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-*-With Gillian-*-

A few weeks after the "Big Reveal" things were relatively normal. Yu still got unexpected visits from all her siblings which she enjoyed. Abigail still fought with Francis over trivial things and made up in the sappiest of ways. Gillian still annoyed Ludwig to the ends of the earth. Like Ludwig had said nothings changed. Of course a change would have been nice in her current situation.

"Arg!" Gillian groaned. She was bored at the moment; Ludwig had kicked her out of his office because she was being a nuisance.

"Awesome should NOT be allowed to be bored!" She declared jumping up from the couch she was lounging on. And like a strike of lightning an idea hit her.

"Oi! West! I'm going out! Be back whenever!" She yelled up the stair case, grabbing her house keys and car keys heading towards the door.

"I'm taking the car!" She yelled. She shut the door and left before Ludwig could insult her driving. She hoped into her black Porsche Boxster 986 and speeded away, like a mad woman from her and Ludwig's small country home in Munich and towards Roderichs' house. Roderich was always good entertainment. The trip took a couple of hours but she soon came to a screeching halt in front of Roderichs' house. She took the keys out of the ignition got out, locked the car and went up the stairs to the door.

"Yo Roddy you home?" she asked knocking (banging) on the door. No answer . . . Then she heard it. The sound of piano music was flowing though the otherwise silent air. The piece was called Clair De Lune a French piece from Suite bergamasque if she remembered correctly. She followed the music to an open first floor window. She peeked though the window to see Roderich playing away, completely absorbed in the music. She rested her elbows on the window sill and head in her hands; she quietly listened until he was done.

"That was nice Roddy!" She yelled breaking the silence. Roderich visibly cringed at her voice and turned around to see her hopping through the window.

"What are you doing here Gilb-Gillian?" He asked.

"Can't I bother my second favorite guy?" She asked. It wasn't a lie either. She cared for Roderich more then she let on and I mean a lot more. Yes, Gillian had a thing for Roderich; she fought (annoyed) Elizabeta because she was JELOUS. Not that she'd ever admit it.

"I thought Francis and Antonio took that spot?" Roderich asked smirking. He said moving across the room to Gillian.

"Naw. They're tied for first with Ludwig." She said smiling.

"That and Gilbird. Speaking of Gilbird, where is the little guy?" As if on cue Gilbird flew through the open window, looking annoyed. Wouldn't you be annoyed if you were forgotten? Gilbird landed on Gillian's head and started pecking and pulling at Gillian's hair which now went down to her shoulder blades.

"Ow! Little buddy. I'm sorry I forgot you ok? It won't happen again I promise!" She cooed getting Gilbird off her head. This got Gilbird to stop. The little bird started snuggling into Gillian's hand.

'How cute' Roderich thought.

'Wait what?' Roderichs' eyes widened at the thought. Gillian looked over at Roderich who in her mind was acting weird.

"Hey Roddy you ok?" Gillian asked looking up at Roderich.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine. Would you like some tea?" he questioned. He turned to leave not waiting for a response.

"Sure!" She smiled happily following Roderich out, then returning to her conversation with her little winged friend.

-*-The End-*-

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