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A/N: Okay, so I saw this pin on Pinterest that I more-or-less took this concept from—but this is true, right? We've all had this exact thought…

Dean could feel the muscles in his back unwinding under the assault of the hot water.

"Christ," he bit, enjoying every second. He grimaced when a roll of his neck brought a crack and a sudden release of tension. Then he sighed, the words wrapped in the movement eaten by the hiss of the droplets. "Hell, yes…"

It wasn't often a motel had the luxury of high pressure and proper temp in combination; there was no way in hell he was giving that up any time soon, Sammy's puppy eyes be damned. He'd called the shower first, and it was his. Yes, Dean Winchester was going to take one moment out of the night to friggin' relax.

He ran a hand down his neck, sliding off a layer of suds and dirt before dipping his head back under to re-wet his hair. Murky streams rolled down his abs, over his thighs, carrying mud from the cemetery and blood from a scrape along his shoulder-blades, evidence of a job well done, if not perfectly executed. He sucked in a breath of steam-thickened air when the soap hit the open wound, cleaning out the few pebbles still stuck to his skin, but the sting was gone a moment later.


Dean had to stop himself from turning off the water as soon as he heard it. It was just one single sound, he told himself. Probably Sam dropping his giant shoe on the floor. Or throwing it at the bathroom door to try and speed his brother along. Well, it wasn't going to work. Dean grinned at himself at the mere thought, but the expression quickly disappeared, replaced by a frown.


Or that sound could be a group of demons attacking his brother.

Dean blinked against the sting of shampoo, his mind cranking out the scenario: Sam is opening the door to go outside when he accidentally kicks the salt-line. The demons/monsters/ghosts lying in ambush not only attack, but push his brother back inside the room, throwing him to the floor. A body hitting thin carpet made a thud sound. Dean knew that for a damn fact.

He swallowed, his muscles already tightening back up in preparation for a fight.

Monsters are killing my brother, and I'm going to have to fight them off naked.

Wouldn't be the first time.