Dependency Issues

Miku leaned against her locker with a smile, her phone held to her ear as she said, "Yeah, yeah. I promise I'll be careful. Stop worrying. I'm a big girl. I'm not going to get into any danger, so calm down. Yes, I'll call you at lunch. Okay. I'm hanging up now. No, stop it, don't try to keep me on with that cute voice of yours." Miku laughed and glanced at her watch. "Seriously, Luka, I'm going to be late. Okay. Bye bye."

She hung up with a barely contained grin, imagining her girlfriend back at home. She knew Mondays were Luka's least favourite day of the week. It was the one day Luka didn't have any college courses scheduled, but, as Miku was still in high school, she still had to go to school. Luka made it clear each time that she was incredibly displeased with this arrangement, but what could they do?

Not a second later, Miku's phone rang with Luka's ringtone. Miku rolled her eyes good-naturedly and brought the phone to her ear once more. "Seriously, Luka. I'm going to be late."

"I'll mute my microphone, so leave your phone on during class," Luka requested.

Miku chuckled and responded, "No way. Go do something useful with your time, Luka. I'll be home soon enough." Her watch told her that she had thirty seconds till class started, so she quickly informed her girlfriend, "Look, Luka, I really have to get to class. I'll talk to you later. Love you."

Before Luka could respond, Miku had hung up and dashed into the classroom not three seconds before the bell rang. With a sigh, she plunked down into her seat. Another close call. Mondays definitely were difficult.

. . .

The moment the bell for lunch rang, Miku dashed out of the classroom and dialled Luka's number. She pushed her way through the crowds to get outside in order to get better signal. The signal inside the school was pretty decent, but it made Luka's voice cut out every now and then, and, with only the allotted time frames Miku had to talk to Luka on Mondays, she didn't want to miss a moment. Miku earned herself some glares from the other students as she aggressively forced her way through, but she couldn't bring herself to care all that much.

Once she'd made her way outside, she moved to the shade of a tree to keep cool in this heat, arriving just as Luka picked up.

"Miku!" Luka cried cheerfully.

"Hey," Miku replied with a smile. "How's your day been?"

"I've been working on an essay all day. That in itself should tell you how my day's been."

Miku laughed a little, leaning against the trunk of the tree, and cast her gaze to the day's clear blue sky. "Well, it's a good thing that I'm not at home, then. You would have been too distracted to get any work done."

Luka sighed and replied, "I suppose that's true, but I still miss you."

"I miss you too, you clingy girl. Just a few more hours, so hold out until then, okay?" A thought occurred, and she added, "I need to go grocery shopping before I come home, though, so it'll be another hour or so extra."

Luka went silent for a moment before saying, a scowl in her voice, "Are trying to make me be even more clingy?"

Miku smirked, her eyes glancing toward the school's front entrance as a rowdy group of students made their way outside, and innocently stated, "Maybe."

"You're just evil, Miku, you know that?" Luka huffed.

Miku's eyes glimmered with amusement as she threatened, "Fine. If I'm so evil, I guess you don't want to talk to me, so I'll just hang up."

"Miku!" exclaimed Luka, outraged. "You're horrible!"

Miku lifted her leg to press her heel against the trunk for better balance, brushing a speck of dirt off her blouse with her free hand. "I know I am, but you love me anyway, don't you?"

"I might not if you keep that up," Luka muttered.

"How rude," Miku pouted. "I'm going to leave now." There was a subsequent silence as she awaited Luka's argument, her skin prickling with unease when none came. "Hey, Luka?" More silence met Miku's ear, so she pulled back her phone to se if her call had been dropped, but she had four bars, and her call was still ongoing, so she pulled her phone back to her ear. "Luka?"

"I thought you were leaving." Miku could hear Luka's smirk, so she puffed her cheeks out in indignation.

"Whatever, you jerk," Miku muttered. She really hated losing.

"Don't be like that, Miku," Luka cooed. "C'mon, I'm sorry. I was just teasing you."

Miku rolled her eyes with a grin. It was impossible to stay mad at Luka, so, instead she simply giggled and replied, "I'm not being 'like that', so shush, you. So, wanna hear about what I've been doing all day?"

. . .

Miku readjusted the heaping paper bag in her arms in order to free a hand to get her key out from her school bag. It probably would have been wiser to have put the key in her pocket for better accessibility or to put the grocery bag on the ground, but that wasn't where her mind was until the moment that she entered, her eyes landing immediately on Luka. When Luka saw her, she dashed over and wrapped her arms around Miku.

"Whoa, Luka, calm down," Miku laughed, struggling with the bag she could feel slowly slipping from her grip as Luka constrained her. "It's gonna fall! Let go!"

"Never go to school again," was all Luka responded, keeping a tight grip on Miku as the other girl laughed and patted her girlfriend's back. Every Monday, Luka would say that, and it didn't seem that she was considering stopping.

Author's Note: For my virtual big brother, Ken-kun! Congrats on surviving your first day of school!