A/N: Another story I wrote with Sonja! This is one where she wrote one line and I wrote one line. But she was writing the whole story, so she just wrote down whatever I was saying at the time it was my line, and since I was not focusing on who's turn it was, it ended up so random and crackish. Anyways enjoy our brain child! Sonja wrote the first line, and everytime there's a period, it's the other person writing. See if you can guess who said what!

Her skirt was too short. "Chrome your skirt is too short." Mukuro exclaimed and crossed his arms across his chest. Blushing she said, "I know Mukuro-sama"

"Then why do you wear it?" he asked. She smoothed the pleats of her skirt still blushing. "That's not making it longer."

"I didn't want to trouble you by asking for a new one"

"But this doesn't leave much to the imagination!" He yelled angrily, putting his hands on Chrome's shoulders.

"But M.M's is even shorter." Noticed Fran so Mukuro stabbed him in the head. M.M was doing sexy poses so Mukuro would notice her.

"No I haven't written down Chibi Vampire Volume 3." Said Ken so everyone was confused.

"Oh I did already read that one so I'm not writing it down."

"Ah, the stupid dog is manga obsessed." Said Fran.

"wait, 36, 37, 38...okay is it my line?" He really wasn't making sense anymore. "195."

"Is that your line?"


Suddenly, Sawada Tsunayoshi burst in. "EIIII! Mukuro don't kill me!"

"Umm...and why are you here?"

"Because-because Reborn threw me in here." He was soon followed by Barney the Dinosaur. "I think someone's high." Fran noted.

"I love you, you love me~" sang Hibari as he walked in.

"what the hell? Why are you all here?!" Mukuro snapped.

"we're a happy family!" Exclaimed Hibari excitedly.


"Ken shut up."

"Get out or I'll let the dogs out!" Threatened Mukuro.

"But I thought you loved me!" cried Hibari.

"Until you ran off with Dino."

"We were drunk and he was with child, I had no choice!"

"OMG I love this story." Said Fran.

"Huh?" Said Chrome still confused.

"Oops I ripped my $20 bill."

"Shut up Ken. Also don't worry Chrome you're my one and only." Said Mukuro.

"Yeah but not until 6:30." Angrily Mukuro stabbed Fran in the head.

"Mukuro-senpi that hurts"

"You should have thought about that before hand."

"But I leave the thinking to you, like you always tell me to."