A Gods Eater Burst / Gods Eater 2 fanfiction by Lushard.


21 – 09 – 2075 / 17:03:07

The distant sound of thunder rumbling in the sky alarmed the people at the church. The sight of dark clouds enveloping the sky quickly put the women into action: they brought the children who were playing in the courtyard to the safety of the old building, sushing them inside. Some of the older kids protested but these went unheard.

Picking up his plastic sword, a boy turned to tail one of the women with questions bubbling in his head. Why were the adults so panicked? Rain was something that they shouldn't be afraid of, he was sure.

Once the doors and windows were closed, the wind began to pick up, sending fallen leaves flying wildly with a vicious hiss. Oh, now it made sense. Perhaps they were afraid of an incoming storm, the boy thought. The media had warned people that global warming was getting worse: there were storms everywhere and no one could predict the seasons accurately anymore. Not even the great company, Fenrir.

As if on cue, droplets of rain wet the soil, then the pavement, then splattering on the church windows. They were dark in color. Some of the children curiously moved closer to the windows, trying to get a clearer view while the adults were busy murmuring amongst themselves, looking terrified. The boy was one of the curious minds. He traced the glass window with his fingers, mouth falling open as realization slowly dawned on him.

He'd thought that the rain had been of black water, but he was wrong. When he looked closer, the dark color proved to be something more disturbing.


"Steer clear from the windows!" one of the priests yelled.

The children obeyed, surprise still dancing in their eyes. The boy turned to the Father, saw his darkening expression, and chose to voice the question lingering on his mind. "Is this rain of blood?"

The Father's eyes softened when they settled on him, but his worry was still apparent from the tight lines on his face. "I don't know, son."

"Then why is the rain red?"

Another shake of head. "I'm afraid I can't answer any of your questions right now," he said with a rueful smile. "But Fenrir has taught us that we must not—"

A scream left the Father's words unfinished. A woman's. Everyone in the room turned their heads to find the source of the woman's horror: a girl, barely eight year old by looks, was unlocking a window and stretching her little hand outside to test the oddly colored rain. Seconds seemed to lengthen into hours. Some of the adults moved to seize her, but it was too late. The girl's fair skinned hand, small and smooth, was now tainted with red droplets.

xx - 0 - xx


Subject: Welcome Aboard

From: Julius V.

I have read the files about you and what has happened in the past. I also understand Fenrir's concern regarding you and your official status as recorded in NORN. Please do understand that if you are to operate as a BLOOD member, we will not be able to use your ID as a former Gods Eater. I hope you can adapt well.



From: Unidentified Sender

I've found her. Sector F 49, AER 101—Canada. I'll notify you if there's more info.

'Code and Recode.' I'll send it after the line has been secured. It may take some time.

They're watching you closely. I'm switching to BLOOD Line now.

xx - To be continued - xx

Sneak Peek

"It is not over yet."

"I...wish to make up for it. For Shio."

"Who are you?"

"The Red Rain is something that's taken my precious one."

"This world is damned, and we were simply trying to live through this hell."