once.

"Training in that shape would not give you anything but more pain," she remembered his voice ringing in her head, clear as a sun in a cloudless sky.

Don't run away from your anger. Don't run away from living.

A tear escaped from her eyes. I've tried, she bitterly thought. I've tried. But the hole only deepened whenever she tried to cope with the growing darkness within her.

She remembered how she had cried over his dead body exactly a year ago. It had been raining like this; and minutes before they had departed on a suddenly-given mission, she had already sensed that some bad omen would befall them when the rain refused to let up.

"You're worrying too much," he had told her simply when she had voiced her concern over the sudden call. His deep green eyes had reflected her own troubled face.

Although it turned out that her worries had proven to be true, the memory of their last conversation was the most torturing one for her. There were so many regrets of what she could have done at that time, like preventing him to go or asking the Director to dispatch the Defense Squad instead. But no matter how she regretted of not using the chance to do something - or, anything to prevent the calamity from happening - reality would never grant her wish, for she could not possibly rewind the flow of time.

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12 - 08 – 2074 / 14:24:23

"You're worrying too much."

Alisa was about to talk back, but he was quicker to say, "Nothing will happen. We have gone on this kind of mission several times, now, haven't we? And are we dead?"

"No," she answered, admitting loss. As far as she could remember, she had never won a debate against him. Never, even once. "But—"

The young man pulled her close by the waist and succumbed his head into the crook of her neck, his nose buried in her whitish blonde hair. "I'm still breathing, aren't I?" His voice was not any louder than a whisper, his breath warm on her skin.

Involuntary, the ends of her mouth twitched up. "Stop, Ray—"

The elevator stopped moving and the door opened. Ray let her go and smiled. He was now almost a head taller than her, reminding Alisa of just how much time had passed since their first meeting. She had been almost of the same height as him two years ago, but now she should literally look up to meet his gaze whenever they were in such proximity.

The two walked out from the elevator and headed straight to his room. Alisa followed him and closed the door after they were inside.

"Three hours of preparation will be enough for now," he said as he unbuttoned his uniform. "You must still be exhausted from yesterday too, aren't you? I haven't had the time to ask, but how was your homeland?"

Alisa sat on the sofa and grabbed a canned soda from a nearby table. "Nothing much." She had just arrived from Russia yesterday after what seemed to be a very long two months being away from her friends in the Far East Branch. The head director of the Russian branch insisted that she went home on a regular basis to fulfill her task as a senior New-Type Gods Eaters to train the newbies there "The HQ there is still being reconstructed after suffering some serious damage done by the Aragami, but everything seemed to go smoothly. Some New-Types have joined the ranks as well."

Ray changed into a dark long sleeved shirt and sat beside Alisa. "Must be nice, being able to visit home," he said. Leaning forward to grab a tablet from the table, he turned on the device and reviewed the mission that had just been assigned to them. "I wonder if this Aragami we've been ordered to slay is also a new breed. Like those of the Hannibals..."

"And that's why I'm against this mission," she said in a stern voice. "We haven't even received any proper information of the Aragami, so why should they send in battle members to engage it this fast?"

"Why, of course we'd be the first team to bring back such information," he calmly replied.

She stretched out her hand and placed it on his cheek, gently making his face to look directly at her. "Listen, I know it may be stupid to rely on hunches and senses, but I seriously dread this mission. There's a possibility that this Aragami is one of those newly evolved ones being constantly reported by the patrolling squads, and going against it in such a hurry usually proves to be fatal."

Ray stared at her for the longest time before replying, "Then think of it this way: the longer we delay, the higher the probability of this unidentified Aragami—the one you think as being dangerous, in a sense—to cause more damage on, who knows what sector. You've heard of reports saying what mere low-level Aragami that managed to pass through a sector's barrier could have done." He paused and his gaze softened. "People die each day, Alisa. And the sooner we rid of those monsters, the more lives will be saved."

When she did not reply, Ray smiled and placed his hand above hers, pressing it against his cheek. "We will be fine. Soma and Lindow are used to this kind of job, and so are we. And besides, they'll send two squads. So please don't ruin the day by negative thoughts. I still want to enjoy every second of this day, you know," he playfully added.

Inhaling deeply, she let out a chuckle. "All right, fine. You win, Mr. Stubborn."

"Look who's talking." Ray lay down and placed his head on her lap, letting her hand slipping through his chesnut hair. He fought down a yawn. "The party exhausted me—I'll be taking a nap. Do you want to go back to your room now?"

"No. I'll remain here." That statement earned her a thankful smile, and before the young man succumbed into the realm of dreams, she softly whispered, "Rest well. And happy 18th birthday."

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A/N : It's been quite a while since I last updated on GE 2's new information. After seing their concepts and designs for the new game, I chose to write this fic.

Oh, and also, Alisa's drastic change of personality from GEB in this fic is in tune with the official manga: Gods Eater - the 2nd Break.