AN: A shitty story written by me in honor of Elly's birthday.

Happy Birthday baby, we miss you! *sobs*

- F.E.S

You are worthless.

He was everything you could never be, anything you could ever want. Now he's gone.

Because of you.

The boy laid on the bed, his hands tangled up in his dark hair. His eyes were tightly shut, trying, and failing, to prevent the tears from slipping out.

The bedroom was pitch black. Not even the moonlight could enter, for the boy had shut the windows and closed the heavy curtains.

The boy didn't want to see anything.

There was nothing in the world worth seeing.

It's your entire fault.

The boy whimpered and curled up on the bed. He didn't want tot do this anymore. He wanted to die.

Then I can be with him again.

As the boy lay there wallowing in his own black hole of self loathing, the curtains in the room began to ruffle in a faint breeze. Through the gaps a sliver of light from the moon flicked across the floor.

A second boy slowly came into view, admitting a faint glow as his body became less and less transparent. Once fully solid, the boy walked over to the bed that the other young man was lying on.

Elliot gently set a hand on Leo's shoulder. The dark haired boy's shuddering sobs caught in his throat.

Who had found him like this?

"Leo." The tone was soft and familiar. Leo gasped in disbelief, his lavender eyes flying open. Elliot gave a melancholic smile and placed his hands on the other boy's, removing them from his dark hair. Leo sat up on the edge of the bed, his hands still in the other boy's.

"Ell- Elliot?" he spoke in a hushed whisper, staring at the blue eyed male in awe- and fear.

He's here to tell you he hates you.

It was your fault.

"I'm sorry!" Leo suddenly yelled out, burying his face in Elliot's chest.

"I'm so sorry, I'm sorry!" he repeated the words over and over, even after they were impossible to hear through the heart wrenching sobbing. Elliot rested his cheek on top of Leo's head, running his fingers through the messy hair.

He waited patiently for Leo to calm down.

The former servant's hands were fisted in the back of Elliot's shirt, hanging on to him as if the boy was his life line in a raging sea.

Once Leo's breathing had steadied and his crying subsided, Elliot placed his hands on the other boy's cheeks. Tilting the raven haired boy's head back, Elliot stared into the purple orbs. Elliot ran his thumbs under those eyes, wiping away the tears.

"It wasn't your fault, I'm the one that's sorry Leo."

The blue eyed boy whispered into the dark bedroom.

"Please stop blaming yourself."

Leo opened his mouth, about to argue, but stopped with a shake of Elliot's head. The standing male smiled down at him and began to lean forward. Soon their foreheads were touching.

"I want you… to move on."

Right after that whispered statement left his mouth, Elliot gently pressed his lips against Leo's. Both of their eyes slowly slid closed as they sank into the kiss.

As it continued on, Leo felt the material clenched in his fists began to disappear. Leo gasped as he found that his lips were now presses against ones that were fading away.

He pulled back- eyes widening in horror as Elliot's body slowly became transparent and faded away.

"NO!" He reached out, scrambling to grab onto to the other boy, to keep him here!

But it was too late.

Gone forever.

And it's all your fault.