Bracchidios vs. Deviljho

Welcome all of you monster hunter fans to fight night! Tonight's match up is the crushing wyvern Bracchidios and he'll be fighting the emobodiment of hunger him self! The Deviljho! Who will win is this battle of titans in one of the most dangerous places in Minegarde, The volcano! Who will win? Lets go in and find out!

It's a rather good day so far for the Bracchidios, He hasn't been challenged by any others for his territory and he has just finished hunting down a rhenoplos and is devouring it when he feels something isn't right with his world, he looks up from the kill only to be faced by the horrid, battle scarred face of a deviljho. The Bracchidios instantly got into an offensive position an issued a warning roar stating back off or be killed. The deviljho issued a challenge for the kill, the bracchidios coated his fists in blast slime and prepared himself for battle. The two giants circled eachother daring one another to come closer. Eventually the jho finally struck and dove in to try and bite the bracchi's arm. The bracchi was fast enough to be able to dodge the bite and then punched the other brute in the jaw leaving behind some blast slime on the jho's face. Then the jho spun catching the bracchi off guard with a tail slap knocking the smaller brute to the ground. Feeling as if he had won the battle walked toward the disoriented bracchi and was about to kill him when the blast slime on his face finally exploded causing an extreme amount of pain for the jho and had blinded him and left him shocked. Taking advantage of the opportunity, the bracchi got and began an assult upon the jho punching it and leaving more puddles of blast slime stuck to the larger brute. The deviljho, enraged, let out a monstrous roar and swelled to an even bigger size and began to create black and red sparks around its mouth. The jho then backed and began breathing out the dragon element when the other blast slime puddles covering exploded, leaving large wounds upon its body and it could barely keep itself standing. The bracchidios then ran toward the deviljho and clamped its jaws around the deviljho's neck and broke the neck, finally ending the life of the jho. The bracchidios let out a roar of victory into the ash and smoke filled skies of the volcano. But as soon as he had finished the roar, he left to return to his nest and rest for the next day.

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