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Author's Note: I did this for another fandom. It's a story told by titles.

Lost In Titles

Charlie wondered sometimes what it would have been like to be RAISED BY ANOTHER. Would he still be the same person? Would he have had a brother that turned him towards drugs? He would never know because he never had the chance to change. His Mother always said that he was SPECIAL even as a child. He remembered the Christmas that he had gotten a piano and his Mom said the same words. He did love his family, but sometimes he wanted to do something for THE GREATER GOOD. He hoped that someday he would get that chance.

He stood there with his ticket wondering if he was doing the right thing. Finally he made his way towards his seat and buckled up. The PILOT announced that they would be taking off soon and then he reclined back and went to sleep. He woke up and looked around. He wanted to go to the bathroom because he needed to have his Heroin.

It was during their time on the Island that he and Claire had begun to fall in love. It was in their HEARTS AND MINDS, but it was the Heroin that broke them up. He was in SOLITARY when Claire found out about the Heroin in the statues. He wanted to be a part of their lives, but right now that wasn't possible. She didn't want him around her LITTLE PRINCE. . He watched from far away. It was really weird at first it seemed liked EVERYBODY HATES HUGO and then suddenly EVERYBODY LOVES HUGO. When he was by himself he felt like he was LEFT BEHIND.

He remembered when Hugo and some of the rest of the team went on the raft. They were ADRIFT when the others had caught them, but they finally made their way home. He had thought that they had ABANDONED them, but they didn't. Michael's son Walt had been taken and Michael took off to find him. He was once lost AND FOUND.

They had built a fire on the beach, so they were by FIRE AND WATER. He watched as Claire's face glowed in the firelight and he fell a little more deeply in love with her. He remembered when they had first met.

I will always be grateful for WHAT KATE DID when delivering Aaron. I tried to go towards them, but Jin stopped me. He was right and I nodded to him. I was so happy when he was born and then went to Claire. Nobody knew this, but I found a book in one of the suitcases. It was called A TALE OF TWO CITIES. Sawyer didn't have all the books and so I read the book to Aaron. He really wanted to be a part of their little family. He wanted to ask her to marry him, but would she say I DO?

I stared at the paper and began writing my GREATEST HITS. What I felt meant the most in my life. I knew that I was going to die and not have the life I wanted with Claire and Aaron. He knew he wouldn't have a HAPPILY EVER AFTER with them. He was going to. Sometimes he felt like he was A STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND, but with Claire and Aaron it really helped him not be a stranger. In a couple of minutes he would be THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS and suddenly he would be gone. He had a lot of time to come to terms of his death, but now he knew that it was for the best. He wanted Claire and Aaron to get off the Island and so he had so sacrifice himself to do it. He watched as the water came through the portal and wrote on his hand not Penny's boat. He knew it was THE END and he was ready for it.

The End.