Title: the boys next door

Pairing: Caroline/Klaus; Slight Caroline/Kol; and some Caroline/Damon (if you squint)

Rating: M

Warnings: Language and Sexual Situations

Author's Note: HUMAN fic. Because I enjoy reading stories about these particular ships, I had to write one of my own.

She looks good swiss cheese put your head from the hose
A pistol's sneaking tease more than I can ignore
A quick lap round the track, man, she's keeping me active
She looks good
The girl's attractive

The Girl's Attractive, Diamond Nights


It was the noise—the constant fucking noise—that had gotten to her. And not the kind that she could very well ignore, like a blaring stereo or raving party that she hadn't been invited to. No. It was the kind a woman in heat made, and since she hadn't been getting any since her break-up with Tyler—fucking cheater—she viewed it as cruel and unusual punishment to have to lay in bed night after goddamn night listening to different women, cause they never sounded quite the same, getting her neighbor's rocks off. A neighbor who'd moved in only a week ago, of whom she had yet to meet.

Looks I'm going to now, she though as she pushed back the sheets that had offered her comfortable warmth. The blond slid her feet into the blue, bunny slippers situated at the side of her bed, padding across the hardwood floor of her studio flat, and out the front door.

She brought a balled up fist to the door of 32B, pounding loud enough so that she would be heard over the very loud moaning coming from inside the flat. She took a step back, listening closely as the noise silenced for a moment at her knocking. There was a scuffling of feet and then the front door swung open. Standing in the entrance was her new neighbor.

Her eyes widened at the sight of him, falling to his bare chest—down to his lean form, noting the fact that he had a towel secured around his waist. She cleared her throat, returning her attention to his face. He wore a slightly confused expression—most likely wondering why she'd interrupted his little sex fest.

"Hi, I'm Caroline," She began, using the politest tome she could muster; because, really—it was hard to keep a straight face when he was looking at her with those baby blues. "I live in 32A."

The man tilted his head, staring down at her, most likely wonder why she was standing at his front door so late in the night.

"Niklaus," He said, offering a smile, revealing cute dimples. "Mates call me Nik."

Fuck—he had an accent. She tried not to swoon at the lush sound of his voice, dripping to her ears like honey.

"Well, Nik, I don't mean to bother you," Caroline started, ushering out bitch mode Care—because she got things done, "but for the past week I have been unable to get any sleep."

"Sorry?" The man said, unsure what that had to do with him.

The blond sighed, "I mean the sex. The walls are paper thin here."

"Oh…" He exclaimed in understanding. "You'd have to talk to my brother about that. Sorry, love."

Brother? As in another man living on her floor with an accent? Her luck could only be so bad.

An awkward silence fell over them for a moment.

"Who's this tasty little thing?" Another accented voice spoke up from behind Nik. The blond peaked over his shoulder, eyes landing on a young brunet. He had a sly smirk on his face as he took her appearance in, eyes trailing over her body.

She flushed, recalling she'd only been wearing a blue t-shirt and flannel, pajama shorts when she'd gone to bed. The heat of another set of eyes drew her attention away from inside the flat. Nik's gaze had fallen to her long, slender legs.

"Caroline." The blond offered as the man peered down at her. He was definitely attractive—bare-chest offering yet another remarkable view. He smirked at her, an air of cockiness about him that was a bit off-putting. Something she'd let slid in Tyler.

"I'm Kol Mikaelson." He said, affectively drawing his brother's attention away from her for the moment.

"So you're the one that has a different girl, coming in and out of your flat every night." It was easy for her being hostile toward a guy that reminded her of her ex. The one that cheated on her with some waitress that worked at Mystic Grill in Virginia—before she'd decided on moving out to England.

"Guilty," Kol chuckled, raising a brow at her. Her expression had morphed into one of annoyance.

"Look, you're new so you don't quite understand, yet," Caroline bit out, looking between the two brothers, trying not to reach over Nik and strangle Kol, "I'm your neighbor. The walls are paper thin. I can't get any sleep with the constant screaming going on. Keep it down."

And with that she turned on her heel, retreating back into the sanctuary of her loft. She ignored Kol's final remark of: "Well, isn't she a feisty little thing." as it echoed throughout the hall.


"You said that?" Elena asked in surprise over coffee the next morning.

The blond had told her two closest friends about the incident. Choosing to breeze over the fact the both of the brothers were smoking hot and very English. The brunette knew how her friend could be when she didn't get her sleep. Hell, she'd been on the receiving end of a few of her bitch-fits. Yet, they were still incredible friends. They wouldn't have moved to England together if they weren't.

Bonnie snorted in laughter at the story of the noisy neighbor. She'd never really had that problem. She still lived with her Grams in Virginia—and had yet to mention he-who-must-not-be-named.

Caroline nodded, taking a sip of her cappuccino. "I needed my eight hours. I have an event to plan for some high profile client."

"We're still going out for drinks after, right?" Bonnie inquired, lazy smile on her face. "I'm only in town for another week and then it's back to good ol' Mystic Falls."

The blond smiled brightly. "Of course, Bon. I just have a meeting with this client and then I'm all yours."

Elena beamed, eyeing the two with an all too familiar look. "So, were they cute?"

Caroline rolled her eyes, trying to play off the fact the Gilbert was still trying to get her to play the dating game again. Truthfully, after Tyler's infidelity, the idea of being with another man—giving him that emotional power over her—did not seem like the ideal start of her new, independent lifestyle. Her friends didn't understand. They both had faithful boyfriends. After dating for over six years, there was no way Matt was even contemplating cheating on his dream girl—which was bittersweet, seeing as how his best friend was her ex. And Jeremy, hell, he knew he was quite fucking lucky having such a hot, older girlfriend in Bonnie.

She pursued her lips, looking between the two. "Oh, most definitely. And…they have accents."

The two oohed and awed at her statement. Of course they would. They were American women after all. Nothing won them over more than a cute face and sexy accent.

"You're telling me you live next door to two English hotties, one of which is an apparent sex addict, and you haven't tried hooking up with either of them?" Bonnie asked in a tone that could only be described as a mixture of disappointment and bewilderment.

"There are more important things in life than sex." Caroline argued, though the moment the words left her lips she wanted to laugh. Not likely.

Elena scoffed, nose crinkling up in thought. "Is this about Tyler? Are you still hung up on that asshole?"

It was rare for a curse to ever leave the girl's lips but, it was hard to deny the fact that she was telling the truth. A little part of Caroline's relationship issue did involve the boy she'd thought she was going to marry. How could she trust anyone else with her heart after such a big let down?

"No." The blond sighed, running a hand through her hair. Her eyes caught a glimpse of her watch, noting the time. "Shit!"

She shot out of her seat, surprising her two companions. "What is it?" Elena and Bonnie asked at the same time, wearing mirror worried expressions.

"I'm late."


"Thank goodness you're here." Lexi exclaimed the moment she stepped inside the main lobby of their building. The slightly, older blond stood in her four-inch heels, relieved smile on her face as Caroline approached.

"Where's the fire?" She asked as they made their way toward the elevators.

"No fire," Lexi chuckled lightly, pressing down the button for the second floor until it lit up. "I was just hoping that my best friend would be kind enough to take me out tonight so that I may get royally wasted and avoid the awkwardness of being stuck in my loft with nothing to do while Damon parades around his newest girlfriend."

"Oh, what's her name this time?" Caroline inquired. She was quite familiar with the Salvatore's fleeting love interests. She sometimes wondered how he could ever be related to Stefan—who had been experiencing a drought when it came to the relationship department. Much like her; which was why she enjoyed tagging along with him and Lexi to local pubs and drowning her sorrows.

"Andie Star, some investigative journalist from America." Lexi mocked as they entered Pearl's Events & Planning. "Anyway, where are you taking me out tonight?"

"I am having drinks with Bonnie and Elena." Caroline informed her, sliding her keycard through the scanner and unlocking the door to her small, but quaint office. "You can join us, if you want."

A grin crossed Lexi's face as she nodded her head. "I'm so in. Anything to get away from Damon 'the gigolo' Salvatore."

The blonds held back laughter as Anna—boss ladies daughter—poked her head inside Caroline's office. She worked as Pearl's assistant, which was a position no one else was really looking to fill. The pretty brunette offered a toothy smile.

"You're eleven o'clock is here, Caroline." Anna reported brightly, a familiar glint of mischief in her dark eyes as she stared at the girl with an expression that could be identified as jealously. "And he's a looker."

"Why do you always get the cute ones?" Lexi inquired jokingly as the blond ushered her out of her office, taking a seat behind her desk and plastering on her most professional expressions.

"Thank you, Anna. Send him in." Caroline muttered, looking over the memo that had been left on her desk by Pearl about this particular client.

Very wealthy. Don't screw this up!

"Well, that's encouraging." She mumbled to herself, balling the post-it note in her hand and tossing it in her trash bin.

"Miss Forbes?" A very familiar voice called from the doorway, a knock sounding shortly after. Her head snapped up, eyes locking on a familiar set of dark eyes that could only serve to drown her. He looked a bit startled to see her, probably not expecting his snappy next-door neighbor to be his event planner. Hell, it wasn't as if she'd been expecting her new client to be the man with the unusual sexual appetite.

"Mr. Mikaelson…what can I do for you?" Caroline inquired, in her business savvy tone. His lips quirked, turning up into a toothy grin.

"You're my event planner?" Kol exclaimed in wonder, sliding into the seat opposite her. She had tried to forget the way his lean, muscular body looked without clothes on, but even with clothes it was a pretty pleasant picture. He looked dapper in dark, grey slacks, and a black, button-down shirt.

This was the wealthy client, she wondered to herself, trying her best not to let her eyes wonder over him as he sat before her.

"It would seem like it." The blond said more firmly, crossing her arms over her chest and leaning back in her seat. There was no way she would allow herself to feel put-off in her own office. "So, what can I do for you, Mr. Mikaelson."

He studied her for a moment before answering. "I want to throw a big, birthday bash for my baby sister."

She raised a brow at that. Truthfully, that won him some brownie points in her book. It was kind of sweet that he was doing this for his little sister. Somewhat endearing. "Oh."

"Yes, she's coming back from a year stay in America." Kol informed her, his accent making his words—innocent in nature—seem all the more appealing to her ears.

"That's sweet of you." The blond said, eyeing him carefully. Yes—she had serious trust issues after being cheated on, and yes they sometimes pooled into her work. How could she throw a proper party when she was suspicious of the person she was planning it for?

"Yes, I missed her dearly." He sighed, bringing a hand to rest over his heart.


The voice made him jump from his seat, eyes darting to the entrance to her office where yet again another familiar face stood. "I'm sorry for the intrusion—Caroline?"

The blond looked between the two brothers in confusion. Nik's gaze narrowed on the younger man as he stepped inside, closing the door behind him.

"What's going on?" She asked placing her hands on her hips as she stood her ground; lips set in a thin line.

"I'm sorry, love." Nik said gently, turning his attention to her for a moment as he spoke. "This meeting was meant for me. It seems Kol did not get that message."

"I thought you needed some extra sleep Niklaus." Kol responded jestingly, habitual smirk on his face. "I can handle this transaction on my own."

The younger man sent Caroline a charming smile she was sure served to rid countless women of their clothes. She'd dated the captain of the football team; charm wasn't going to work on her.

She crossed her arms over her chest, narrowing her eyes.

"Miss Forbes, I'm sorry from my brother's…antics. I promise you, it was not my intention when I made this 'll have to excuse him, please."

His voice—she swallowed. Caroline nodded curtly, returning to her seat as the man claimed the one Kol had abandoned. She was glad the moment she sat down; she'd been close to going weak in the knees at the sweet lull of his accent.

"Of course." Caroline said, running a hand through her loose, blond curls. "Now, how about we get started."

She ignored the lingering stare of Kol on her as she turned her full attention to the older of the two. It wasn't as if he wasn't staring at her unnervingly as well. The only difference was, he did not remind her of her ex—and by default garnered some immediate semblance of interest.

This was going to be a long day.

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