Adorability Parameters

Miku sat on her bed reading through her textbook, waiting for Luka to come home from her classes. Usually, Luka would sit beside Miku on the bed, and they would lie on their stomachs and read something together. Even if Miku was stuck studying, it was much more pleasant when she had Luka by her side. So, now, as she waited, Miku sighed and rolled onto her back to stare up at the ceiling. She began wondering on their relationship. Were they a cute couple? She thought they were, but maybe not. Rather than memorize the stages of mitosis, Miku set her thoughts to this.

There was their first kiss, in the snowy days of winter, when they'd simply been strolling around. "It's so cold," Miku had whined, pouting deeply as their white breath had hung in the air between them. She'd looked up to the bright sun above, wondering why it wasn't warmer, and continued her complaints before looking to Luka, who had been walking beside her. "I swear, even my lips are cold."

Luka had blinked at her, and Miku had been startled by the heat flushing to the older girl's cheeks. What had she been thinking? Then, in a movement so fluid that Miku had barely had the chance to close her eyes, and Luka had pressed those cherry lips gently against Miku's. Miku's heart had fluttered, and, seeing as they weren't technically even a couple at that point, Miku could never figure out what it was that gave the older girl the strength to commit to that action, but she know it was the greatest choice Luka had ever made. Luka had pulled slowly back and smiled at her, wondering, "Warmer?" Miku had nodded, her cheeks flushing with roses, and Luka had murmured, "I'm glad."

The following summer, Miku recalled, Miku had been on the bus to visit Luka's university, and she'd fallen asleep on some guy's should. Frantic upon waking up, she'd apologized profusely to the man she'd fallen asleep on, who had insisted that it was really no problem, he hadn't minded. Eventually, he'd hinted that he'd be interested in trading email addresses, and Miku had grown panicked, dashing off the moment the bus had stopped and shouting to the man, "I'm sorry, my girlfriend is waiting for me, so I have to go!" The look on his face had been priceless.

The next year around, when winter had come again, Miku had been watching an adorable anime that had put a thought in her mind. After spending weeks knitting a muffler for Luka, she'd finally presented it to the pinkette and requested that they share since it was cold outside. Of course, she hadn't thought past how cute it looked in anime, so she'd wrapped the scarf around her neck and Luka's so that their heads had been so close together that teal and pink hairs intertwined. She hadn't thought through walking, though, and that became such a difficulty that she had to sigh and admit defeat, drawing back remorsefully and winding the scarf around Luka's neck. The moment hadn't been totally ruined, though, because Luka, being the romantic that she was, had hooked Miku's legs and back under her arms and had brought her girlfriend into the princess hold, carrying her all the way home.

In her room, Miku smiled. Yes, they were definitely cute. She gazed at her headphones on her bedside table and had another idea. Hearing the door open, she ran over and shouted, "Welcome home, Luka!"

Luka dropped her bag on the floor and closed the door, smiling over her shoulder at Miku and saying, "I'm back."

"Come study with me!" Miku insisted, so Luka kicked off her shoes and obliged, joining Miku on the couch as Miku headed onto the next subject she had to study. Then, before they started studying, Miku announced, "You have to listen to this new song!" and took the headphones over their heads so that their inside ears were pressed against each other and the headphones stretched to fit across both heads. Miku cringed, feeling the stretched plastic dig into her head, and then took the headphones off and sighed, handing them over to Luka. "Never mind, then."

Luka looked at her curiously, and Miku turned her focus back to studying, leaving Luka incredibly confused.

Author's Note: Happy birthday Ken-kun! Sorry it's short, but I was working on NaNoWriMo ;; And, everyone, this is kinda gonna be a drabble collection that will be updated whenever I think of something, so please read and review if you feel like!