Puella Magi Mystical Chain Magica

Summary: Due to the instability of boundary between dimensions caused by meddling of a certain time traveler, even mythical land isolated from the rest of the world, in another dimension, is also threatened. Its protectors can turn a blind eye no longer, thus they step in to end the cycle.

Author Note: 1: Hello everyone, this is my first fan fiction, also written in English for the first time. I have to say it here first that English is not my primary language, so it might get messed up somewhere in the writing, even I asked MS word to helped out. So, pointing out error from my dear readers is also appreciated.

And for the story itself, this's the idea inspired from so many fan fiction out there. Sorry for not using a better name than this, however it also spoiled the story nicely if you bother to search 'some part' of the 'name' on google or youtube. At least, it'll tell you who's involved in this fan fiction, from the Fantasy Kitchen Sink's side (If you know what that mean.), at least.

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Prologue: Multiverse Observer

From a point above the cloud, two humanoid figures floating idly above the raging black cloud covering the view on earth, their heads turn below them, as if they were eyeing the black mass of vapors that's so thick the light from the sun behind them can't pierce it, as if it don't bother their eyes in the slightest and they were seeing something that's going on below them.

There's certainly something going on below that mass of vapors, even for one who can't see past the cloud also knew this, if only they have other senses...

The crack of thunders and explosions, mixed with the crash of big mountain or large skyscraper sized objects collapsing one by one, and strange, terrifying, and insane high-pitch of a woman laughter roared from the raging black cloud continuously. Within that something unnatural is going on below, albeit hiding from prying eyes of anyone in the sky. And to the surprise of some militaries and scientists, even satellites or spy-satellites with latest observation technology still couldn't detect, record, or report any event that transpired under this cursed black clouds, as if their technology had malfunctioned.

No matter how great these black thick sinister vapors were at hiding something going on below from even the latest technology humans could offer in this era, it certainly cannot hide from the mystical sense of the arts long lost to mankind…

An art, known by modern day as "Magic" which, considering that human of this days have yet to invent practical personal flying instruments smaller than a glider, these two flying humanoid observers certainly had to be using it! If that's not the case, then they might be a sufficiently advanced alien coming to observe earth instead!

No matter what they are or what their purpose in observing this, despite the horrific sounds that continued screaming from the earth below, the two figures float still. No movement can be seen. No sign of fear can be heard. They where two figures, glowing silhouettes floating in the sky, backlit by the very sun and indiscernible to those below. What they can see is just the outline of clothes they wore billowing with the wind. Gentle curves defined the feminine figures in the sky. Something like a parasol cloaked the top half of the first, while the second's silhouette was less discernable, like a cross between a lotus and a human girl.

Of course, the source of the noise knew nothing of silent observers above the cloud, thus the event below unfolded without interference from third party. There was no aggression on the eye's in the sky, unaware where they, that there were more than "they" in this area.

As the deranged laughter, explosions, thunders, continued for five minute, one figure with eight points almost lotus like in the glare of the sun spoke for the first time, breaking silence between the couple.

"It's impossible for them, Lady Yukari, given my calculation; they will fail again, like the tales of this event's previous incarnation you told me about." The figure spoke in feminine voice, offering nothing but unbiased logical calculation. It carrying with it, respect to the one floating nearby who's name now identified as 'Lady Yukari'.

'Lady Yukari' replies with silence, her free hand waved to the sun behind as if to block the light from it, and then, a large portal adorned with lots of red eyes peering from within appears behind her hand swallowing the sunlight, freeing them of the blinding light of the sun. Able to see each other clearly once more with no direct sunlight exposure to naked eyes, they continued to observe.

The glowing glare of the sun removed, the shimmering light offers details on the mysterious figures. Ankle-length white robe with blue prints inscribed with some symbols at the front adorned the speaker. Her eyes are yellow, even bordering on gold. They shine with experiences and hold deep respect for the woman in front of her. Her neck-length blonde hair covered in a white hat which had two pointy edges where two long pointed fox ears might lay below. The hat itself is covered with lots of talismans as well. But the most distinctive features on her are her nine, fluffy yellow and white fox tails billowing in the winds behind her.

'Lady Yukari' which the fox lady to earlier, resembles more 'human' than her. In fact, she looks just like a young woman. Waist-length blonde hair cascaded down a white dress seems to pulled straight from Victoria era, over that she wore a purple Chinese tabard with Taoist symbols on the front. In one hand, she held a pink parasol point at the back as if to block the sunlight despite the portal with many red eyes has already done so. Her other hand seems to hold on to another portal… or to be more precise… black gap with red and purple ribbon tied to each ends, which she used it as a makeshift seat of some sort, floating aloft in the sky like a witch riding side saddle on her broom. Although her appearance suggested an age of below 25, the golden eyes bores wisdoms and intellect far beyond what mere 'humans' could hope to match. The calculating looks in them even more evident when she glanced at her lady fox friend for seconds before turning back to observe the sources of those noise below once more.

"The battle will end in defeat for them in a matter of minutes, Shall we intervene?" The fox lady asked Lady Yukari again, now her voice no longer unbiased. The tone and tilt of her voice communicates a nervous urgency for those below. "If we wished to, it must be now or we must wait for the next cycle." She persisted when it's clear that Yukari was tuning her out, acting as if she has lost interest in the events that transpired below already.

Seeing this reaction didn't fill her with anger. The fox lady said nothing more, just watched the other. Their familiarity with each other came from a long history of servant and master, so they knew quite well enough to guess what's in the other's mind at the moment.

Eventually Lady Yukari speaks to the worrying servant next to her "Do nothing, Ran…" she addresses her, who just blinks her eyes in confusion. "Before I say more… Ara-ara…" she exclaimed, her eyes dart from the surface of the earth to the… monstrosity… black mass things, its size, diameter, length, and height easily dwarf even the biggest skyscraper on earth and it still growing! Expand from the ground below past the clouds shooting straight into the sky above the two before forming into another massive cloud which span entire sky blotting out the sun.

Meanwhile, the cloud below the two ladies shattered, revealed wreckages of a city which looks as if it was decimated by a hurricane while there's still an urban warfare going on non-stop inside it! Most of the grounds were flooded with water, remains of skyscrapers protruding from the flooded area everywhere, some intact, other looks like they had been blasted by artillery barrage or tank's cannon. Some are just pieces of concrete, rock, wood, and other materials that can't be recognized, scattered everywhere. In short, it's a disaster, and the huge-black-column things shooting from the ground ever upwards so high that one wonders with a pained stiff neck where this massive tower will end. The situation has reached far beyond the tipping point.

At that moment, the Lady in white and purple dress mused 'Impressive, even if this thing's going to end all life on this planet, it's still impressive…' and then she frowned, considering the danger it will do to the place she loved and held dear. A far, far away land, or, in a sense, far away dimensions, parallel universe, if it somehow ended up there, without her and 'the guardian of the land' to take care of it…

However, considering this alternate dimension of the planet she knew, and behind the scene which started this chain of events, fixing it completely, as in 'it'll never occur again second time' is near impossible for her to accomplish unless she use her 'True Sorcery' to do so. Or the sources of its rampage stopped her futile attempts to save what she held dear. or… perhaps if some third party intervenes, a third answer could be found in cutting the vicious cycle down for good, with side effect proofing of course, else it would only lead to another problem later.

'But then again, why would I do that? I haven't had something this entertaining to watch in a while.' The Lady thinks, her lips turning into a mischievous smile.

Wave of invisible chaotic energy which can only describe as foul, twisted and corrupted power emitted from the towering black monster washed over their positions. It's touch awakes her from thought. She looked down upon the surface one more time, pulse of energy distorting just like the 'last many times' she found herself 'here'.

It's that sign which make Yukari speak again "…Looks like we've overstayed our welcome…" She waved her parasol and two more gap's appeared below her and Ran's feet "…Let's get out of here Ran, we have seen enough." With the word 'enough' the hole/gaps move up, The two figures vanish as if being erased from bottom to top.
A moment later, the invisible distortion energy erupted from the epicenter which was once a cityscape once known as 'Mitakihara', now a former battlefield of some disaster that struck this once glorious civilization, and engulf the entire world, expand outward covering the entire surface of 'earth' completely.

And thus, everything reverses…

In another dimension, the two ladies emerged from the black gap which opened up in a hallway of some sort of Eastern style house, Chinese? Maybe Japanese? Nevertheless, they arrived and quickly moved toward the nearest room with a sliding wooden door. There, Yukari sit down on a low table located in the middle of the near-empty room, save for a few cupboards, while Ran, instead of keep Yukari's company, she moved away, only to return a few minutes later on with a tray carrying tea pots, cup, and a plate of biscuits in her hands.

There's no doubt, this 'Ran' or 'nine tails fox lady' is indeed Yukari's subordinate…

After set down the tea and snack on the table, Ran move to the side of the room, lean her back against the wall, content to watching her mistress slowly sipping tea and biting her snack patiently, which is a considerable feast in itself since Yukari seems to take her time enjoying tea for full 30 minutes alone!

Anyway, once the 'snack time' has ended, The Lady quickly resumes the conversation from their 'trip off dimension' earlier "Now, Ran. Sit down." She ordered, which her subordinate quickly comply.

When everything set Yukari put her right hand out in front of her face, index finger point straight to the ceiling as if she was lecturing student "Okay, so you probably has a lot of questions loaded right now, fire away when you ready." Then she giggled which make Ran eyebrows twitch a little.

Given permission from her mistress, Ran asks the first thing that came to her mind, while clearly looks nervous as if this act broke the law somehow. "It may be rude to ask, but I'm certain that your power alone could put a stop to the distortion, but why?"

Yukari grinned, leaning back to non-existence chair, instead of her head crashing down hard on the floor, another black gap materialized behind her then answer in a lazy tone "What's the fun in that?"

Ran sigh and thought 'Typical for my master.' While Yukari started to elaborate "Think about it Ran, it's not every day we came across human who possess such interesting power, albeit unrefined and from literal 'deal with the devil', but interesting nevertheless…" then she cross her arms, eyes closed as if she trying to concentrate her thought and mind to form sentences, then she speak "And I ask you, Ran, between the choices of you achieve what you yearn for by your own determination, you own power, you own self…" she stress each words carefully to made her servants realized how important they are "…and a being of supernatural, wielding power far beyond even those 'contractor' could not hope to grasp or even give to their subjects such thing, came out of nowhere like a Big Damn Hero and fix everything up as if it never happen. Which one make you feel more satisfied? Or proud of?"

The Fox Lady frown, her eyes narrow down because her master has neglect something important that she had told her earlier, thus she remind Yukari again "But from my calculation, the cycle will never be broken if the thing goes as it is. The 'thing' that start it all always getting progressively more powerful each literation, the only logical answer here is 'will the threat of destruction of their universe' will made known to the 'devil' before the multiverse be destroyed by such side effects."

Yukari suddenly burst into laughter at her servant's word, made Ran lose her composure a bit while suppress the urge to ask what the hell she was laughing at, barely stopping herself from doing so by her moral code regarding her relationship with master. But at least she doesn't need to tolerate that long, about 30 seconds later, Yukari stop laughing, hand swipe out a drop of tear appear on her eyes then said "Sorry, Ran, I just never thought that you'll be such a good poet, aside from your calculation skills of course."

Ran's cheek redden at the statement, albeit a little hard to notice then she denied her in a slightly stuttering voice due to not sure how to response. "I…I'm not, you… praise m… me too much…" And that cause Yukari to start giggling again.

Finally Yukari decided that it's time to stop teasing Ran and REALLY get down to business "Of course Ran, 'The prides of completing difficult task by yourself' joke aside, I know too, that if this problem left unchecked, sooner or later, the power of that 'distortion' would grow strong enough to pierce the barrier between dimension, or multiverse." Then she lowers her voice to no more than a whisper, which Ran still heard clearly "Then things will get ugly."

Ran blink her eyes a bit, then ask new important question "Then, how…" but before she can finish the sentence, Yukari cut her off first "We send someone else there in our stead of course! I'll be content to sit back and watch the play unfold! Ho Ho Ho…" she laughs at the last sentence, making Ran sweat dropped.

Suddenly Yukari ask her subordinate with an unconcern voice "Which reminds me, Ran…" the nine tails fox perk up. "…How long before that chain of events will start affecting dimensional barrier? I mean between our universe and theirs of course."

Ran closed her eyes muttering something unintelligible deep in thought for another minute, while her master content to just watch and wait. Then Ran sigh "Your data pool is too small to make precise calculation, Lady Yukari." Then she elaborates "… But if I to make a prediction based on what we have, I would say between three to six loops or around five to nine months' time at best, depend on whether you use linear or exponential curve to calculate their power level progress."

She took a deep breath, gathering her courage to ask again "If we're going to send someone there to fix things up in our stead, we must start looking for them right about now, milady, else I can't guarantee that any denizen of Gensokyou apart from you, Reimu, Lady Yuyuko, or the Highest judge of Paradise (1), will be able to beat them once they reach fourth loops in the worst case scenario. And you know that Reimu cannot leave the barrier unattended, so she's out of the equation till Witch of Salvation or whatever the thing's called is right at Gensokyou's doorstep."

"You're overestimating our adversaries, Ran…" Yukari yawn, cut off her subordinate's ranting and explain "Those thing only have raw power, no refinement, since their thought always drown in a pitch black darkness of the deepest abyss in their heart, too much for any sentience being to have a clear thought. Thus, they'll act on instinct, never improve beyond what their basic instinct are capable of."

Then she let out a mischievous smile and tell Ran "And a challenge is always more fun to watch isn't it?"

Of course, Yukari know, that those three names and title Ran listed earlier, aside from her of course, is the most powerful being of this land when it came to a REAL FIGHT, not a fancy danmaku technique. And she knows that those are godlike in power level, literally in case of the Judge, technically in case of Reimu by her summon(2). Thus, if the worst come to the worst, and that monster left her with no other choice to stop its rampage and destruction of multiverse, then she was certain that 'the big four' would step in and stop it cold with 100% chance of success, if the great dragon didn't decided to do it in first.

"So?" Ran asks, uncertainty in her voice clearly evident.

Yukari tilt her head a bit, look at Ran, and then answer "So, we still have time, to devise a plan to get cooperation from some of the 'selected' agents"

At those words, Ran beginning to see something formulating in her mistress's mind, but yet to clearly see exactly what "What do you mean 'selected agents' milady? You have candidates in mind?"

"Sure, why not Ran?" her mistress answer mockingly before create a small gap, no longer than her servant's ear beside Ran's head and her own mouth, then whisper into it as if the name must be kept secret else the enemy will know.

Ran's eyes widen and the mention of 'agent' her master considered sending to another dimension she hesitantly ask "Why you thought that those 'three' will make a difference milady? They argued with each other, get into a fight as often as the drops of rain in raining season… And…"

"And they have the best teamwork… even they won't admitted it to each other, intelligence and experienced in fighting enemies who's way out of their league time and time again…" Yukari finish the sentence for her servants. But when saw confused look on her face, she decided to tell a bit more "You can clearly saw it already, the day they invaded the former hell by my manipulation (3). I doubt I must explain further than this…"

"No, not at all, Lady Yukari…" Ran mutter and then finalize her master decision "So, those three then, shall I go to fetch them right away?"

Yukari just shook her head and reply "No, not yet my Ran…"


"We need a plan…" Her mistress states lazily "and a way to make sure they will accept the job and conditions about going there, outside the barrier. No, not just that, we need to sorts the information out, what's necessary for them to know beforehand… well, the 'contract' part is a must, else we risk losing a piece on our board…" She grinned when think what's going to happen if one of them accept contract from that world "…All this will take time… Ran, so this loop, we still unable to do anything anyway…"


"Relax, you said it yourself, it won't get severe to the point that I mentioned in this loop or the next." Yukari dismiss Ran's concern, much to the latter dismay. Lastly Yukari ordered her fox subordinate while pull out a gap next to herself "Prepare a plan and purposed it to me when I woke up for revising and adjustment before execution then…"

"Wait milady!" Ran nearly shout, knowing that whenever her mistress goes to sleep, it'll take a long time before she woke up again, wasting time, a time which they don't have… well, which 'they' don't have, not themselves.

However her cries fall on a deaf ears, Lady Yukari is gone from the room, left only empty plate and teacup for the loyal servant like Ran to wash. The fox lady sighs again while collecting those thing to wash and proceed to tend to their house as quickly as possible to free as much time as she could to devise a plan for her master…

'This going to be one hell of a trouble in execution, and that's just an understatement' Ran thought.

Author Note (1): ZUN himself stated that even if Yukari, Reimu and Yuyuko were to gang up on Shikieiki (Highest Judge of Paradise), the Yama would still able to stomp them clean. So the power level of Shiki is the strongest in Gensokyou. Aside from The Dragon God of Gensokyou, who has yet to make an appearance proper in the series so far.

(2): From Manga Silent Sinner in the blue, Reimu summoned god and borrow their power to fuel Scarlet devil Moon expedition Rocket!

(3): Reference to story mode of Subterranean Animism.

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