From the moment she had first seen him, it was all strange to her. How could one truly have no emotion? And to be a quite debonair man, too. It was flattering and yet slightly unnerving. Every time she fell or showed the smallest amount of ill feeling he would rush to her side, earnestly looking into her eyes. She was never the type to let anyone care for her in that manner; always looking out for herself. Losing many at Cassardis had seemed to deepen such feelings.

It was the morning after slaying the griffin, and Nahari's body felt like she could barely move. Gran soren's Union Inn had become a sort of haven for her. She laid on the bed for quiet sometime before sitting up, surprised by the presence of her main pawn: Sylvou.
"I've brought these back for you, Master," he said.
she reluctantly smiled, this was not the first time he had gone off to assist another Arisen. He would come back bearing gifts, so far nothing useful. It was quiet baffling, she wondered if he ever slept.

He walked over and touched her shoulder, "Master, it seems as though you've overdone it. The Griffin was indeed a difficult beast…"
"Aye, I'll be alright."
Slyvou eyed the many scars on her was a well muscled woman, and had already had her fair share of battles. Even before becoming the Arisen, she had hunted monsters regularly. She wondered if he was looking at her in order to learn more. Even with little sentiment he was a truly curious man. He had told her before that his kind learns much from observation.
"I shall meet you outside near the fountain," said Nahari.
Sylvou nodded, "as you wish."

She pondered the many times Mercedes had said how useless and clumsy pawns were. It seemed quite the opposite with Sylvou. Every time she thought about it, a strange sensation filled her. Even without a heart, she could still feel this deeply. She wondered if Sylvou and her, were somehow linked? She sighed and continued to put her armor on.
"I shouldn't allow myself such vain imaginings. It does not matter. He is just a pawn. I mustn't put emotions into this…" she murmured.

Outside the Inn Sylvou was leaning against one of the walls. It made her chuckle, she wondered if it was a good idea to tell him to react "arrogantly."
"I thought you might have forgotten, Master. I pondered coming in and seeing if you were all right. As you know, it is my duty to protect you."
"'Tis not alright for me to be alone?" She scoffed.
He let out a small chuckle.
"Do you not think I can defend myself? I do believe I can!"
"Verily, it is so. I am sorry, Master," he said with wit.

His humor had surprised her. even before she had instructed him to speak arrogantly, he had seemed like a sly fellow. It made little sense to her, even if he was only faking humanity it did not matter. It had already been better to travel with him then some of the humans she had in her earlier days. Not only that, but he truly was deadly with a bow and arrow. She shook her head and chuckled. He stretched, and then stood next to her ready for orders.
"What is our next destination, Master?"
"I must speak to The Duke…"
"Ah, to inform him of the Griffins demise? Aye, Let us be off then."