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Felli's Pov

I stared out the window of the mission room, Fon Fon paced from one side of the room to another. Through the open window, an evolope floated through, suprising everyone. As everyone sat around the table, where the letter had landed, I felt a faint breeze next to me." Felli, don't tell anyone, but in case you need me, point your staff at the letter, it will tell you where I am, only you can see it though." Jason's voice rang in my head, before the wind disappated. " Wow, Jason is really good at threats." I looked at Fon Fon, they must have read the note already." He doesn't want to come back, didn't even say which Regio."

Jason's Pov

I looked out the window at the sunset, it had been a week since I sent the letter, and no one had come for me. Rachel had been letting me stay with her and Brooke, I slept on the couch. The only catch, I had to cook dinner. Which I happily agreed to, it's better than eating Rachel's burnt porkchops and not so mashed potatoes. Right now, we all sat on the couch, our plates on the coffee table, and the TV turned on America's Got Talent.

The Next Day

I walked down the sidewalk with Rachel and her friends." I don't know Rach, I should be back in the dorms." " Jason, you're the one who wanted to lay low." " Ya, and I meant lay low as in not leaving the dorm." But you said Layfon promised not to look for you." " Ya, but-" " No buts, you're at least coming for one day, maybe you'll like Theasus College." " If you haven't noticed, I'm a high school student." " So am I. But Theasus doesn't have a Highschool, the work isn't that hard anyway." " You come back with a pile of homework taller than you." " Be quiet."

I sat in Advanced Math. It was the afternoon, right after lunch, this morning I had to take a placement test. I apperantly did quite well, I had mostly Advanced classes, only one I was Intermidenate in was Langauge, but I'm a Military Arts student, I don't study Langauge, it doesn't help me in battle. Math does, caculating your oppenet's next move. Geography, understanding your location. Science, knowing what type of chemical has a reaction to you and your oppenet. History, past records of your enemy's weaknesses. Pyshical Education, Keeping your body in shape, same for Heath and Hygiene. Art, displaying your own technique and style. And of course Technology, DITE use and history. But that's not Theasus's Technology class, it's more using computers.


I stood in my P.E. class, Rachel next to me. I was wearing my blue gym shorts, gold t-shirt, and white tennis shoes. Unlike Rachel, who was wearing pink tennis shoes, pink gym shorts, a light pink tye-dyed shirt, and her magenta hair was pulled back into a ponytail, with a pink schrunchie." Could you have worn any more pink?" I asked, glancing at her." Uh, I have a pink bracelet back at the dorm." I sighed, looking at the teacher, who had just walked in, a cup of coffee in hand.

" Good morning class, as you know, today is the Physical Course." A majority of the class groaned." We also have a new student, here with us for a day." The coach said, smiling at me, then taking a sip of coffee." Now, listen up, I'll tell you only once how this course works. First you must climb the rope, ring the bell at the top, and run a lap around the track. Then you must do 10 pull ups, and push ups. Finally you must get on the balance beam, and do a handstand for as long as possible., if you cannot do a handstand, you may skip this. You will be graded on afficenticy, speed, and agility. We will go in alphabetical order Z-A by first name."

I watched as everyone did the course, I was told I could sit out if I wanted, since I hadn't been in the lessons for this course, but I said I would join in, it could be fun. Since R was before J, Rachel went ahead of me. She took 7 minutes to complete the course, since this was the last class, we didn't have a time limit, but we had to stay until everyone had a turn. Finally it was my turn.

I walked up to the rope and put on the gloves, prevents rope burns." Go." I grabbed the rope and began to climb. When I got to the top I rang the bell, slid down, and began my lap. I had to hold back my Kai, since it wanted to use Lightning Speed. Next I grabbed the chin up bar, doing 10 pull ups, and dropped down into push ups. It was easy, standard Military Arts training. Lastly I stood on the balance beam, placing my hands on the beam and pushing myself up.

The easy part of this was the handstand, the hard was balancing, I could feel all the blood in my body rush to my head, and the rest of my body was begining to become numb. My eyes got blurry, but I blinked them back into focus. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Rachel, she was talking to one of her friends, Max. Half the class was staring at me, probably cause I've been up here for about 5 minutes. I kept my body still, my toes pointing upward, and my legs completly straight. I put all my leverage into my arms, and focused my balance on my waist. About 8 minutes after I started, I bent my leg towards my face and felt the blood rush back in. I slowly released my arms, twisting my body and standing on my feet. The entire class was silent, mouth open." What?"

I walked down the hall with Rachel after class." That was awesome! You did a handstand for 8 minutes!" " Ya, I could've gone alot longer, but I didn't want people thinking I'm different." I said, as we walked out the door, the courtyard was still quite crowded, even if classes ended an hour ago, clubs were just letting out now." Ya and no one will think that now." Brooke said, patting my shoulder." Oh, hush, I wasn't going to stop at the 3 minute mark, espiacilly when I can go at least 30." I responded, weaving through the crowd.

The Next Day

Once again, I stood in my P.E. class, I had decided to join the school. Today, we were playing dodge ball, I turned out to be pretty good, both at dodging, and throwing, unlike Rachel, who was dodging and bawling. I threw yet another red ball, nailing my oppent in the stomach. As I caught a ball aimed for Rachel, who was crying on the floor, for what reason I don't know. I aimed my arm back, ready to throw, but the ground shook as I tossed, the ball flew up, hit the wall above the person I aimed at, bounced off said wall, flew back across the room, and hit one of my teammates in the face, causing them to fall over from pain. The ball simply rolled away, landing at the wheel of one of the carts holding the other balls.

" Sorry!" I yelled, before the ground shook again, this seemed to be the first time everyone noticed the disturbance, looking out the window, you could clearly see we had stopped." Why aren't we moving?" A static sound rang across the room." Attention Thesaus, We seem to have stumbled across a Contaminiod. Do not panic, we are sending troops A and B out now. Please get to the safety shelters." I watched as the teacher told everyone to form a single file line, and carefully move towards the shelter.

I grabbed onto a beam when the ground shook." Please stay calm!" The coach yelled. I quickly broke from the line, running for my bag. I slid to a stop, grabbing the bench my bag was on as the Regio shook again." Jason, get back in line!" Coach Talia said. I tore open the bag and searched for my DITE. Grabbing it I ran for the door." Jason!" I felt one of the students grab my arm, attempting to pull me back into the line." LET GO!" I snatched my hand back and held out my DITE." Suit Activate!" The class stared as my DITE glew and my suit formed.

I looked at Lindsay and Brooke, Brooke had been in the locker rooms when the alarm sounded, both were staring at me. I turned back, running out the door, the hall was crowded, and it went silent when I dashed out of the gym. I continued down the hall, bumping into I don't know how many people. I finally got to an intersection, somewhat clear." This is pointless, the doors are probably already sealed." I muttered, holding out my DITE." Restoration 07! Storm Sword! Thunder!" My sword formed, a few people next to me screamed, not every day a student pulls out a sword." Mist Mode." I turned into mist, running through the most crowded hall, the one towards the exit.

I ran straight through people, scaring the fool out of them, as my sword would've killed them if it had not phased with me. A few teachers tried to grab me, but I phased through them and kept going, finally I ran through the door, turning solid again, and suprising one of the teachers." Morning." I said, my DITE changing back." What? How?" " Sorry, no time to talk, have to go kill a huge bug." I yelled as I ran past her, and the line of kids behind her.

As I got to the end of the sidewalk, I could tell the kids in the line were looking at me." Well if you aren't going to help me, at least go hide in the dumb shelter!" I yelled turning around, before I looked at the roof of a tall building on the other side of the street. I ran back a few feet before turning around, and activating my helmet. I ran and jumped before I was hit by a car. The driver of the car hit the brakes, and the horn, as I soared to the roof of the stucture, quickly hopping to the next.

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