Jordan woke up pleasantly sore and sticky and dreamily snuggled up to the man next to her as consciousness returned. The sun was streaming in the windows and she felt warm…a good morning. As her mind escaped the haze of sleep, realization seeped in as to who lay with her in bed.

Woody. She'd let him claim her last night. It was more than two people having sex or even making love. He'd claimed her forever, and she'd let him. Panic started to fill her senses as the implications of that promise sunk in. She was his now. No more running. He'd had her say it over and over so she wouldn't be able to back out. His. Forever.

After spending a few moments processing all of this and calming herself down, she found the tears that finally flowed were those of relief and happiness. She didn't have to keep up walls anymore or pretend to be strong. All of those times he'd made her say she was his…it wasn't some primal claim, but rather a reassurance for her to know he'd fight for her even when she was too scared to fight for her own happiness.

She felt him stir and scrubbed at her eyes to hide the crying. If wouldn't stop, though, damn it.

"Hey, beautiful," Woody nuzzled at hair…then stopped as he felt her damp hair. "Hey, are you crying? Don't cry," then, remembering last night, he knew what he needed to say. "You are mine, Jordan. I'm here and I always will be."

Jordan took a deep, ragged breath. He meant it and she would never be alone again.

"Woody, I…I'm getting used to this…sorry I'm crying."

"Say it," was all Woody said in return, running his hand lovingly over her hip and side.

"I'm yours." She smiled and turned toward him, accepting his closeness to her and feeling the warmth of real love as he kissed her tears away. "I'm yours," she repeated for good measure.

"This all started with me intending to tease you last night," she smirked. "I believed you when you said you're strong, because you were offering to keep me for the rest of my life right after I'd purposefully gotten you all hot and bothered. Now I'm stuck with you, and I think it's the first time I've ever given in to someone trying to make me happy. That's bigger than losing my virginity." It was true…her virginity was just sex, but last night she'd given him her soul with no take-backs.

"Jordan, marry me."

"Yes." She breathed. No hesitation, no doubts. She knew he'd already asked that of her when he made her say she was his. She'd already made the decision last night. Otherwise, she would have turned him away when he'd given his ultimatum.

"That 'friendship' ring…I still have it. I'd like to make it more, and have you wear it proudly on your left hand…can you do that, or aren't you ready?"

"I said yes, Woody. No more hesitation, no more hiding. I know that's what you were having me say. I'll wear the ring."

"Good. Thank you." He said, love filling his eyes as he moved above her and showed her how good a morning it was.